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Chelsea McIntosh




18 Jan 1995

15 years

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chelsssx asked:

06 Aug 2009

Question for the American online users out there :]..

Okay well first of all, i'm from England.. & i found out me and my mum and step-dad might be moving to America ! So I really need to know about American High schools abit more! All I know is that you don't have to wear uniforms over there and you get lockers and in american football over there you use your haaands!? Ha. But anyway i'm 14, 15 in January so what year would I be in? Or I think you's call it grades? Or something. & how many years in american high school is there? How many lessons do you generally have in one day? Could you please just tell me like everything you know haha thanks :P xx oo also.. american people don't hate english peopel do they? :s ha i'm scared.. x



kekye says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

I think either sophmore or junior year(:

theres four high school yeras.

ahh americna don't hate english people!

well...some do :/ but thats bc they're jelous!(:

and people might make fun of you for your accent but alot will think it's cool!

and your gonna get asked about england alot x]

and it depends on the district of the school you are going to about your daily lessons.


kekye says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

but where i live..the high schoolers have 7 lessons a other parts of the country they have 9..and in other parts they have 5 x]

so it depends on the school district.


justinbieberlove1922 says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

sophmore. actually i think you would be a freshman because your turning 15 in january.

you go to school for four years . freshman. sophmore. junior. senior.

we call lessons like periods kind of ? and so usually depends where you go you have 9 periods of classes a day.

there are lockers.

and about the uniform , you could wear a uniform if you go to a private school.

but at public schools you cant wear like wicked short shorts , straps... idkk its annoying.

but yeahh anymore questions let me know (:

goood luckk.


babiijuiciix3 says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

Depends on where you go cause i went to a school with 9 classes..!

some girls will hate on you ignore them they probably skanky anyways lol

and depending on where you go its different

some schools do have a uniform

but public schools dont you can wear whatever but theres a dress code

where ever you go though there will always be drama and then there will be the people that just love you right away i agree with kekye but just be you kk


hayley___hamm says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

haha im only in middle school but my friend phebie moved from england last year and every1 was her friend! haha


omfg_megan says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

my skool has 7 classes and then u hve to take to extra things like for example band guitar drawing acting piano photography and things like tht


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

you'd be in grade 9 or the first year of highschool depends if you are in a middle school or a highschool anyways some schools have uniforms some dont. my highschool has 4 classes a day but i go to a private school so its different all together, most have 7-8. you probably will have lockers, and the schools usually have simple dress codes like no really showy clothing or strapless shirts or tank tops that are low or have speggetti ( really thin) straps and stuff, anyways i havent read other peoples responses but im sure theres lots of info :)


glamorus_miranda says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2009

this depends on what state and area you move you know? i was 14 when i started high school. your in high school for 4 years and you graduate with a diploma :) my school didnt require uniforms and you start school around the end of august and complete your grade the beginning of June so you have off for about 2 months for the summer...YAY! my school had 4 period's a day and 4 semesters the entire school year. i wish i could go back to high school, its def a lot of fun!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

lol lots of us like english accents : P

there are 12 years of school before you can go to collage

alot of schools are moving more toward dress codes and uniforms but alot will let you wear what you want

i used to do 6 -8 classes a day when i was in school

and i'm assuming you'll be in something around 6th grade

is it sad my baby sis is a year younger than you and i don't even know what grade she's in lol


_riah_ says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

You'd be a Freshman like me, or maybe a Sophomore. That's American-lingo for your 9th and 10th grade school years. Then 11th is Junior, then finally 12th is called Senior. As a Freshman you should not be cocky or showy, this could really get you in badly with the upperclassmen (Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors). Freshman are kinda the little fish in the sea if ya know what I mean. ;) Just be yourself and be kind and friendly. I found that by playing sports and being nice and respectful to the upperclassmen, they do not hate me! :D

Girls can be really mean, especially in America...I'm sure you have mean girls in England too but American teenage girls can be pretty catty. If you have ever seen Mean Girls, that's wat I mean. It may sound ridiculous but some girls really act that way. You will always have someone who does not like you-and that is okay. They are most likely jealous if you do nothing wrong and are sweet to them. Steer clear of gossip and drama.

Sometimes you do have to wear uniforms, it depends on the school. Same goes with lessons, but mainly you will take a Science class (like Biology or Chemistry), a Math class (like Algebra or Geometry), an English class, a Social Studies class (like World Studies or 20th Century) and most likely a Gym and Health class.

Like I said before you will have some people jealous becuase of just who you are and how you look. It's sad but it's real. You're totally cute so you might have a couple of girls who hate you just becuase they are insecure. Just keep your nose clean (hahaha!!) and be yourself! :D

Hope I helped!


kiwifruit says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

Hee hee. I was 10 in the 6th grade. lol. she'll be in 9th or 10th


kiwifruit says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

Ur sister's prolly in 8th lol

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