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cute_wonderful_blondie asked:

12 Jul 2011

Random question...

I can't help but noticing there aren't so many random questions here. This site is full of boy problems, and hair, and more hair. It's not bad, but I'm saying we need something fun.. Such aaas...RANDOM QUESTONS. I'm not very good at those.. But I've got some right here.. And I also wanna meet more people, so, fyi, I'm friendly, add me, we can talk sometimes. :)

1. What's the craziest(in any way) thing that's happened to you in a while?

2. What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

3. I like ghost stories, or anything paranormal, so tell me anything interesting of that sort. Whether they're real or not, I'm just entertained with them.

4. Do you feel beautiful, if so/not so, why? (cuz you should)

5. If you could change just one thing in the entire world, what would it be?

6. What do you think about death(just in general), like, does it scare you, or are you coping with it?

7. If you had your own world/planet, what would it look like, what would people do or any details about it.
8. Is there anyone you can tell everything to with no doubts and worries, if so, are there more people, or just one person you really, truly trust?
9. What is your biggest/worst flaw?
10. What frightens you?
11. If there was anyone, alive or dead you would want to meet, who would it be..

That's it from me, if it's too long, don't answer them all, just tell me what you think of them, I take criticism pretty well, I guess, sooooo...I hope you have fun reading/answering my questions. :D



dudette170196 says:

Posted on 14 Jul 2011

1) Hmmm, i almost got attacked by a random guy!
2)Angus, thongs and perfect snogging-THE BEST
3)My mums friend used to have this imaginary friend when she was little, his name was george and looked like a frinedly old man dressed in olden clothing. As my mums friend grew up george she could still see him and talk to him but one day he just suddenly left. My mums friend was sorting through old pictures when she suddenly stopped. It was george! She called her mum and asked who it was-it was her great grandfather GEORGE! He passed away just before she was born. I guess that was just his way of seeing his great grandaughter one more time. (true story oh n i LOVE ghost stories to btw)
4) Not beautiful-but comfortable:)
5)theres to many things to fix!
6) I'm not scared by it but infact interested about it- if tht makes sense at all
7)my world would be shaped as a peace sign n spirits would roam free
9) my mouth-it tends to never shut up
10)being fightened
11) my doggy, great grandma HMMM i know theres heaps more but i can't remember


dragana94 says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2011

1.I burnt my tongue,that counts..? xDD
2.flipped..awesome :)
3.Ugh..I'm lazy to write it's so long,sry
4.I feel ok,w/ myself I'm not gorgeous,but I'm not ugly,I like my body,so I'm fine :D
5.There's not just one thing..
6.I'm coping w/ it..Bit I don't wanna die yet. xD
7.My world be awesome... :DD maybe w/ lot hot dark guys LOL
8.Everything-no! Some thing a like to keep to myself,but I have people whom i can tell secrets
9.My stubbornness..But I'm stubborn time to time :) NOT all time
10.Flying bugs...-.- ugh!!!
11.uuu,soooo many...but let it be Francesco Totti ^_^
This was fun.. xDDDDDDD


vampkisses says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2011

1. i actually dont know i cant really think of anything at the moment
2. uhh couples retreat i think .. and i though it was amazing :D
3. not a scary story but kinda strange.. when my mom was younger her grand father died and a couple years later her grandma went to the hospital really sick about to die... well my mom fell asleep at a chair near her bed and in her dream she saw her grandfather telling her grandma 'im not ready for you yet' then my mom woke up and her grandma was recovering and ready to leave the hospital.. about a week later she was back in the hospital and again my mom fell asleep in the hospital and saw her grandfather tell her grandma 'okay im ready for you now' my mom woke up and her grandma was dead... yeah kinda weird haha
4. i dont think i am, im really tall i feel like im over weight and i have acne
5. umm there would be no murderers? (sp?) haha im not sure what i would change
6. umm i used to be suicidal kinda but im afraid of death weird i know :P
7. my planet would be a party place (:
8. i used to think i do but im not so sure anymore :/
9. umm physicially my acne otherwise umm i have alot im sure haha but probably my confidence
10. my biggest fear is always being by my self
11. to many! umm oliver sykes or hailey williams i suppose ^_^
id love to hear your answers to the questions too(: haha


babiedoll says:

Posted on 20 Mar 2012

1. I walked into a door and broke my nose two years ago
2. Sucker Punch-love it!!
3. My grandma just bought a new house and I swear it's haunted because when ever I go to the toilet my bedroom door shuts behind me. And when I wake up in the middle of the night I can hear foot steps .
4.I love everything about me..... except my hair. I wont to it cut.
5. Get rid of the sluts.... ;)
6.Yeah I can cope
7. It would be made of marshmellows and the people would be edible so you could eat your enemies
8. My best friend... we're so close
9. I chew my nails and sucked my thumb up until i was 10
10. Spiders,snakes
11.Walt Disney


texxassunlight says:

Posted on 02 May 2012

1. putting Makeup on my guy friend Shane! So much fun! or having powdered cheese dumped on my head...
2.Leap Year... and it was hilarious!
3. My friend and her old best riend once had a sleepover... when the door slammed shut and locked them in all night. Finally the door creeped open hours later. To this day she believes it was a ghost. (oops , bout to post goat!)
4.No. I'm not skinny(but not fat) but im ok with the way i look. it doesnt define my life.
5. People and attitudes. Seriously i wish i could just punch them in the face! ( im not that mean... but i do bite!)
6.Death is a pretty scary concept, but were all going to have to face it, just hopefully not soon!
7.My planet would be purple, glow in the dark, and make lots and lots of lace! Theyd also be southren gals everywhere, like me, with lots of libraries! And , once again, glow in the dark!
8. My two best friends and another girl, and even then i dont tell people alot, i write it down!
9. My worst flaw... wow, theres alot of them... my inability to trust alot.
10. Snakes... death...
11. Adam and Eve from the GArden of Eden... to talk some sense in them!
I found these really good, they made me think and consider... alot...!


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2011

Thanks for answering... I like your scary story cuz that kind of thing happened to some of my friends. They had a dream or something about someone dying, and they actually died. It's so bizarre & interesting. And I literally know what you're talking about in every answer, especially 6, it's not too weird, cuz being suicidal isn't just connected to death, I mean of course it is, but firstly, it's connected to complete disappearance of your body or anything about yourself you don't feel comfortable about. And being suicidal just means having the desire to destroy yourself, but either way, you're always in control of your life that way, even if you want to take it away, and real death, it can come anytime, anywhere & it's so... mysterious. Sorry for bothering you with that hahaha.. Loved your answers! :)


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2011

I burn my tongue a lot.. hahahhaha... >.<
Thanks for answeringggg.. :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2011

wow, your story's very interesting. Though i would freak out if that happened to me. Thanks for answering! :))

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