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beautiful_girl asked:

15 May 2010

Christian and Catholic!

I'm a catholic.But when I started to watch discovery channel, I heard that only Christians will be saved, and will only go to heaven..I worship God, Jesus, and Mary too..I also wanna be saved of course.So what's the difference between them?.Why is there called Christian-Catholic?And there's also a born again christian?Please guys, tell me what shall I do? Maybe I should change my religion coz Christian is better or what?Because, I also saw in some sites that Catholic is not rue christianity, but a Babylon form of belief..Please, answer all my questions.When you will answer, look at my questions so that u wont skip anything..unless u dont know the answer..thanks!



juicystar07 says:

Posted on 15 May 2010

Catholicism and Biblical Christianity are divergent religions. They are built on different foundations, and they propose different ways of salvation.

In principle, Christianity is built solely on the Holy Scriptures, the written Word of God. The Bible is our only infallible rule of faith, being sufficient to give us the sure knowledge of the Gospel for our salvation and holiness.

Roman Catholicism demands submission of the intellect and will to the doctrines taught by the Roman magisterium (the Pope and bishops). It is claimed that the Catholic Church derives its doctrines from the "sacred deposit" found in Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. However the faithful cannot verify these doctrines by referring to the original sources. The Scriptures are inaccessible because only the magisterium is able to establish the authentic meaning. Similarly the contents of Sacred Tradition can only be known through the magisterium. Roman Catholicism is mental and spiritual slavery to the Vatican.

As expected, since the foundations are different, so also are the edifices built upon them. Christianity stands on the Gospel of God's sovereign grace. In love, God predestines His chosen ones to be adopted as sons through Jesus Christ, their sole mediator. The Son became man and gave His life as a ransom to secure their freedom from sin. Being dead in sin, they are completely unable to convert ourselves or merit God's favour. Therefore God graciously grants His people repentance and faith to turn to Him and trust in Christ Jesus for salvation. Believers are accepted in Christ, solely on the merit of His righteousness and blood, and not because of any goodness or human merit. God also resides in His people by the Holy Spirit, enabling them to obey and glorify the Father, and to guarantee their inheritance in heaven forever.

Rome's "gospel" is not good news at all. The Roman institution, calling itself "The Church", usurps Christ's mediatorial office, proclaiming herself as the "sacrament of salvation." The "Church" dispenses salvation to her faithful in small portions, starting at baptism and continuing throughout life. Forgiveness can only be obtained through the sacrament of penance. The benefits of Christ's sacrifice are accessible through the sacrifice of the Mass. Instead of teaching the faithful to rest in Christ by faith, Catholics are taught to perform religious works to "merit grace" and to do penance to make satisfaction. Even after death, Catholics remains dependent on the "Church" to relieve their suffering in Purgatory by masses and indulgences.

The Roman Catholic Church is a mighty obstacle to anyone seeking salvation, enslaving millions of people to a religious system and preventing them from coming directly to Christ.

The choice is between the Bible and the Roman magisterium; the choice is between salvation by grace through faith in Christ, or through human merit and effort in the Roman religion.

sorry if i didn't answer something. i tried my best. in short form, Christian is the larger umbrella. There are many denominations or types of Christians including but not limited to: Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Bereans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Mormons, Non denominational Christians, United Church of Christ (Congregationalists), and Methodists.

it actually kind of makes me think of Baskin Robbins with all those flavors of ice cream, each different but all ice cream.


gee_jade says:

Posted on 15 May 2010

i'm a Catholic too, and as far as I know, God loves all of His people and He will save those who believe in Him. I love God and I believe in Him and I believe that I will be saved. Being saved by the Lord is a gift, if you accept it you shall be saved, if you don't, well, who doesn't wanna be saved? lol XD as long as you believe, love and worship God, you're safe.


shadyca says:

Posted on 15 May 2010


Christianity was a one biiiig religion BUT then in 1054. it split up and there was two new religions A PART OF CHRISTIANITY-catholic church and orthodox church (somewhere known as Greek catholic) and then in year 1517. a guy named Martin Luther came and he made a reform of church and then he made a new one that is ALSO part of Christianity called Protestant church.

