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Shannon Barnett




21 Nov 1995


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bubs asked:

15 Jun 2010

Fitness, Calories and Binge Eating?

Heey everyone :P so for about the past week and a bit i've been on a fitness thing because i want to weight 125 pounds at the moment im 150 something, probably less, i havnt weighed myself in a while but today i was having a break from like mega healthy eating and exercise and i decided to eat a Brownie, they're not that high in calories and i made them so i know what was in them but i still feel bad because i ate them -.- but eventually i ate like 3, i know :S so i felt really bad and i went a exercised for 3 and a half hours :L i was just wondering if eating the calories would be burned off? or not? because i felt really bad after and now im worried i've runined my weight loss thing :) anywaaaay, thankyou for your answers x Just to let everyone know. i'm 5 ft 8 and a half and i think 125 is healthy, i've researched it, so if you disagree then :S sorrry, it's my goal.



maestro_97 says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

even if u ate 3 brownies, its not that bad. dont feel bad about it, because youve worked so hard the whole week long, all the calories wont come back in 3 brownies (if you get what i mean). and i think everyone is eating something sweet or with many calories after they made a lot of sports or something like that.

and about ur goal... its totally fine, i'm 5'7 and 132 pounds and i'm totally fine with it, all of my friends say i got a good body and so on.. so i think they're right. so dont worry, u got a perfect goal

and oh ya, it depends what kind of exercices you did to burn off all the 3 brownies in 3 and half hours. if u did some really tirering exercices u probably burned them, but if u havent u probably didnt. but dont feel bad, like i said, everyone's doing that once in a while and u got all the time u need to get to 125. if i were u i would change from 125 to 128, but 125 is still fine


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

you don't have to freak out over 3 little brownies, hun! Sometimes fighting off cravings can backfire and make you eat A LOT more than you intend to. so by giving in from time to time, you gain more control over how much you stuff into your mouth. And as long as you exercise regularly and consistently, you should achieve your goal in no time!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

it's fine to 'splurge' every once and again. but if i were you i'd set a time frame like once every 2 weeks you can have one thing that's a treat but makesure you also set how much of it you can have.

like i'll buy twinkies and they're not that bad so i will have up to one a day (i may not actually eat one a day but i won't eat more than one in a day)

or i'll get an urge for a few cookies and a half cup of milk

or a half cup of icecream (i'll put a tablespoon of water in it and mix it all up) natural icecreams like mint choco chip and strawberry are healthier than cookie dough and stuff lol

as i said it's perfecly fine and sometimes having a treat and 'rewarding' yourself can actually help keep you on track

but just so you know i'm 5'6" and i'm 155lbs and i don't know anyone who'd call me fat.

i don't know what id do if i lost my butt o.0 and i know my bf would cry lol


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

binge-eating SUCKS. when you have a craving for something like brownies or junk food.. put somethign that tastes really awful in your mouth. like even tabasco sauce.

ORRR, if that doesnt work for you, drink water with lemon everytime you have that craving until it goes away. honestly. im totally serious.


shinja says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

It not a good thing you ate 3 brownies, but if you haven't cheated at all except that, and are eating healty and exercising, it isn't the end of the world.


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

as everyone else said, getting rewared after healthy eating is a good thing. i know for me, when i don't eat any junk foods for a while, i end up getting this crazy craving for unhealthy foods and i end up eating a lot more than i had planned on. lol. so, if you splurge on a few unhealthy things a few times a week, you'll be less likely to overeat unhealthy foods when you do have them. just rememeber to eat junk food in small portions, of course.


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 15 Jun 2010

lol! nice bum!

i used to have ZERO curves as a teen but after having my girls I got some hips and a booty! and I'm lovin'it! LOL!

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