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Hannah Pryor




24 Sep 1992


Hey I'm Hannah! I'm a 19 year old college student. :)

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hannah924 asked:

13 Feb 2011

Why am I so fat?

I'm going to Hawaii in 4 days and for the past couple weeks I've been exersizing more and being conscious of calories. I calculated online for my body weight I need only 1700 calories so I've been trying to eat less. Yet according to the scale I gained a pound instead of losing anything! Why cant I just lose 5 pounds to tone up my body a little?



surrender says:

Posted on 13 Feb 2011

maybe you weighed yourself after you drank something ?
idk here are some tips i use and they work for me

drink a bottle of water right before you eat a meal, the water will fill you up and you will eat less and consume more calories
water is also the best thing for your metabolism
drinking a bottle of cold water also helps you burn calories because it takes more for your body to heat up the cold water
and just drink lots of water anyway :P

get Green Tea capsules, some are about the equivelant of about 10 cups of green tea, btw green tea helps your metabolism A LOT, same with whole wheat bread, and nuts
and eats lots of vegetables obviously lol

make breakfast the biggest meal of your day, then have a decent meal for lunch, and something very very light for dinner, it helps a lot as well! it will help so much (eating it the morning will get your metabolism going, and it will give you energy to burn even more calories, and you wont gain any weight cause youll burn everything off throughout the day, eating a lot at night is the enemy!)

uhhhmmm apparently the brightest fruits and vegetables are the best ones for you ? :S that should help as well lol

these are very very important tips! honey is also good, its the easiest thing to digest.
another thing, its better to eat little and often, (it keeps your metabolism going,) than 3 big meals, many people that this mistake, they think that because theyre eating less often, they can eat more and they'll lose weight.

excercise helps as well, even light things, like cleaning the house when you're bored.

also, if youre one of the people like me that eat when you're bored, drink juice or soemthing like that, it wil fill you right up.

hope i helped :) good luck!
ESPECIALLY remember eating the most in the morning and the least at night :)


emilyjo says:

Posted on 13 Feb 2011

Depending on how much you are working out, you may be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat
You want to eat after you work out, not before. And you should eat no sooner than 30 minutes after but no later than an hour. If you eat before that 30 minute mark your body won't recognize the nutrition. But if you eat more than an hour later you're body will go into starvation mode so it'll save every little thing you eat.
Make sure you're being conscious of what you're eating not just calories. There's a 80:20 ratio saying 80% percent of the time you should watch what you're eating and count the calories and 20% of the time splurge a little. That doesn't mean go binge on food but to listen to what you're body is craving. So if it's a burger eat it.
Running is a major key to slimming down. Focus on running rather than weight lifting. If you don't like to run swimming does wonders as well. And it'll also tone your body as well as make it leaner.
Everyone is built differently, some girls will never be able to reach a 5-10% body fat so do what is healthy for you. Keep in mind that you don't want to just lose the weight but you want to look good with a confidence. Weight is just a number, your body may weigh more than you look because you're fit. Scales are kind of misleading because they don't tell you how much muscle or tissue or everything else in your body is weighs. They're good to track progress but don't criticize your body on that number.

You've probably heard this a thousand times but don't be too harsh on your self. When you look into the mirror it hard to see progress, but trust me if you've been true to your "diet" and exercising you'll see it.

Hope this helped(:

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