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12 Nov 1995

name isabell
nickname izzi
hobby riding horses writing poems writing stories :D
fav music/bands escape the fate, all american rejects, paramore, taylor swift and lots more
dislikes lies and people who are quick to judge
likes poems, people who like to have fun
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crazy_izzi asked:

12 Jul 2010

i dont want to loose him!please help me! :(

it happening all over again.

10 months ago my best guy friend told me that he likes me alot (more than friends )

i rejected him politley because i dont want our friendship to get ruined and

i jut like him the way he likes me.

i mean i do love him but as my best friend kinda way.

when i told him that he got distaned and stopped talking to me.

i got really upset, because we are best friends for 6 years and we talked non stop it just thorn me appart.

then he got a girlfriend, and that girl was a total b***ch...

they broke up evantually and he stared to talk to me again.

everything was ok till he just told me he still likes me alot

and he was just together with that other girl to get over me which didnt work....

i dont want to loose him!!!

he is the only one i got( i dont have alot of friends. just 2 and he is one of those 2)

please help me!!

i beg of you!






24npc19 says:

Posted on 12 Jul 2010

Well, that's tough. The only advice I can really give is to give it time. You may discover you really like him too; or not.

If it's not meant to be; he won't like you forever. If it is; you'll figure it out. If you guys are ment to be friends [Which by the looks of it, you are] it will all work out.

I'm a big believer in that whole "Meant to be" thing.

If he really cares about you; he'll realize that even if he likes you and you don't; not talking to you is hurting you. And you just might want to explain that to him since he may not realize it.

Sorry, but that's all I've got. Good luck; and it will all work out, just stay true to yourself.



barbipixi says:

Posted on 12 Jul 2010

alot of times more emotional guys will start to become more attracted to their girl friends because they hang around you alot and you have alot in common.

but there are different levels of love he's just really confused on which type he's feeling.

you love him like a brother. he's there for you and you're there for him and you always want to have eachother in your lives.

sometimes it's hard to sit down and listen to that when youre the one thinking it's real love. but it is possible. some times they can't and if they can't it's just time to move on. but if it's ment to be then he'll realize you're right and you guys don't have to date to be together.

sorry there is no easy answer for that. just try and remember it probly hurts him inside but it would hurt worse to not have a talk with him and lay all your cards on the table


paigeeconlon says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2010

you should try it you never know it may bring you closer together or just crumble but just make him understand tat you love him just as a friend but your willling to go for it the feeling may be mutual!

:) hope i helped sorry not really good at this stuff!


paigeeconlon says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2010

you should try it you never know it may bring you closer together or just crumble but just make him understand tat you love him just as a friend but your willling to go for it the feeling may be mutual!

:) hope i helped sorry not really good at this stuff!


shadyca says:

Posted on 13 Jul 2010

oh, you just explained my story. :/

the only difference is that this is happening to me for the last 3 years. we've been friends for exactly 3 yrs now and we're extremely close. I don't love him, I f*ckin ADORE him, and I would do absolutely everything for him. but in a brother/sister way.

a lot of people have been telling me that he has a crush on me, but I didn't (want) to believe that. so, we were out together one day, and he came to me in the middle of the night, pulled me a side and told me that he actually loves me and he wanted to know what are mine feeling towards him. I'm not an emotional person, I have few friends because everyone thinks I'm too cold and distanced for a normal relationship (whether on friends basis or something more). and I just fell apart in front of him (in the middle of the club) and said that I'm so sorry but I don't see him the way he sees me and seeing him hurting is killing me. I went home after that, cried a lot because I thought I just lost my best friend with this move. I'm really connected to him, it's like, he's so warm, I love being with him-my skin is always so cold, and I'm freezing so he's always here to warm me up. and I didn't want to lose him. next day I saw him but couldn't talk to him. I just though that I would break down again. I saw it all in his eyes finally-all the love, all the pain. everything.

so, when he realised that I couldn't speak, he talked with my best girl friend and said to her some things-he said that he loves me, but that also my happiness is more important. he wants me to be happy-so if I'm happy with just being friends, we'll do that. he'll survive-I'm fragile and he doesn't want to damage me more. she said to him that I love him more than he think I do, he is my reason to get up every day and go to school, cause I'm sitting with him on every class and we can just sit for 45 min in silence, doing schoolwork but still feel good.

today, 2 months after that tiny ''scene'', we're back where we were before, I love him, he loves me, just not in the same way.

so, my advice is to talk to him as soon as possible. try to explain to him that you love him, and that it's killing you more than he can imagine (it probably is, right?). if he wont listen, try to send him the other friend to talk to him again. but my bst advice is that you should talk yourself. good luck with that, I know hw much it hurts.

p.s. and no, I'm not attracted to my best friend in any way, he's just my best brother ever (:

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