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Christine Lee




20 Jun 1985

I am a student. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I am a rather average girl... I am a great listener and love to help out and volunteer. I am currently volunteering at the hospital because I have an interest in going into the medical field. Otherwise my life is simple.. just like anyone else's.

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ctl888 asked:

05 Oct 2009

Interracial do you feel about it?

I was watching True Life on Mtv and it was about the acceptance and the disapproval about Interracial couples.. how do you guys feel about it? Are you against mixed race couples or do you not mind it? My boyfriend and I are an interracial couple and I hate seeing people stare at us like, ' wow i can't believe that white guy is with her..' I do not like it but I have basically gotten used to it and ignore it. I also know that my parents do not mind if I have a white boyfriend little brother has a white girlfriend and they like her soo. but my boyfriend's parents do not know that I am asian.... I think he is worried to tell her. ( she told him that she was worried that I was mexican... which I am not, but is not a bad thing.. i don't think it matters what race I am.. just as long as my boyfriend and I are happy right?)



nana_0601 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

lol, i'm in an interracial relationship =) we couldn't care less tbh and really who gives, there's alot of interracial relationships in the world unbeknownst to some people, and i think it's wonderful that different "races" can accept each other and not remain dogmatic about DUN DUN DUN keeping the race "pure" and whatnot, utter bollocks . He shouldn't worry, his parents will just have to get over their ignorant phase if they don't like it. At least that's what my bf said. As long as you guys make each other happy, let not anything disturb your peace =)


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

to be against interracial relationships is extremely immature and illogical. people need to grow up and get over their biases and egocentrism. If I were to date someone from a different race I would hope I would not be bothered when other people were rude but I know thats harder done than said. its not a big deal where I live but I know in other places its not exactly accepted.


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

I was in a interracial relationship. (well im in one now cause im dating a hispanic) BUT my exe-man was as dark as night and i was extremely white! haha. Anyways we got a TON of weird stares from ppl when we dated, even from older ppl not just teens! but we didn't care! i think ppl that think you have to date your own race and that races dont mix are just bitter ppl! i mean its just different levels of Melanin in our skin thats all! remove the skin and we're all alike underneath. It doesn't matter if the person you love is white or blue or pink!haha you love them and thats what matters. ppl are always gonna be hating for some reason. thats life and it aint gonna change. so keep on lovin your man and ignoring the snobby looks from ppl, even if you might get them from your mans mom.


hanlou says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

Really who cares! In my mind everyone is the same no matter where they are from or what they look like. Everyone is the same inside, the people who really care about this are small minded and need to find something to really care about.

I am English my boyfriend is Greek, i live in Greece to be with him, because i respect the fact that his family dont want him to leave here. I thinkn it is better to be with a different culture as you will leartn a different way of life and language.


glamorus_miranda says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

i dont look or judge a persons color...i look at their insides and their personalities....interracial couples are completely fine :) my mom and step dad are an interracial couple and i couldnt have asked for a better step dad :)


mikiya04 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

it doesn't matter. but in times like this when we are in between generations. you will get conflicting views even with your peers. know that what you feel in your heart is real and that you are the only one who can live your life. i am guilty of staring, but it is definitely not in a disapproving way. i am intrigued by them. i have always been interested in being in one, i even had crushes on white guys i went to school with but nothing came out of it. keep being you. the world will think what they want, but hasnt history shown ppl's opinions are generally wrong


jessd says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

i think your totally rightt.. if your happy than who cares..

i dont have a problem over that.. i meann back than is when everyone were racist, people just have to get over it now

we are all the same .. we are all humans..


barbipixi says:

Posted on 06 Oct 2009

i have no issue with it. one of my friends has been with a black man for 19yrs and they're been married only since january lol decided to finally take the plunge

you can't help who you love you just love.


ahroarah says:

Posted on 06 Oct 2009

i don't even see people's race anymore. i was raised in a very open household, and was best friends with kids of different races. to be racist is incredibly immature... i couldn't be friends with somebody like that.


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

people question and get all touchy about things that they're not used to, it'll take time but they'll get over it, just be yourself when it comes to it, and they'll see how happy you guys make each other =D

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