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Kimberly Bower




22 Apr 1996


I am 16 yrs old and i luv to txt! i have dark brown hair with bright red scattered all over. i have bright blue eyes and depending on my mood is depending if they change on mii. one downside on my life is that everyone thinks that i get everything or anything that i want but the tru

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fallenangel asked:

04 Aug 2011

how to be a girl player?

I Wana Know How To Be A Player Cause Im Tired Of Gettin Played! Guys These Days...I Want A Serious Answer To! I Wana Know How I Should Dress, Do My Hair , Talk Etc......

(No Rude Answers)

Thanks At this point idc if I'm a bitch. I just wanna learn to play the game and all the other things I stated above. I no I would be hurting innocent ppl but in the town I live in this is how we live. And I wanna live lik it better so I need help. Even if it envolves a total make over. So plz help.



kekye says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

I'm not trying to be rude at all, but I honestly think you shouldn't be a player. It sucks to be played, I know but being a player yourself isn't going to solve anything. You end up hurting innocent people that don't deserve to be hurt. And those guys that played you? There's karma and she's a bitch. If you don't want to be played, look for signs. For example: if a guy texts you all day long and doesn't text you at all the next. And if he really liked you, he'd text you everyday and always have time for you. If you need someone to talk about it to, I'm here.


silence_ says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

>you feel miserable after being played
> so you go around making every other guy who had nothing to do with the people you chose to date miserable.

what is logic?

Being a female player won't make you happy, instead you'll probably end up more miserable than now. It's a double edged sword. If a guy ends up truly liking you, well you're playing on him, he'll find out, and then you'll be heartbroken, if he doesn't like you, then he won't be saddened and he'll just find someone else and move on. Meaning in the end, it'll always just be a lose/lose situation for you. I hope you can see the logic in what i'm saying.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

U shouldn't be player,u should learn how not to get played.It's everything in attitude, confidence.It isn't how u dress that makes u "player",I mean u shouldn't dress like a nun or like a slot.Many girls cross that line,juts be "classy" by that I mean wear something nice,that shows just a little skin skirts,shorts,high heals(or not) .Don't make other people hurt cuz u've benn hurt,just don't let guy wins u quick,be hard to get,be confident.
p.s if u re n't high heals girl,wear flats,skinny jeans,some make-up..etc...But don't worry,he's not worth it!!!


chey_hammy says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

i dont think you should be a player, i have been played alot by guys and ive always wanted to get back. but playing guys wouldnt and shouldnt make u feel better. ur just hurting the guy the same way a guy hurt u. not all guys are the same there will be a guy out there for u that wont play u. he will treat u right. how i got back is when i got back to school i looked supe duper hot and of course they wanted me back but did i take them back nope!:) and after that i grabbed my boyfriends hand, turned and walked away. so i just think u should dress super hot and make them feel bad for playing u.


heatherjane says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

No guy is worth that shit. If you wanna be a player, play house, cause the house always wins. Dont bring yourself to his level. Play house... Act like you dont give a f**k!!! xxx


mechelle_abalo says:

Posted on 05 Aug 2011

Actually. you dont have to play and mess around. Just be you. The real you is what makes you be loved by the people around you, or by your special someone. Goodluck. :)


samountainjo says:

Posted on 09 Aug 2011

That's not the path to turn to.


auri says:

Posted on 09 Aug 2011

I agree with other people. The best way I sort my feelings when people do that to me is I kill them with kindness. Its the best way, cause what are they gonna get mad at you for? Being nice? Don't talk to them if you don't have to and be the bigger person. They may wanna txt you or even see you again and thats when you totally blow them off while making it seem as if youre busy, etc. You never know who may be watching you act like something youre not, even someone who could potentially be a boyfriend or even a good friend. Be yourself and screw all the guys who do that. One day they'll grow up and see what they missed out on and honestly, it's their loss. Not yours.


silence_ says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

You have terrible business sense, bro.


fallenangel says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

But idk how to dress hott. My style is jjeans a tank top and a sweater.


chey_hammy says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

thats okay, you can play with that stuff though, u could get a cute pair of skinny jeans with some flats and get a tank with a nice loose sweater or a snug sweater that hugs andd fits ur body. you also could do ur hair and make up, u could look at my fashion album and see if u could get any ideas. im so sorry that a guy has played u...i know how u feel

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