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hayley hamm




02 Oct 1993

im amazing HaHAha jk im really not thaaaaat conseeded!
wel i love to have fun. i have a way hot boyfriend who im in luv with!
im a vegitarian and i have a deep love for pineapple and StarBucks!!!! i have obsesof twilight disorder 2 haha! yup!so justgetto knowmee:)??

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hayley___hamm asked:

13 Sep 2009

i for real cant haldel it im bout to start cutting myself again :(

ok i know this makes me seem like a freakin spoiled brat! but really i have had so much selfasteem ishuse since ever! i usee to be realy fat but i lost weight and i was ugly but some how i got prittyish iguess.....but ok my teeth r messed up and its scruin up my life! and i want invisalign but i just found out my parents cant aford it. they can! i know they freakin can1 they just dont want to!!! they want me to have braces cus its keeper and they cheep skates!!! i feel like if i get braces then i will look horible and i know i will! ugh... i just want 2 stay happyenuf with my apeerence! and im not wearin freakin braces for 2 or 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if u guys know an alternative to braces other than invisalign plees tell me! and it would help if it was not as expensive as invisalign... thanks guys



auri says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

well just be happy your getting your teeth fixed rather than not at all.

You also have to remember, our economy sucks so its hard to make money these days and keep a job.

Just make the best of you can get different colours and stuff and it does look good on some people, and one might be you!


cucumber_fanatic says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

i had braces for 8 years. 2-3 years is nothing!!! for 8 years i couldn't eat caramel apples!! My teeth were horrible, and ya, it was tough going through 8 years of braces, but now, my teeth are so beautiful! it was worth it!!


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

braces are so cute imo...and loads of people get them, i know this one girl in my school (mind you , it was high school) she had braces, but she still looked awsome with them . There's trouble with keeping money and having money now a days with the econmy how it is...braces won't ruin your life and appearance isn't everything, no reason to go back to cutting, really =(


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

ok, first off, braces will come off after a year or two and scars never will. second, if you get prettier teeth that wont make you happier in the long run, you will find something else that needs to be fixed and will continue being unhappy with yourself until you first learn to like yourself and its imperfections, It's ok to do things to improve your appearance and want to look pretty-that's normal, but if you can learn now how to be okay perfect or not perfect without resorting to a detrimental habit-you will be much happier than super models and most celebrities


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

Im sorry girl but i really cant sympathize with you. I have been waiting 7 years for my braces!!! i have really low self esteem because my teeth are so wacked!! I dont really like to meet new ppl because of them or like to smile unless its a closed lipped smile. my parents cant afford braces BUT finally i might be getting them here soon or at least hopefully by the end of the year. i really want them by time im 18. Just get clear or white braces thats what im doing. i dont care how much pain or uncuteness i have to go through to get a pretty straight smile! so be thankful.


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

braces r really cool

there r people who look with braces WAY hotter

so just take braces

after the braces u will look like WAY bettre

so who cares about 2or3 years

atleast u will look good afterwards

hope it helps



baze says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

They do have certain orthodontists that put on clear braces so you don't have to have those ugly silver or gold ones.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

When my brother got braces, they cost over $5,000. And I know invisalign is even more expensive. If you want them so bad why don't you just work and tell you parents you are willing to pay the difference?? So then now you can get the invisalign you want and your parents won't have the expense? I think that is only fair. You are lucky you parents are offering braces.... some people can't even afford that.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

okaaay. we all gotta make sacrifices in life right? you cant be without sacrifices. would you rather have normal-not-so-pretty teeth for the rest of your life and always be concious bout em? or would you rather sacrfie 2 years and then be happy and confident bout ur teeth forevers? trust me, 2 years are nothing. and braces are really cute! some boys think so too! and you can get these transparent ones i think, where you can hardly see them there. personally i think a thin black wire ones look cute!

And dont cut. it'll make you look worse, & it wont make you any confident. iv cut, & i know what im talking about. looks arnt everything (: cutting will just leave you with scars and that'll make you feel worse bout ur apperance !



ctl888 says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

btw, don't not cut yourself just because you can't get invisalign....... i mean, really?

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