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Sarah Turner




30 Oct 1996

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bubbleslovesyou asked:

10 Aug 2009

Help with acne?

I have very bad acne.. very bad... and I was wondering if anybody could help.. I have black heads, white heads, everything... I really am trying very hard.. I've been washing my face AT LEAST 7-8 times a day. I also have a bad habit of picking at them.. If anybody has anyway to help me stop that terrible addiction, please let me know.. I know it sounds very weird, but it really becomes terrible... anyways.. I would really love to hear what you guys have to say, and would love any advice you have. thank you guys so much.. I really would like to clear my face up.



kekye says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

Washing your face 7-8 times a day is probably drying out your skin and making it oilyer( If you have oily skin) Stick to twice a day. In the morning and at night.

I LOVE their products :x

and Neutrogena is also very good.

I also use the clearsil pimple blocking pen? I don't know the name :/

and it works wonders if you don't pick at the pimples.

For blackheads...I steam my face before washing it.

And I also use the biore strips.

Hope I helped :/


billieprox says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

i use acnefree. i dont know if you've used proactiv, but i used that for a while and it stopped working on me but i've been using acnefree for a couple of years now and its still working. its really easy to use too!

then if i just feel like i need to wash my face to get make up off or i've been sweating or something i use clean & clear sensitive skin foaming facial cleansar.

you can get all of these at normal stores like walmart (thats where i get my acnefree from) or target (and that's where my clean and clear came from)

if your acne is as bad as that, you can also get zinc supplements. zinc is really good for your skin and immune system. just make sure you don't overdoes on it 50 mg is enough.

i used to have TERRIBLE disgusting,greasy acne but this system has worked really well for me.

hope that helps!


gbpkid says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009


take a bowl and fill it with boiling water, hold a towel over your head and put your face above the bowl, do not fill the bowl up high cus we dont wana burn your pretty face now do we! this opens the pores up, then take a pore clearing strip (they are like things you put over your nose) and wet it, then apply it to your freshly steamed face in the worst offending areas (you can use them other places other from the nose).


washing your face 7-8 times a day increases oil production, clogging pores more, wash your face twice a day remembering to make sure all make up is cleared off completely, use clearasil cleansing products - they do loads.

in england we have a thing called freederm for spots but i dont know weather they have something similar in the US.

hope i helped :) xxx


barbipixi says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

check out the skin folder of my blog


autumnjo123 says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

okay well firstly, i went to the dr. office and they asked if i wanted any acne stuff and im like oh sure :) and um well doctors can prescribe higher prescriptions. i got this stuff call "Skin Essentials" it works really well. It cost about $20-$25. My aunt works in a dr office and like she told me about the stuff and i asked the dr if i could get some like treatment pads. (I like the face wash better) it clears up in less then a week. i have alot of black heads buy my nose but that was the only thing that worked. but yes it works really well. it has directions on the back.

hoped it helped:)

AutumnJo123 :thumbup:


_childishscribbler_ says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

If you go to ur GP they should give you something to clear your skin. I did it a long time ago and no my skin is acne free ! lol :D


dominique says:

Posted on 11 Aug 2009

okay this line has WORKED WONDERS for me literaly! its has made my skin healthy and is gettin ready of my oopsie spots. but BOSCIA is amazing. u can get it at sephora and ulta..and prolly any cosmetic store...but im not sure.. i got mine and sephora. i love it.


dominique says:

Posted on 11 Aug 2009

i would recommend this one..its for normal to oily skin but they also hav one thats gor clear complexion


apria says:

Posted on 13 Aug 2009

Well.....Acne starts by the culmination of bacteria in the pores and follicles of the skin, and aloe vera is a bacteria killer, it is also very healthy for your skin. Now although aloe vera is very affective in treating acne it is not a cure for acne, but by taking away the bacteria you take away the acne.

peppermint works as well because it is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory.


little_miss_sunshine says:

Posted on 14 Aug 2009

If your skin is quite serious then go to your doctor and he/she will be able to tell you if it is bad enough to need anti-biotics. If not then maybe try clearasil or if your condition isn't as bad then neutrogena do lots of different ones too. Amie have a few products for young skin, like spring clean and stuff which are meant to be good and refreshing for young teenage skin. They also have a spring clean facial mask which i have used and refreshes the non-spotty bits and dries out the spotty bit so i was very impressed with that.


little_miss_sunshine says:

Posted on 17 Aug 2009

Also yuo should only wash your face twice a day as otherwise your skin produces more oil because it is so dry. Never wash your face more than 3 times a day and i would reccomend only 2.


bubbleslovesyou says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

Thank you.! (: I never thought that overwashing your face could actually make it oilyer.. I figured that I just had super oily skin that I needed to wash more, to get rid of the oil.. I'll try the clean & clear too. once again.. thank you very very much. (:


bubbleslovesyou says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

Thank you soo much!. (: I think I'll try the idea for Black Heads. once again.. thank you so very much.. I really appreciate it.


bubbleslovesyou says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

same thing happened to me with proactiv. It's like the first week it works wonders, but after that it really loses it's magic. Actually..... I think we have some of that foaming cleanser somewhere around here.. I think I'll try it. (: Thanks!!


billieprox says:

Posted on 10 Aug 2009

no problem and good luck!

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