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aimi lou




05 Apr 1992

17 (18 soon)!
(but still growing)
atm dark brown hair
(i like to dye my hair alot!)
grey eyes
(were big and blue hence the nikname blue but now they are grey)
almost adverage looking
BIG mMore saduisahduiash dsau

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girlcalledblue asked:

25 Feb 2009

just out of interest if someone one here asked if she/he was good looking would you tell the truth?

just something ive always wondered

is it better to tell the truth no matter how much it hurts


is it better to boost the persons confidence and let them think that they are a "catch

lemme know!!!!!






ilovesk8terboys says:

Posted on 25 Feb 2009

Oh i would tell the truth even though how much it hurts:)Even if they ask you a question you dont want to lie and you should always be honest:)


girlcalledblue says:

Posted on 25 Feb 2009

oh i believe that too!

but i wanted to know others views!!!!




alexus says:

Posted on 25 Feb 2009

depends who it is :x

If I really thought they were good looking though I'd say yes.

If they were average I'd say they're pretty, if they have a good personality... because personality is what counts.

I wouldn't say that they were ugly though that would be rude, even if it was the truth, because they're probably pretty to SOME ONE in the world.

Just putting my 2 cents in.:)):))


rach008 says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

oh I know how hard of a situation that can be

usually I don't want to lie but I don't want to hurt anyone either. lol I guess what I usually try to do if I honestly cannot tell the person they are good looking is avoid the question and find something true I can tell them like "you have great style" or "you have a totally amazing smile" lol this way I can point out something positive and avoid hurting anyones feelings


pensivevide says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

I would definitely would be honest, and thorough with my answer. It wouldn't just be a "yes, you are good looking". It'd by why and what I do and do like. If the person is offended, they never should have asked.

If I asked someone, I'd expect the truth. I'm not afraid of negative responses...because usually they're mentioned gently. As long as you present possible negativities gently and respectively, you're allowed to share your opinion. You were asked to. Generally, people only ask close friends anyway because the figure they'll tell the truth.


beaag says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

I'd say the truth but if its someone who is not good lookin the id probably wouldnt answer I hate hurt feelings :( really it gets me mad :(

sorry im sleepy


aveene says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

Truth is always Bitter.

Use the words to help, to Boost the People.

This truth may spoil the confiedence, it pull them down to his/her confindence some of them suffer internal may feel bad whenever they see some gooding person .

Instead find the good qualities and appretiate them b'coz of it ,ur the frnd b'coz of they good qualities in them, or you may help him/her to look good by saying"Don't wear this dark i think light color would suits you",or about anything such thing .

Don't worry non-thing happen if they.

Let it be I think not to say like that.

8-) :D


3nir says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

I would tell the truth in a polite way with some suggestion. 8-)


krista090 says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009 my opinion everyone is pretty in someways or another so i would never tell anyone that they are ugly but at the same time i would never tell a not so good looking person that they are good looking....i would try to find their best feautures and focus on them and suggest they do the same because if someone accentuates his/her best feautures then he/she is overshadowing his/her not so good features.


blu_eyed_horseygurl says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

all of us are beautiful in our own way

imperfection is beauty


geo_burgerr says:

Posted on 27 Feb 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (: No everyone is going to find everyone else pretty, hot etc.


kayleighandcharlotte says:

Posted on 07 Mar 2009

i think telling the truth is the best way to boost someones confidence, when they know the truth they know exactly how to sort it out! but i think if u are gonna tell the truth say it in a polite way and maybe give them some advice :)


babyblue says:

Posted on 07 Mar 2009

yea,i just alwayz say how they shouldn't worry how much they look n anyways all of see beauty in a different way in differnt ppl


walklikeamodel says:

Posted on 19 Mar 2009

i wouldnt lie. if a person was unattractive i would either say in a polite way what they could change or not even answer the question. there is no reason to hurt anyones feelings, but im not gonna lie and have them thinking that they look good if they dont.


abbygirl08 says:

Posted on 02 Apr 2009

Tell them they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Afterall the God of heaven and earth took time to make you exactly the way you are. You are a masterpiece, God's own handywork!! Besides quite truthfully everyone is going to end up old, so what really matters is on the inside...... You see the truth is always best!:D

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