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13 Aug 2004

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gee_jade asked:

18 Jan 2010

what do i do now?

okay so my mom keeps telling me that the dog has to potty outside, now i'm gonna get him tomorrow but when i told my mom, she wasn't very excited. she asked me if i could wait til there's enough space coz our house isn't really big it's just an apartment. and going potty outside means i have to take him out every so often. i've thought about a litter box but how do you clean it up? please help me also, what do i do if my puppy cries at night?



ctl888 says:

Posted on 18 Jan 2010

Having a dog means you have to take responsibility for it. A Puppy takes a lot of your time. And yes the puppy has to potty trained and yes the puppy goes outside. All my dogs go outside to potty. You can't be lazy when training your puppy.

When I had my last puppy I took him out in the morning around 6am to use the bathroom, then feed him and took him out again. ( I went to school but I came home between classes to take him out to pee). When I was home I took him out every two hours to pee... just to make sure because I did not want any accidents in my apt.

Again I suggest that you either talk to someone like a veterinarian or maybe go to the bookstore and just read up on how to take care of new puppies. You are a new owner and you seem very unsure about a lot of issues that are very important in raising a puppy. I just want you to have the most knowledge you can so you can give your puppy the best.

Where is the puppy sleeping? During the night? Are you crate training? Please know that puppies cry at your first few nights will be tough. Also puppy will start teething so you will need a proper chew toy or else he will chew your stuff.

Here is a Puppy website:

Please check it out.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 18 Jan 2010

girl you may want to read up on taking care of a dog.

it's about as much work as taking care of a baby

you have to stay on them constantly. you CAN NOT sleep with them until they are potty trained cause THEY WILL POOP AND PEE ON YOU AT NIGHT they don't know any better and puppies have very small bladders. they will have to go at night and they will go where ever they are and even just sleep beside it.

you'll need to get a crate and you can try to crate train it. put newspaper in the bottom of the crate and a bed area in the other end. during the day while you're gone he will have to go potty and if you're mom is buzzy then she's not going to have the time to donate to training.

when ever you see him going you have to rush him to the paper or outside and when he goes somewhere he's not suppost to you have to spank him (yes give him a spanking just one will do and hold his nose to the pee in the carpet so he knows that's y he got it) then put him back in his crate

most puppies will whine at night and they'll get over it. but it's hard to go from sleeping with mama dog to no one. sometimes a toy can help


gbpkid says:

Posted on 18 Jan 2010

you cant get a puppy just like that and you need to read up on how to look after it.

you cant get a litter tray for dogs thats for CATS.

as barbiepixi said, you have to get a crate, for a pup its only a small one, a crate is a metal cage that your dog sleeps in or stays in when you are out so it doesnt go to the toilet in your house. our dog was a stray and he came to us when he was 7 weeks old, it was crazy. we took him in. he would trash the room he was in whenever we left him alone, so we got him a cage, they soon calm down.

to potty train him we put a couple of cheap blankets from a pound store in one end and newspaper down in the other (a lot of newspaper).. and then when we came home we would clean it and in the morning.. we'd still take him out ofc at set times in the day, now, i have a fully grown alsation cross with a collie (they are big dogs).. we take him out at 7am for a quick walk, 1-2pm (when my mum comes home for lunch) for a wee, 4/5pm for an HOUR long walk, and then again at about 9-10ish when my mum is going to bed. he doesnt wee in the house at all anymore. (okay he has slip ups but hey its not his fault, he is a dog)

puppies have smaller bladders and will need to be taken out more often, but ofc they wouldnt have an hour long walk, especially if they are little (and small dogs nened less walking).

if your the only one whose gunna train it and your in school/college or spend a long time away from home you might aswell stop it now.

its not fair to keep a dog in a crate all day just cus you cba to take it out, dogs take a lot of looking after, i know you prolly want one cus theyre really cute, but they are a bloody buggar to look after and take a lot of time and commitment.

wherever you get one from, ask if you can take care of it for a weekend, to see if you can handle it, most places are most obliging cause it shows you truely want to keep a dog in a great home.

you cant just get one and keep it locked in its crate all day and take it for minimal walks, this is how bad temproment dogs are created, the ones that bite and stuff.. cause of the lack of stimulation.

btw if you get a small dog, dont let them get away with stuff you wouldnt let a big dog get away with, this can induce small dog syndrome, its why some little dogs are labeled 'yappy' - simply cus their owners think its "cute" what they are doing when actually if you let my dog do stuff, such as jump up, jump on the sofa, nip/bite/growl/chew anything etc, you wouldnt be so happy.. it may look cute when a little doggy wants to sit next to you, but really its marking that your in its teritory.

in my oppinion, i think you need to learn more before you take on a massive comittment of having a dog.


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