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Chloe Sharp




06 May 1993



  • 207 Rank

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chloe_x asked:

30 May 2009


the girl who sits in front of me in class keeps turning around and staring at me, i've asked her politely to stop, but its not working. it's really affecting my schoolwork too because im always telling her to stop when i'm trying to work. even when im getting ready for games she looks at me which makes me feel really self-concious about my body. and when im in the toilets doing my make-up or whatever, she's always there looking at me. i've told my teacher but she's not doing anything about it. she just says that she thinks im pretty! even so, you dont stare at people if you think they're pretty. my mam basically said the same thing. any tips on telling her to stop ?



ikiwi says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

This girl seems strange, I mean yeah you're pretty but it's weird it's not because I see someone who is pretty that I'm going to stare at her like that, as you said.

Maybe she's just trying to annoy you or something...

What about trying to ignore her for a while and see if she stops?

Or change sits in that class?


gee_jade says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

she sounds kinda stalkerish..........maybe she's a lesbo? or maybe she just wants to know how you do your make up, hair and everything else coz she thinks you're pretty. ask her what's up and why she keeps staring at you...........nothing will be accomplished unless a good conversation is done. i had a lesbo crushing on me last school year but it's a good thing three boys were always around me carrying my stuff or whatever so she can't come any closer than 5 ft. good luck!!! ^_^:D:thumbup:


barbipixi says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

she really might be either of those, but either way it does need to stop and if your teacher won't help you need to tell your parents so they can talk to your principle about it. she needs to move desks and maybe even talk to a guidence counciler

she could be doing it just because she's strange and likes the fact that you hate it.

but anyway talk to your parents and let them know how much it's affecting you they will help


amaay says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

seeing as you've asked her sevaral times to stop it politely, then you need to tell someone who is actually going to sort this out for you. tell them that its affecting YOU and YOUR SCHOOLWORK, and then they might sort it out for you. :D


acrylicpaint says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

When that happened to me I found out the girl was bisexual. Just be straight up about it

"I dont feel comfortable with you staring, straight or not it is freaking me out and distracting me from school which is important,if you continue to harass me,I will take it up with the principal." it is harassment,so let her know!


babyblue says:

Posted on 31 May 2009

ye..thats kinda creepy ,n thats weird that you tld her to stop and shes still doing that

you have to tell why shes doing it not just to stop,you need a reason


samigore says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

that is kinda creepy.. you should stare back intently to the point where she gets freaked out by you stareing at her


missmassacre says:

Posted on 03 Jun 2009

she's either obsessed by you, admires you, or fancies you.


xrhiannonx says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

it happened 2 me but i jst said sum thing like 'take a pic it wud last longer' wat' and gave her dirty looks it worked lol x


meandcourtneywearspants says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

did you tell your teacher you cant focus on your work?

i would stare at this girl back.

and talk to her in private and maybe you could ask

why she stares at youu.


luv_emoline says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

i think she fancies u as well :x hehe

seriously though, i understand.

you should try and talk to her. i know she may seem creepy but maybe she just wants to be your friend!

sounds weird, but people can be too.


chloebabeess says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2009

STAND UP and say stop fxcking looking at me you nosey bitch :D .. I only stare at people when i have a proplem with them. So this girl has a proplem. And yas would wanna sort it out. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF !


gracie_bo_bacie says:

Posted on 26 Jul 2009

if she seems like shes lying when she sez ur pretty she mite hav a problem with you. but since she watches you put on makeup she mite just like how you do it and be trying to figure out how to do it herself. if i see a another girl with pretty makeup ill usuallly try to do it at home. dont get freaked out but try to tell her seroiusly that shes being annoying.


isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 31 Aug 2009

omg that happens to me too! there's this one girl who in music ALWAYS turns around and stares at me (more like glares!) and i can see her looking at me from the corner of my eye! That also happened when we we're watching "the video" you know about puberty and such! they kept staring at me and like, my pants like i had my period or something! lol, just tell her too stop and if she doesn't maybe get yer parents to talk to her parents or the principal or whoever. either she's a stocker, she admires your beauty, she has a girl crush on you and doesn't want to admit it, or you're just imagining things, which I highly doubt you are. i know it can be REALLY annoying but it'll eventually stop. and if things don't improve you could ask to be transfered to a different homeroom? hope i helped! =)

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