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29 Nov 1992

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funsize767 asked:

19 Jan 2010

14 and never kissed a boy...

i want to know how old were you when you had your first kiss, because it really sux when im at sleepovers and everybody talks about there frist kisses and i have nothing to say:/

i mean at partys alot of guys dance with me. they call me sexi and hot so it isnt really my looks and i have alot of guy friends who call me there best friend...SO WHATS WRONG ****BTW this is an old picture of me and my best friend****



britnynoelle says:

Posted on 01 Jan 1970

aww all you have to do is be more confident goofy lol youre a cutie. what i do is i pretend that i care less about them than they care about me and youre less nervous. if you tell yourself you dont care bit really you do. .. you wont be as nervous lol:)


pensivevide says:

Posted on 25 Nov 2008

It sounds corny...but think of your favorite things! Not even kidding you. Thinking about something positive reduces the negatives.

If it's a test...well. Here's a tip you might want to follow:

Write EVERYTHING you can remember about that subject on a random piece of paper before you start the test. It gives you something to rely on and it gives you confidence. It's less nervewrecking then.

As with boys? Well, instead of seeking guys you have love interest in, search for people you just want to be FRIENDS with. My experience with guys comes from all my best male friends. I don't remember the last time I didn't have a best male friend... Don't get me wrong, you don't want ALL of your friends to be male, but it's always wise to have one. That boosts your confidence so far up! Once you're used to being friends with boys, you can work on the flirting, the blah blah blah. You know the rest.

Are you a daring person? I'm assuming not..considering you're talking about being nervous. I like to do some...very daring/rash things before nervous points in my life. That actually reduces stress..because I feel like what I did before hand was NO WHERE NEAR what the upcoming test, boy, or whatever.

Another strategy is just going out to have fun...going to the movies, or going to a youth group, whatever it may be that enlightens you--do it! Doing the things you love gives you a positive POV, again, reducing that negetive that can be gnawing at your innards. So...try some of things, be open minded, and live girlie!

Hope this helped. :)


angitia41 says:

Posted on 25 Nov 2008

Take slow deep breaths,Closing your eyes and concentrate on what makes you feel good? Perhaps think of something funny or picture something funny and I am sure in time you will relax...


paigee says:

Posted on 07 Jul 2009

Just keep going and talking to them all the time well most hahahaa and try and bulid your confident by that


cheeeeeeelsea says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

You could start going to a drama clas and slowly you will become more and more confident or just start talking to more people at school :thumbup: Also just keep in mind you only live once so doont be nervous ! :D


vnessa001 says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2009

well you can iher take classes or embarass your self on purpose lol it sounds silly but in a way you doing things n getting it out of the way n knwing you wont be ashamed anymore or nervouse of anything


stortstack says:

Posted on 25 Jul 2009

mayb try talkin to people getting out of the house n mayb try drama classes n mixing with people more it should help work ur confidence level up.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 14 Jul 2011



_riah_ says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2010

Nothing is wrong with you girl! : )

I'm 15 and a half and have never kissed a guy. It just means that it's not your time yet and when it does happen it will be special.

Just let it happen!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2010

Yea, nothing is wrong. Do not compare yourself with other girls just bc they have kissed a guy. Who cares?!? I did not have my first kiss till 16-17ish. I didn't care...I really did not want too when I was that young. Just sit back and listen to your friends and their stories about it but don't compare yourself. Everyone has a different time.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2010

i didn't kiss a boy till i was 17. it's nothing special to try and leap into a relationship. there are so many other things to focus on at your age and usually if you're in a relationship and there's not enough liking it's mostly because you felt left out it's not going to work and you'll be having more issues than good things

just relax and let them know you just don't want to deal with that drama right now lol


erica_m says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2010

i was 13 but i wish i would have waited to share my first kiss with some i really liked...i didnt even like him i just kissed him cause everyone else was doing wasnt anything special lol


gogosarahhappyheart says:

Posted on 23 Jan 2010

i was 14, but there is nothing wrong with not being kissed at 14, its best to save your self for the right person not rush into a relationship jsut because you feel pressured into kissing guys. xx


jennyferr says:

Posted on 26 Jan 2010

i was 14 when i got my first kiss. and im still 14. it happened on new years eve(: and im soo happy i waited. all my other friends had their first kiss but i didn't. and they've told me they wish they hadnt. the right guy will come along and take your lip virginity away lol. just like with me


ramilyn says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2013

The reason that you are feeling nervous is maybe because you lack confidence in yourself. You have to gain confidence by taking care of your skin and body so you will feel and look more beautiful.

acne expert -


funsize767 says:

Posted on 19 Jan 2010

thank you:] we will just have a special frist kiss

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