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Shuo Huang




02 Sep 1995

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bluegreenblue asked:

21 Oct 2009

What does it mean?

So every now and then I come across a feeling that I really want a girlfriend. Does that actually mean that I want a girlfriend or is it something else, and why is this? And if it does mean I badly want a girlfirnd, I can't exactly get one that easily because most of the girls that I am good friends, they all say that they think I am just a good guy friend to them. And help would be greeeeeeeeat!



manssskulll says:

Posted on 21 Oct 2009

Well when you feel like you want one is it when you see couples together and you feel like you want that or is it just sitting in class or work or anything and just suddenly feel like you want a girlfriend.

If you see copules and want that well then i dont think it is you wanting one truely

Plus you generally ( and this can differ for other people :P ) you want a girl friend when you see a certain girl that you might like :)

Theres not much else really but maybe its just you feelin a little alone or left out ?

Hope i helped xxx


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 21 Oct 2009

I think everybody has these moods, you know where your lonely and you want a gf/bf and then when you have one you sorta feel trapped? I think there moods of loneliness.

Girls well say that they jsut want to be friends cause they are your friend and they really don't want to screw things up in your guys friendship, but if theres a girl you like in particular but shes like 'i just like you as a friend i don't want to ruin things' but you really like her then be patient and wait, keep being her friend just maybe treat her with more attention then the other girls (you know like comforting her, taking a interest in whats going on in her life, make her laugh when she feels like crying. all that!)

Cause that's exactly what my man did, i was dating some other guy and he wanted me, so he waited patiently (he waited for 7 months!) and then when i broke up with my ex he waited a bit and then asked me out, i said no and that id never like him more then a friend. but he didnt give up and he comforted me through my break up and then i finally realized that i did like him more then i thought and that he was serious about wanting to date me cause he'd waited so long and i wanted him to be more then a friend.

So it pays to wait and be patient when it comes to girls:)


ctl888 says:

Posted on 21 Oct 2009

Don't worry, what you are feeling is only natural. everyone sometime or another will have the feeling of wanting a gf/bf. it is the idea and the feeling of having someone to call, talk to, hangout, snuggle with...etc. and yes it is hard to just find a gf/bf. because you just do not want just anyone... you want someone you really click with. Yea you can't really just ask out a good girl friend that you have... because they may not see you in that romantic way. You may have to meet someone and if you are interested in them.....ask them out on a date or dinner or just coffee. (so you will not automatically be placed in the friend zone)

wanting a gf is normal.... no one really wants to be alone. (maybe one of your good girl friends may know someone from church or from another school they could introduce you too?)


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 21 Oct 2009

LOL i get them all the time + i dont actually ever want a bf. LOL ID DIE.

sorry, cudnt help saying it. Thing with me is, i cant have a relationship with a guy. i start feeling all caged within a day and idk, its too awkful (awkward + awful xD)

But i still get the feelings then and agen and i know if i DO get abf, il finish it within a day xD

So all I do isjust simply take my mind off boys. I do something like listen to music etc etc. Obv i do wish i could have someone i actually LIKE and wudnt feel wierd dating but.. guess you just gotta wait for the right one.

WTF im going off track. Back to the original topic.. yeah its toally normal . i sppose everyone gets that feeling in a while.. you feel all alone and want someone with you. And girls probs take you as a friend cos.. idk.. mebe ur just a friend-material to them? (god that sounds harsh). what im saying is.. they probs dont wanna wreck things up with you. I have ALOT of good boy mates & i cant think of dating em it'd be way too AWKWARD! so be thankful you GOT girl mates. + relle i probs wasnt any help at all though cos the 3 wonderful people below me had the answers aniwai! (:

sorry about my totally n00by writing though. Im just doing my homwork AND writing this so its not easy xD xD


barbipixi says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2009

well it would help if we could see a pic

to makesure there's nothing you can do visual to help your plite

and sometimes wanting a girlfriend can be because you feel left out. or because you feel alone. but those are fine reasons it's good to have a girl to be friendly with and learn how you're suppost to treat a girl later too : P

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