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Chelsea McIntosh




18 Jan 1995

15 years

  • 664 Rank

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chelsssx asked:

04 Aug 2009

Confused, did he ever like me :s ?

Okay well i was with my ex for just under 3months untill i finished him 4weeks ago because; after i lost my virginity to him ( bigbigbigmistake:'( ) he tried treatin me like rubbish and went around sayin he could get it whenever he wanted & that he was gona dump me for my mate but towards the end i didnt like him that much anymore anyway. & i dont feel like i like him anymore atall! But i keep catching myself thinking about him :/.. & it sounds weird but hes been in a few of my dreams :S:L..

Another thing, is that he always told me & everyone else he was gona dump me, but after i finished him that same night he came on msn and was like "please take me back iloveu." and stuff :S & i dont understand if he was gona dump me anyway?! & then he came to my house with one of his mates uninvited & silly me let them both in and we got on at first, but then he started speakin to me like rubbish and we had an argument so he went home, & we havnt spoken since ?

I dont understand atall!! Help :( ! adding stuff here because cant fit it above.

When we were together, we got on really well. Like at first he was really sweet to me and then afterwards he went in really bad moods. & he would alwaaays ring me, like once i got in the bath for like half an hour and looked at my phone and had 42missed calls off him ? & when i went in a mood with him he would always ring back and say sorry. & sometimes he would say he wouldnt be arsed if i dumped him & others he would be like yeh course i'd be arsed if u did dump me, i'd be ded sad. He really confused me! But then in school he wouldnt leave me alone? & then 3 of my mates came up to me and all said the same thing - "we think ashleys really gutted about u dumpin him." and i went "nah he doesnt seem to give a crap" and they went "No because i asked him if he misses you and he went all red and quiet."

Did he actually like me atall :s i dont understand.. ?



amaay says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

i think that he is just trying to make himself look good in front of his friends. trying to make himself look cool and smart. when actually he is not, he is hurting peoples feelings. i think that you still dream about him because you really loved him to start off with and all that he wanted was sex. would just try and forget about him. he has treated you real bad. he was making it out like he could get with any girl that he wanted and hurt they're feelings, his mates would have thought that this was cool. just stay out of their sight, they don't deserve you.



jessd says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

i agree with amaay.. i would best stay away from him.. if you keepp doing to stuff your just going to keep hurting yourself.


babiijuiciix3 says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

yeah MY EX IS THE SAME MY BABY FATHER....oooo i never in my life wanted to hurt somebody this bad lol ok well just give up on him your young save yourself when your ready these lil a** boys out here you dont even know alls they want is some game time wait until you really find somebody thats willing to wait and none of that matters just try to spend more time doing things you like so you dont think about him as much thats what i do and now i found somebody whos planning to marry me!! =]


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

i had that iwht my ex jack and my ex michael. They both in the beginning treated me like they loved me couldnt go anywhere with out me always held my hand and hugged me always kissed me randomly and told me they loved me and would spend hours on the phone. But eventually it just turned into " hayy whats up oh btw u should take a picture of yourself" or " im in the mood lets..." and all like using me and stuff and omg i fell for them both so hard. I would like do anything. and then i would get the courage to break up and then they would like cry or like beg me to stay and say they would change and then would change back to being idiots in like a week. You relaly gotta let them go. I gotta admit i still have dreams about them and stuff but you really gotta let them go. There idiots for treating you like that. Stand up for yourself and let go of him. you will find someone who truely loves you. i did. and i think ill be with him forever.

good luck and btw he probably did like you, but he became a douche sumwhere along the way. Your better then him!


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

Hes probably trying to look cool infront of his mates. Boys do this alot. Try to act touch infront of their matesss. Likee they'd go i'm dumping her man bcas idk why but boys seem to think dumpin a girl just cos 'your bored of her' is manly/cool.

but maybe he did like you but didnt wanna look all lovey dovey infront of his matess bcas he wudve got taken the mickey outa him. He thought if he was mean to you infront of his mates it'll give the ideaa that hes in charge of you & you'd do anything to please him. Look babe, just cos u dream of him doesnt mean you like him. I dream of Michael Jackson eacchh night, i dont FANCY him do i? Well okay yes i do (the younger him anyway) but my point is.. you lost your V to him. thats obv gonnna leave an effect on you.

But my advice would be: DONT GET BACK WITH HIM. If hes gonna treat you like dirt, WHATEVER THE REASON, he seriously doesnt deserve you!

He might be feeling bad right now. Maybe hes just confused.. maybe he doesnt want to love you but he cant help it, & he doesnt wanna SHOW he loves you. Hes probably just too confusedd. Or maybe he just wanna get back togther so he can boast some more to his matess! but, like i said, whatever the reason for his rudeness.. hes still too fickle. & hes bad for you.



gbpkid says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

i had this with my ex, they are trying to look 'cool' infront of their mates and dont wana show that they actually really like you, also he is a little childish, when people are hurt or embaressed they usually do stuff to make you feel bad when they are young, so hes just being immature about that. he's probs really scared that he really likes you a lot cus it seems as if he does, men are weird anyway, read men are from mars, women are from venus, especially the bit on rubber band theory, haha, sounds like what it is to me, maybe ask him to come over and talk to him about stuff.

btw, you thinking about him is probs your subconcious mind sorting out why you lost your virginity to him, your head trys to make sence of stuff even when you dont want too or dont feel as if you need to.



molly_mariah says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

Guys think with their sexuality and probobly just wanted sex from you. im sorry to say:( and maybe hes just trying to back with u to do it again.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

don't stress it. girls tend to over think these things after they're over and give chances that they never should have.

lol well i have been there too and i've been dragged through heck and ran away then they say they're sorry and they never ment it and it'll never happen again

but guys can't change like that and they always go back.

if you don't like him don't even sweat it. he's not the one for you.

you will still think about him because he was there and he did become part of your life. and you have him a big part of your body so that's gonna make him part of you. but it get's easier. and just remember feelings of loss are not feelings of lost love


amaay says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

he probably did like you to start off with, but then got bored and just wanted sex. i don't understand boys either[;



babiijuiciix3 says:

Posted on 04 Aug 2009

On top of that you F***ing Gorgeous and your only 14...hes probably tiring to show off

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