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Emma Emergency




24 Oct 1995

The names Emma kids. I'm the sort of girl who likes to cuddle up in her dads old top, with a good book and some green tea. Paramore and Superchick keep me strong, Hair dye and mates make me who i am. I'm horoscope mad, and martial arts and gymnastics are my passions. So despite all this i'm actually More saduisahduiash dsau

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emmaemergency asked:

30 Aug 2009

Freinds, Peer preasure, And fags :/

So, This is going to sound crazy, But i've gotten some mates who drink and smoke, I ended up having a fag last time we went out and i loved it. I want more now. I've already started drinking alot more than usual and if some one offered i'd take drugs with them. lol, i dont know how this happend. i used to be the sweetest. i really am much happier than i used to be now i've got friends, and fags. but i know its not goof for my health and has to stop. i'm only 12. help?



alongcamemaddy says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009

you may be happier but just maybe your mixing in with the wrong crowd.

everyone makes mistakes and everyone trys differnt things like weed and smoking and drinking. Its not bad, but everyone wakes up to them selfs one way or another. Just think of you future, and make your own dicisions


rachelsauras says:

Posted on 30 Aug 2009

you could, of course, talk to an adult about itt.

guidance counselors are always good for that sorta thing.

[and they get you outta class.;D]

you have to stop now, before you can't.

it sounds like addiction problems might run in your family

since you've become attached so fast.

if you can't resist simply stop hanging out with those people.

of if they're really good frenns ask them to stop doing it around you.

avoid being put in the situation where you'll be tempted.

and I knoo you prolly think they'll think your a loser if ask them,

but do it in a weyy that makes you more comfortable.

lieek: my parents found out and I'll be grounded forever. and keep

yourself busy doing other things.

you really should just be strong and say you're over it thoo.

if you really have trouble tell your parents, but tell them you WANT to stop.

ask them if they'll help you and get you in a support group.

I hope I helped?:/



nana_0601 says:

Posted on 30 Aug 2009

i'm not too familiar with the UK way of life,by means of drink and smoke. However,I know that people drink alot there , which I ,as a future medical professional disapprove of to a certain extent, but as a mere 12 year old, I really don't think drinking and having a fag is such a great idea...especially since, even after reading about this, you sound addicted to it as it is. What I can tell you is, unfortunately, you're going to have to get away from any environment that involves drinking and smoking. If your friends drink and smoke 99.9% of the time, i can legitimately say, it's best you stay away from them 99.9% of the time . I'm sure you know of the health risks, but seriously, if you're going to do those, you can start later, when you're capable of thinking for yourself and not just going with the flow of everyone else. How about your mum and dad? How do they feel about that? If they don't care, then frankly, they need to be more concerned as parents about your health. To me, those friends hardly seem like friends, just a bunch of little kids, smoking and drinking and for what purpose really? You don't have friends until you meet a person, that'll have you're back. When you call them, if they merely ask you if you want a smoke or if you just ask them if they want a smoke, or hang out and smoke and if your life revolves around "fags and lager" then deary , i'm sorry but you're hooked, these so called people are not your friends, and you can do WAY better. Talk to your folks, they should be able to help, or if not, just try to make new better friends really. I'm not saying the friends you have now are evil and bad and whatnots, they're just really, not good for you especially at your age, you can talk to them later, when their passed out from alcohol poisoning or unstable after they don't get such a great feeling from the fag and have to go into other crap and eventually get screwed over. Drinking i'm fine with, (not from a 12 year old really?!?!) couldn't you wait to be a bit older really?! what's the rush? to me, all these things seem detrimental and bad and really makes a person look really old and disgusting...i'm not even allowed to wear makeup and i'm what 18?! the world is insane.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 30 Aug 2009

The earlier you start drinking, smoking, and doing drugs...the easier the addiction will set in. If you had started drinking and smoking at 21 then most likely you will quit all together when you get older. but the earlier you start... think of this as a lifetime addiction. Try to avoid being around them when they are smoking and drinking so you won't be soo easily drawn to wanting to do it. I hope you have self confidence. Do not feel that these are the only friends you will have.


iheartmusic123 says:

Posted on 31 Aug 2009

If i was you i would just think of all the bad things its doing to you. Just think of what you are going to look like when you get older. You probably want a family when you get older but when your out drinking at the age of 12 that could mess that all have to be strong. I agree with rachelsauras. Just ask them to not do it around you. maybe you guys could stop together. But if they think your a loser when you ask then they arnt your true friends. Tell all the bad things that it is doing to them...(whitch is alot) I wish you luck :D


barbipixi says:

Posted on 31 Aug 2009

sorry girl but there's no easy way to have a spine and do what you know is right for your life and your body.

i did alot of things when i got with the 'cool' kids but in the end i knew what i needed to do and they respected my choices because they were my friends.

if you want to stop you will if you don't you won't and your body will pay for your choices later depending on how much you do

hope you don't end up rotting your teeth or lungs, yellowing your chompers and fingernails. or killing too many brain cells.

just atleast remember MODERATION


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009

mebe you should start hanging out with them all together?

if you dont wanna stop then maybe you should just

try & contrl yourself near them thinggs. i know its

easier said than done, but it CAN be done. your addiction can get much worse so its better if you can stop it while you still have a chance. id say eat alot of food & basically eat so much your almost sick, & then i dont think you would WANT to drink. As for smoking, just try to tell your friends not to smoke infront of you. If they make fun of you then theyre not real friends & you should then stop hanging out with them.

It might seem cool to them right now. Drinkin & smokin but they might pay in the future if they get a lung cancer or something. youv gotta be strong and leave those things before you become a total alchoholic (:


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009

U R 12



12 and trinking do u know how bad that is for ur health

only because the "cool" kids does it does not mean u have to do it

i am sorry but this is just the truth just thing about what ur parnts will sai about u

pl stopp doing that

and i really don't want to talk about drugs

do u now how many people dye just ny taking drugs!!!!!!!




inclomplete_help says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009

UR 12, WOT THE HELL, SORRY BUT U NEED TO STOP, STOP THE DRINKING, STOP THE SMOKING, AND STOP HANGING OUT WITH THEM!!! its not cool to drink or smoke especially at 12!!! im 12 too, wot ure doing is ridiculous, do ur parents know? if ur only hanging out with them because they r the only friends u hav, well, lets just say, i think its best u ditch them and make new friends!

im sorry for being a bit harsh but uve gotta stop whilst u can, before its too late and u get hooked, coz its really gonna damage ur health if u dont stop soon. sorry again, good luck


isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

I know that this stuff can be addicting but STOP, STOP right now before you can't! Yeah it sounds cool and it may feel good but you're only 12 years old. Smoking is the #1 cause for lung cancer and you can be arrested for drunk driving. Stay away from these kids, haven't you seen all the commercials for teens who are above the influence. If you do this at school you may get suspended and then what about what your parents find out? I know you're a smart girl, you should know what you're doing is wrong altogethor.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009

i ment stuff yourself wid food before you go out wid mates for a 'night'.


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2009


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