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Ayla Zam




25 Sep 1995


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fashionista_25 asked:

06 Jan 2010


so i can like talk to guys about anythin and forever but when it comes to dating i can never talk to them i always get nervous and there is nothin to talk about any ideas that will help??




shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

there a few other questions like this. ok, so ask a friend to ask a boy if he likes you or you can do what BarbiPiXi said in another answer and do the cute do you like me? kind of notes.

check yes or no:

do you like (insert your name here)

you just need CONFIDENCE.

Be sure that his attention is what you want. Don't just try to get a guy to look your way, you want attention and you want to feel good about yourself. You don't want to lead someone on like a puppy taken out for a walk. You could end up in a very awkward or uncomfortable situation--see the Warnings below.

Be yourself. Everyone probably says this, but it's true! No guy wants a girl to pretend she is something she's not. As a general rule, guys don't expect girls to change. Resist the temptation to put on a show or to do anything that just isn't you just to get his attention.

Try to become his friend. Get to know him better. Yes, you might like him, but first, become his friend. Start liking things that he likes, but don't get too much involved. He might become too crowded. First, try by asking him questions. Don't take it wrong if he says something bad about what you like. That's just his opinion, so don't worry about it.

Get a new look. Don't change who you are (you don't want to do that because he will like you better) just try something different; if he doesn't like you for who you are, then let him be. Try a new hairstyle, new clothes, etc. It's a good idea to change things up once in a while. Because variety might be the spice of life, and it might help you catch his eye. Try being that girl who is different from all the other okay looking girls. Give him the eyes, because "beauty is common, but a good outlook and great energy are very rare."

5Smile and make eye contact. Whether closed-mouth or open-mouth, do it. Unless it really makes you feel artificial, learn how to shoot people a reassuring smile, letting them know that you're a happy and confident person who wants to enjoy life. The idea is to communicate that you're inviting their company.

Be cute! Don't make the first move, if he really likes you, he will come over and talk to you. Don't be a total wallflower, but if you're just reading a magazine, try and look cute and wait until he can't resist and he might ask what book you're reading... and take the conversation on from there.

Flirt. Do it as little or as much as you want, but remember that too much flirting (especially with other guys) will likely get him to take notice, but perhaps not in a good way. Don't do too much, but not too little either. Sometimes you might look too... too girlie, popular, wanna-be etc. If he reacts and you don't think its real (he's just doing it because you're there and you're a girl and he thinks he can do better, but let him know he can't). If he is faking it, call his bluff and say something that makes him know you don't think he is 'all that'. For example, if he comes close, pull a face and offer him gum. This will unbalance his ego.

Start up conversations that have to do with if it's where you are or if he's talking to you. Make sure you don't go on about nothing. Definitely make sense when you talk to him. Don't twirl your hair, flick your eyelashes or GIGGLE nonstop. He can get kind of scared and make fun of you, no matter how old you are, guys will always be the same. Be yourself! Just be who you are, that's the #1 quality guys look for in a girl.

Hang out with him often but not too often ; you don't always want to be hanging around because you might look like an annoying bug that's always around and never goes away. Try to start a conversation about an interesting topic, for example, if you're at a football game, ask confidently but cutely, "Did I miss any action?". This will tell him that you want to know about the game, but also you want to get his opinion, so he will automatically talk to you about the game (or other topics) the whole game. Start slowly like a movie or party try not to make it so noticeable cause he might not be interested.

*Whisper Whisper*Be assertive. You are the girl. You have the power. A lot of guys are shy and awkward around girls they like, so don't hold back. Do what you want to do. Boys like a powerful girl. Be decisive. Tell him what you want him to do, etc.--just don't get too bossy!

Make him feel special. There's got to be a reason that you want him to notice you, and that's because you noticed him first. Let him know--subtly--that you're interested in who he is, and that you sincerely want to get to know him better.

Don't be a slob! It's a real turn-off for a guy when he notices a girl hasn't brushed her hair or wears the same outfit every other day. Even if you don't fall within the typical expectations, just looking presentable is always desirable--irrespective of who is the guy or girl.

Just Talk To Him. When it comes down to it, talking to a guy, and flirting with him will get his attention, and if it doesn't then nothing will.

Walk in front of him. It may be very simple, but it works. When coming out of the class, or playing in gym class, just walk in front of him, and he should be able to notice you. If he walks in front of you a lot, he probably likes you.

If he's looking your way, give him something to look at! If he's looking at you you can:

Look away shyly, making you seem mysterious because he can't figure out why you did that!

Look into his eyes, smile, then wave!

Ignore him. Let him watch you be himself!

If he is looking only at you, try to share your thoughts. eg. You are in a boring class, using your facial expression and pulled a face at the teacher then looking back at him and smile. Sharing these intimate moments makes you closer to him.

But most importantly, do not be indecent. Be yourself, not a plastic barbie doll! You can be beautiful without wearing skimpy tiny shorts at gym or tanks with cleavage. Guys don't think it's attractive; they think your just desperate for attention. And if they do like it, they are just filled with lust and you should not like them anyway!


beautydurinqabreakdown says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2010

wow! no way i can beat shy sparrow! lol,

se pretty much nailed it.

but i just wanted to say, yur like uber gorgeous, haha, [i'm not a freak or anything]

but i saw yur pic you added and yeah.

haha, well i hope that put a smile on yur face, or boosted yur confidence a bit. if not,well... i tried. haha. [ :


barbipixi says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2010

i got over it by spouting off things i saw like billboards or tv commercials or strange objects around me. and after a while it just got easier to talk about normal things


isweta13 says:

Posted on 30 Dec 2010

Just be yourself :) If the guy doesnt like you the way you are Then they are not worth you :D And first find out what he likes am sure you guys will have something in common and talk about that :)
I hope that helped ^_^


fashionista_25 says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2010

haha and thanks!! :)

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