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Ridge Sleep




30 Jul 1997

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cheese1231 asked:

15 May 2012

So lately ive been really arngry

Lately like in the past month or two i have started getting really angry, for no real reason my school put me in anger managment and its not helping, then only thing that helps me escape is self harm and its really fucking me up i need a new way out, please help



jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 15 May 2012

Well you have to try to understand what's making you angry. What's at the root of it? From your picture, you're really attractive so you should have lotsa friends. Self harm definitely is not the way out either. Anger management is ok because it will help you control your anger, but it won't help if you don't find out what's making you feel that way. You need to talk to somebody--a good friend, your parents, or a counselor.


terrijosephine says:

Posted on 15 May 2012

I agree with Jackie. Try seeing what's making you angry. Maybe it's grades, maybe it's something in school? If it's nothing, just try telling yourself and ask yourself, "Why am I doing this and why am I so angry all of a sudden?" Maybe it'll work. Talk to someone close to you that you can think of that will help you. :)

Good Luck !


dragana94 says:

Posted on 15 May 2012

Self harm is not the way,I agree what Jackie said,you need to find the root of it? When you get angry try different things,like go for a running,a walk..some people do boxing so find a bag and punch it.And ofc there is good old talking to someone,or talk to yourself ( I do that). And if you need someone to talk I'm here.


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 16 May 2012

To be honest, I don't quite know how to help you solve your situation. Really, none of us does. But I understand how you feel, and even though I don't express my feelings and they don't necessarily turn into anger, I am on the verge of breaking down every now and then. And the ways I make myself feel better or as you say escape aren't very healthy for me either, but I do my best to keep my mind in the right place even when I'm a mess.
I know very well that it's hard and for me talking to someone never helped, but I would suggest you to try at least. The reason it didn't help me is because where I live adults have different opinions on teenagers and the problems we have in our heads are none of their priorities at any time. So every time I would mention my state of mind to someone older they'd be almost mocking me and calling me...crazy. And sometimes I think I am. But this is you we're trying to help here, so here are my suggestions:
-When you're at the point of starting to feel the anger piling up or taking over, think about the things that happened right before that, think about what might have caused you to get angry at that particular moment but don't bother your mind thinking about the other moments. Take one step at a time. And when you have anger issues, it's especially hard to do that, but it's important to succeed.
-Know that whatever you feel is not your fault, or anyone else's, even though at times it seems as if it is the former or the latter, don't give into that thought. And don't get too stressed out if someone you talk to doesn't understand you. There are plenty people that do and maybe you just didn't find them
-Try expressing aggression through a sport, like it was previously said, boxing or really anything you like.
-Inspiration and things to get you through the worst moments are important too. Is there anything or anyone in this world you love so much that makes it all worth it? You can use the people in your life as an inspiration, to be strong, solely for yourself, but also to be a better person when you're with them. I'd suggest gathering some inspirational sayings or quotes that put you back on the right track in certain situations, but I think that's too girly for you.
-I'm sure you feel something else when you get angry too, and at the point when it takes self harm to calm yourself down you must feel a reason why you're angry, or at least a tiny one that raises your anger. Write those reasons down or make mental notes. Really just wanting self help and help is half the solution.
-Talk to people about it. Maybe not too many people, but those who you think will understand you and try to help you, and also it wouldn't hurt you to seek professional help.
There can be so many reasons you get angry, maybe there's just one but it's hidden and you need to start digging into yourself to find it, explain it to yourself and remove it. You can get help on that part, but you are the only one who can find the reason and if you try to help yourself, it will get better.
If you ever want to talk, my offer stands as well as others' offers, because we all want to help you and talking is the only thing we can do.
good luck. :]


sechmet says:

Posted on 16 May 2012

Well, I know this unreasonable anger. I don't get it often, but when I do, I feel like smashing something. Last time I took it out on my brother (he's big, he can take it). Self harm is no way out. What I'm planning to do is taking some box/kickbox classes. I was considering kendo, but that's asian martial art, so it's about calm and concentration, which means a no-go for me. You need to find something that will help you get all that anger out of your system. I believe you need to exhaust yourself. Do some sports, I know it doesn't sound convincing enough, but with physical exhaustion more than just sweat will leave your body. It will take some time before your body starts to release endorfins, so be patient. You may experience some unpleasure feeling of pain, but it will soon go away and be replaced by pleasent feelings. It will clear your mind and you'll feel great. This isn't some psychological trick, so I believe it should help.


babiedoll says:

Posted on 18 May 2012

Find out whats making you angry, if you need to talk you can inbox me. I also suggest finding something to take your anger out on, not yourself tho! Like running or boxing or Footy or something. That's what I do.


mimi_anetionete says:

Posted on 18 May 2012

well you will just have to learn self control. Everyone should know how to control themselves. Just take some deep breaths.
Control your mind or it will control you bud.


renderella says:

Posted on 19 May 2012

I suggest therapy. I went through this at the end of last year. I knew what was upsetting me and hurting me, but the only thing I did was hurt myself to try and make it better. I was in denial about a relationship and I self harm was one of the ways to make me feel much better. Then I got upset about how it looked after I did it and I would punch walls and throw things.
Talking it out with someone else to figure out where things get crazy is much better than dealing with it in your own way. Also, I believe for this you need one on one sessions, so if you're in a group anger management class I don't think it would be very beneficial

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