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cute_wonderful_blondie asked:

25 May 2010

Random qs........ lol

U don't have to answer this..... Just curious to see what will u answer..... :D

1. From what country is ur name if u have a name that is not from ur country and what's ur name??? :D

2. Fave color???

3. What are the lines u say the most??? Something like fave quotes just by u lol....

4. Fave food???

5. Why do u get up every day?? What gives u strength to get up and get out there and, well, do whatcha have to do??? Or have u ever thought of that??

6. What is ur hair like???(color, haircut whatever)

Answer every q cause I'm very very curious and let me know what was ur fave q and why.....

Don't be a word hider, explain ur answer......

That's all! See ya!! :D



jod_mets says:

Posted on 09 Oct 2010

1. Jodi is Hebrew, meaning: Of Judea.. I'm not very sure lol, my cousin just liked the name. I was born & raised in Canada: I love it.

2. Red ?

3. Oh my shit

4. Caesar salad

5. My family gives me the strength to do everything. We're a pact that will never break.

6. My hair is brown and long.

I think Q:5 was the best for sure. It gets people thinking, well it should anyways.


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

1. My real name is Elora, and it is Hebrew, it means The Lord Is My Light, or God Gives the Laurel, Grace is my middle name =) it's pretty self-explanatory. My last name is French, but I will not share it...

2. Black && yellow && silver

3. Things I say a lot? "yeah, for sure", and, "yeah, of course" and i have a habit of calling people: little missy, my lovely, my dearest, love, darling, etc.

4. I'm vegetarian =) I really like a sandwich, called garden veggie, from Tim Hortons *WHEWWT. GO CANADIANS ;)*

5. Life is a gift and it's the most amazing thing I could ever be given, and God's love for me =)

6. Right now my hair is a light/medium brown, and my roots are blonde >.< I'm planning on dying it black, or almost black... it's past my shoulders and very layered, I cut my own hair.

Uh. .. Your turn :P


shadyca says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

1.well, my name is Tea (and non-Slavic people simpy cannot pronuonce it correctly -.-'') and it is originaly Greek meaning Goddess of Faith

2.well, I like black. and PURPLEEEE. *___*

3.hahah at the beggining of every sentence I often use ''WELL''. and on Croatian (which you'l undertand)-seljak & mrš! (but in a lovely way, expressing love (: ) musaka (you'll know what it is) aaand.. fried calamari

5.hmm.. what gives me strenght? I don't know, I never thought of that before. but I know there are some really bad days when I feel awful so I wake up for my friends and for my brother (:

6.well, my hair. it's long (to my breasts or so), layered, straigthened, dyed brown.



jwlover4ev says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

1. My name, Cori, is Irish and means "from the hollow".


3. I call every one a child like i'll say "be careful child!" plus i say,"BAM! I'm here"

4. SPAGHETTI! Plus Seafood Alfredo from Olive Garden (a restaurant)

5. I don't know I just kind of don't think about that really I guess cause if I didn't then think of all the fun I would miss!

6. Brown and to my collar bone. side bangs.

LOL what country are you from? Slovakia? I'm part Slovak so I was just wondering...


fathima says:

Posted on 10 Oct 2010

01. my name is fathima ilma. and it's an arabic name. ilma means knowledge in arabic.

02. yellow, peacock blue......

most people say that yellow is weird but dono i like it so much.

03.OMG, oh shit, wow,yeah......etc.

hey it's difficult to say specificly. but i use these words often., chinese fried rice, pasta with white sauce, noodles.....

ummm.....yummy.Actually i have loots of fav food but i can't mention all those here.

05.well....everyday i get up coz, i'll have to live my life it's fullest. have to enjoy it every day and every moment. aand also after i wake up as first thing i pray to god and thank him for giving so much 4 us(good health, wealth...etc). ok so my hair is black and it is layered. actually i love my hair soo much.


my fav question is 3rd one. i enjoy answering it.


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

1. My name is Callie and it's of Greek origin and it means "most beautiful" or "lovely". Which I think is the opposite of myself.

