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Grace Mary Maher




20 Aug 1993

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gbpkid asked:

05 Jun 2009


well not literally hate me, but every time i get into what i think is a good relationship, the guy always tends to treat me rubish. my best friend (who is lezbian lol) says to me that mentally boys are 3 years younger than their age so they arent aware of girls feelings yet; and says i should just wait. but you know, i dont realy wana be single till i'm like 18... hahaha! :) just thought i'd ask for some oppinions. btw when i say things mess up, i mean really mess up. i've been in physically abusive relationships, mentally abusive relationships, i've been made to depend on a guy so much that i actually felt if i lost him i would loose everything dispite the fact that wasnt true.

oppinions please! : ) xx



rachelsauras says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009


i still have problems like this with one boy!

he treated me like shit when I was with him.

he'd always criticize my looks and actions, push me around, force me to do things I didn't want to, and threaten me. then he broke up with me. but for the past year, every time I get into a relationship he comes back around telling me he wants me back(although he really just wants to ruin my relationship && hookup) and I always go back to him. I can't help it.:(

advice I've been given is to go into a relationship closed off so you don't become so attached, tell him previously what to expect in the relationship so he won't take advantage of you, or tell him what you've been through and that you need to be friends and gain his trust and respect first.

I think we're juss too romantic

and destined for doom with guys.:D



samigore says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

i know what'cha mean! i was with a guy who only talked to me when he felt like didn't matter if i wanted to talk to him..he had 2 be in the mood to talk or we didn't even speak for like 2-3 weeks and he always called me fat -_______-" we are all doomed....


harrybon92 says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

Your the one choosing these guys. You see, this is the problem with girls. They get with a guy who treats them like shit, then complain about it. lol. What ever. You have some growing up to do little lady.

Oh, and by the way. Guys act that way not because there emotional constipated, but because that attitude gets them laid, and you keep going back to it. lol.


gbpkid says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

I think you have by far got the meaning of my question wrong. I am still a virgin, so that attitude does not get them 'laid' with me. i am not complaing, i am asking for other peoples oppinions and personal experience. and you know what, YOU have just proved my point correct with your ignorant and arrogant answer.



gbpkid says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

btw, harrybon92 - were you always this much of a pig or did it develop over time. 'coz you've certantly got it down to a t.


harrybon92 says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

Your question wasn't even a question. It was more like a rant, in which you made no point.

You misunderstood my answer. No, that attitude doesn't get them laid with you, I never said it did, but it does get them into a relationship with you. Which is just as bad.

I said, it's their attitude, which you hate, that makes them so attractive to you. Why are you in a relationship with someone who doesn't treat you right?


harrybon92 says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009


Look, your question just bugged me. It sucks to hear about girls in abusive relationships, especially at 15.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

i used to have the same problem but then i realized i was falling for a certain type of asshole yea i was attracted to guys who commanded others.

guys who liked to take charge and be in charge, then i realized i didn't need a guy like that cause i could do those things for myself (so i got divorced : P)

alot of time when you date a guy your age or older if you look younge he'll think you're not as smart or you don't diserve the type of respect an older woman does.

he thinks you need him. and he's the shize nite lol

it's ok to date but i wouldn't take it too serious let the guys know you want to go out and have fun but if you think he's not treating you like you diserve you have no problem dropping him for someone who knows how to treat a woman.

you're very young anyway and you probly won't actually find the perfect guy for you until you're out of highschool so don't stress and take your time if something doesn't feel right trust your gut and move on


amaay says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

'BarbiPiXi' is right. [:


little_miss_brightside says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

okk well i've read over all of these other answers and i think every one makes a fair point but i dnt think that girls are doomed

its a fact that girls will blindly fall for the same man over and over again so thats what makes us think that we're doomed to rubbish guys because thats in out chemical makeup

fortunatly for us we can also break this by being with boys who will treat us right we jst need to be patient and have faith there are boys out there who are right for us

your a very pretty girl and you shouldn't need to be alone if yu dnt want to but its ok if you are and yu dnt deserve to be treated the way that you have been there is the perfect man out there for yu and you will find them

or yu can give up if yu want to, i hear that being a lesbian is so much less stress

hope i helped sweetie and i hope things do pick up for yu



cottoncandyprincess says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009

well i guess all you can do is try and find a guy that really likes you because you can only be yourself and no on else. That is the important thing to do.:D:D:D

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