I don't see where is the problem, I'm not a believer and I'm supposed to be a catholic in this country but I KNOW all this stuff from history class.

and that stuff about god saving you. ....... gee_jade made a point, Bible says that you just have to believe and stuff (I should know, I was cursed (by a nun) to go to hell cause I'm an atheist. so much of the tolerance)


jwlover4ev says:

Posted on 15 May 2010

I am a Catholic. My dad always told me that we were Christian PLUS we were Catholic. So like your base is Christian and then you are also a Catholic. So basically if you are Catholic you are also Christian and vice versa.


serendipity says:

Posted on 15 May 2010

here's the thing...if you listened to ever person that told you you were going to hell the truth is you would probably go insane from worrying about it. I think as long as you're happy with your religion then you shouldn't listen when people tell you to change it for whatever reason.

There are always going to be idiots out there that feel the need to say things like this but I honestly don't think god minds what form you believe in him/her


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 17 May 2010

OMG sorry but people are so stupid about religious right now... YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN!!!!!! Christianity is parted for three big parts: Orthodox, Catholic and Americans created Protestants church..... I'm sorry, but you really look a bit smaller in my eyes now.... You don't have to CHANGE RELIGIONS just because you wanna get saved... It's important what you believe in.... Did you ever think why is Christianity called like that??? Because of Jesus Christ!! Duh.... I know that in America there are a lot of subreligions that are also called a part of Christian church.... I believe that if you are not in one of three parts/groups I wrote, you're not Christian.... There is not a big difference between Catholic and Orthodox church.... They parted 1054. because of nationality, but it's the same.... These are two religions that are TRULY CHRISTIAN, but now Protestant church is, how can I say, also Christian.... But there's a lot of difference cause the point of real Christianity is that you believe and love God and all of his people just like He loves you.... And Protestants are different cause other Christians do not, how can I say, read the Bible alone.... No, I can't say it that way.... The Christian interpretation of the Bible can be done only, dunno what's the real word, priest and Protestants do the interpretation by themselves and that is not right and their churches are mostly like houses on the inside, they dance, sing, and party in a church.... Sorry if I offended someone that is a Protestant but it's not their fault, their parents raised them like that and they raised them to believe in God and that's all that matters.... I think that Christian is the most wonderful religion and you really shouldn't consider yourself as a Christian if you only wanna be saved... Right now I'm getting a feeling that my country is the most religious one... Really, here, kids go to church, pray, love God and we have Christian classes if I can say so and that's how I know more stuff about that than my parents.... Religious is very important and I honestly hope you will read my answer and think about it cause I really want other people to believe in things that are true, and not some crap about the end of the world 2012... God is going to rescue us and it's not known when!!! It's not a bad thing because it's a rescue from this cruel, evil, cold world where only nationality and looks matter... I hate this world and I wish that there's an end of the world soon.... But it's not.... It can be tomorrow or today, but it can be for thousand years....


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 17 May 2010

By the way, people I am sorry for offending but I think that what I wrote is really true cause I learn that in school and people here are getting help for believing actually... Thinking about how are you going to get saved is not a way for being a better person... You see, there is a lot of people that are educated in this kinda way and would agree with me although I belong to Orthodox church.... I'm very proud I believe in God and very disappointed that people create their own religions.... It's in human nature not to be happy with the things you have, so I guess I'm not a human.... All Christians should be very proud cause I want to translate this thing in English but there are THE RIGHT words so I don't wanna use other ones so I'm gonna tell you a story: When Jesus died, there was a guy named Thomas(at least in my language so please don't take this as a mistake cause I can't translate a name) and they called him something like an unbeliever because he said that he won't believe in God until he sees Jesus' wounds and Jesus appeared in front of him and he touched his wounds and then Jesus said something like this: The ones who believe and don't have to see are blessed... If someone reads this and knows the right words please send me a message with them... Please think about this and don't judge anyone that belongs to this three groups of Christianity cause the first two are the same but I don't judge Protestants either....


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 17 May 2010

Catholic's are Christian.

Romans 10:9 - that's all there is to it. If you believe in God, you believe in Jesus as your saviour, and you live your life... you're saved.

Also, don't trust everything you watch on tv xD On Discovery channel, they also talk about Satanists and Cult groups... even though some of it is true, some of it can be a little twisted too.

Talk to your parents about it, I;m guessing they're Catholic as well :)


undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 17 May 2010

Catholics are Christian. Sorry but screw the discovery channel. A tv cant tell you who will be saved and who wont. As long as you have faith and keep God a part of your life, nothing else matters.

And this is coming from an Atheist. Seriously? Discovery Channel needs to take a nap and wake up on the right day(:


jwlover4ev says:

Posted on 16 May 2010

Ops sorry not vice versa. And anyway almost all religions say that if you don't believe it than you won't be saved. So I guess you just gotta have faith!

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