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21 Nov 1994

Hello. I am Gizella. I am a nerd.

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gizella asked:

19 Nov 2009

This is me. How do I become more confident with my appearance? Help??

I have very little confidence. I am turning 15 in a few days and I have never been asked out. My confidence has steadily declined throughout the past year. I feel ugly sometimes. Do you have any tips for me, beauty wise, and how to feel comfortable with what ou look like?



cutegirl135 says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

I think you are very beautiful :]]

But maybe you could tell yourself you are pretty and a nice person. Just compliment yourself when you are feeling down


barbipixi says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

you're very pretty don't try to grow up too fast that'll happen no matter what

i didn't have a first boyfriend until i was 16. sometimes there isn't a guy around that is really right for you so don't feel like you won't ever find one. it'll happen it always does especally for a girl that looks like you. don't push it.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

girl you are very naturally pretty one day you will not feel so bad because a lot of guys will be asking you out and wanting to date you i promise. if you havent been asked out yet or noticed by guys and your friends have though i can see why you would feel like that. Guys didnt start noticing me til i was seventeen. i didnt get kissed or on a date til I was eighteen! you dont beleive me now but fifteen is still very young-you have a long time to enjoy being young and single and a long time to enjoy being checked out lol. theres not much you can do except wait for the boys to come knocking at your door-trust me they will soon enough and then they'll never go away (just dont become a slut!). so i would relax and have a very fun fifteenth bday knowing youre one step closer to that stage. it will happen. this may be discouraging idk but my little sister just got asked out for the first time today and she is 21 never been kissed!


leirah says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

You're gorgeous! I am willing to bet guys have been admiring you from afar already.

However, while it can feel wonderful to know someone is attracted to the way you look, that's not the only way--or even the best way--to develop your self esteem. Being confident about yourself as a person--what you're good at, what you're capable of, what your ambitions are, how beautiful and caring you are on the inside--is going to make you feel so much better about yourself AND how you present yourself on the outside. I know the "inner beauty" thing is recycled so much in pep talks, but it's true! In the end, it's far more lasting and fulfilling than knowing guys like you because you're attractive. Which you are. ;D

So I agree, don't rush romance! There's so much pressure to be part of a couple that it may seem abnormal not to have a boyfriend at your age, but I promise you, it's perfectly fine! Wait for the right person... sometimes that takes a while. Rushing into a relationship just because you want to be in one will most likely lead to a broken heart... and that's no fun at all. Nor will it help your self esteem.

Everybody feels ugly sometimes. It's even worse when you're young. But that anxiety does tend to pass as you get older and have accomplished more goals and are away from that pressure at school. So if you do feel down about yourself sometimes, don't worry, you're not alone.


guitargirl says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

Hey there, I know exactly how you feel!Im turning 15 soon and I have a HUGE list of stuff i havent done!I havent had a boyfriend,Never been kissed by a guy,Never been asked on a date and the list goes on and on!But what you have to try and do is think of yourself, not as being left out or left behind, but as waiting for that special person and special moment! I know how much you want to feel that connection with someone and to experience stuff like kissing and dating but you do have time!Thats how i think of it!Your still a young teen and when the time comes, you will rock everyones socks!!:D

PS:You are pretty and have a naturally kind face!Some special guy out there is searching just for you!!!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2009

Aww you are too cute! I remember when i was your age I thought about those things too. But you also have to realize that so are other people...guys and girls feeling shy and kinda akward about themselves. You are pretty and please do not feel bad about yourself just because you have not had a boyfriend. I did not have my first boyfriend till I was 17... so don't worry. And it ended up to be a waste of time... it is was much easier watching my friends date and them telling me how retarded the guys were.

Don't loose your confidence, you are just feeling a little down about yourself. I get like that sometimes and what I do is find ways to take my mind off the negative thoughts. (when i get into a slump I usually tell myself to snap out of it.. or I would call a good girlfriend and just try to talk about how I was feeling.. because sometimes you need a little 'pick me up') This usually puts me back on track and I will go about my day. So don't worry, you are such a cute girl.. when it is the right time for you to meet a guy or kiss a guy; your time will come. Be happy that you do have a loving family and friends.


beaag says:

Posted on 20 Nov 2009

im not the better person to answer this cause i still have some lack of confidence issues but there was a day that i was surfing on internet and found this...ç

you know, some people will think that this is crapy but trust me, IS NOT! im not that really perseverance but it has really helped me a bit (: and i know that if i wnat to it will increase everyday much more (:

is all up to you, cause youre NOT shy and not confidence, you probably must be thinking "eeer, i am? ¬¬" but youre not, no one ever borns being shy, being idiot, being cool, that is something youre going developing through your whole life. and so if you want to have more confidence, you will (:

take as example the professions ( i know is not the same but it fits well) a teacher, for example, if youre a teacher, you didnt born being it, didnt? being what you want to be is like a goal and im pretty sure you will reach it ;)

and start to accept yourself!! youre pretty no matter what others think or say, and i suggest you read those articles they will help you a lot, but remember, you have to work it! "nothing in life worth having comes easy" good look and have a nice day :) xoxo


emilyybabessxx says:

Posted on 21 Nov 2009

you really naturally pretty, :)

and your probaly really shy and quiet because of your lack of confidence, i bet all the boys think how gorgeous you are, and once you get more confidence and ar talking to them more im sure u wil hav all the boys afta you.

you ar pretty and dont let anyon tel u any difrent cos if they do they ar jus jelous. wen you feel down look in the mirror and think of theings about you that you like instead of keeping on focusing on the stuf that makes you feel bad.

if you ever need to talk abt anything im here :):) xxx


gizella says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

Thank you for understanding and your kind words. So very appreciated. It is comforting knowing that I am not alone.


gizella says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

You don't know just how much what you said means to me... I'm so used to being passed by, I guess I no longer expect compliments. Thanks for the advice.


gizella says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

Thank you. I'm quiet usually, and shy. Today I actually had a boy come up to me and say "Thats why you have no friends, because you do your work." I guess the younger guys are, the more immature they are.


gizella says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

Thanks for your kind words. Maybe some day I will find someone who accepts me for me and me alone. I think you are right about not pushing it, besides, it is not like the world is full of good, kind guys.


gizella says:

Posted on 19 Nov 2009

Wow, thanks. I am pessimistic so unfortunately I seem to dwell on the negative, but I'll try being more positive. :)

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