2. Purple! ?

3. Hm, I like to call people "bitch hoes" LMFAO. And I use the word "like" a lot. :D

4. Pasta

5. I guess I've never really thought of that... probably to see all my friends and stuff. And to make sure I don't fail school. :D

6. Um, curly gross and annoying. I straighten it almost every day. (:


bear14 says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

1. name= Kristina from the German and latin origin and it means follower of christ

2. Fave colour= blue, black, green and red

3. i say like a lot, and oof (when i trip or miss a step lol), i say lol (online, not in real talk)

4. Fave food= pupusas (it's spanish) and garlic sausage dumplings (it's german) and a big mac lol

5. Why do u get up every day? well right now i get up to search for a summer job (or i get up for school/work) because i want to have the best for myself and to achieve that I need to be out there working for it

6. What is ur hair like? dark brown curly shoulder length hair


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 30 May 2010

1. Amanda. um, i guess its from the U.S. im not entirely sure.

2.purple and gold. a winning combination.

3. "totally", " 'kay"

4. humm i guess my fav food would be tortillini with alfredo sauce (yummm. my mom's italian so we eat pasta a lot!!!)

5. seeing the guy that i like and the thought of talking to him. also, the housekeeper comes in and wakes me up. or my mom wants me to go to early morning pilaties class with her. i love to work out in the morning.

6. my hair is a basic brown colour. i have long layers and long side bangs

my favorite question was number 5 (what gives you the strength to get up in the morning?)


krista090 says:

Posted on 22 Dec 2010

name: christabel, its greek or latin and i dont really know what it means
fave colour: pink, blue, purple, red, tourquise, black
3) fave quotes: dont have any
4) fave food: pizza, and chinese
5) why do you get up every day? because i'm not a billionaire and so can't spend my days lazing off in bed xD. usualy to go to uni, most days have to wake up at 6am
what gives ur strenght to get up and get out there? i have no idea, a good breakfast
6)what's your hair like: brown, striaghtish, layered and longish


ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 12 Jan 2011

1. My first name is Nicolette and that is french it means "victory to the people"...idk kinda wierd my middle name is Marie...and I really don't know what it means or what the origin of it is. My last name (I will not share on an open question like this) is Hungarian.
2. My favorite color is green!!!! (: Black is my second favorite and red is my third.
3. I tend to type the word like alot, but I don't say it alot...I have a quote, but it's not mine...and it's more of a statement actually. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park said it...and actually it's on my profile page.
4. My favorite food is either Mexican or italian (as long as it's not pizza)!
5. I've never really thought of it, but it's definitly God that gives me the strength. And just thinking I could be off in alot worse situation, also my strive to, become famous.
6. It's black and dull...I have long layers (my hairs not long enough though) and a box fringe. It has a slight wave to it. It's quite annoying right now, but I'm just waiting for it to grow long enough so I can get it cut and colored.
I liked all of the Q's. :)


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

Oh yeah.... We talk same things every day.... lol But I usually say: debilu.....xD


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

OK here are my answers:

1.It's a name from my country and my name is Tatjana or in English it would sound Tatiana or something alike and it represents the one that leads, literally....



cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 25 May 2010

Oh I didn't finish

3.I say something like: jerk but in my language.... lol it's not an offence I just say so every day....

4.I'm not a vegetarian.... I like pizza, and the meal that shadyca wrote....

5.I always think of good things like when I hang out with my friends or I think of my lil sis...

6.Mid-long/brown.... Messy messy messy horrible.... But with a straightener it looks just normal... lol



cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 26 May 2010

Thanks for answering.... Everything sounds interesting.... :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 26 May 2010

Oh it sure takes a lot of space but it's interesting knowing people to me.... lol :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 26 May 2010

Cool....... :D thanks for answering.... :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 26 May 2010

U have a very cool name and ur a bit hard on ur self that's what I found out reading this... lol and also other things u wrote.... :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 26 May 2010

I'm not from Slovakia I'm about to write u a message from where am I if u accept my friend request.... :D


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 27 May 2010

lol... Know the feeling about hair... lol I also like italian food.... ^_^


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 30 May 2010

Yum pasta.... lol thanks for answering... :D

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