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11 Aug 1991

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bear14 asked:

19 Aug 2010

sex question...didn't know where else to turn to....female & male advice needed

okay so, the only two friends i could turn to for this, but it'd still be awkward because i don't talk sex with them but anyway...i've given my boyfriend oral sex before. and it never bothered me at all...i actually liked doing it. and then once when i was doing it, he went in my mouth....that didn't bother me, and since we were in the basement at his house; the bathroom was upstairs, thus i swallowed, and i just completely gagged. and now everytime he wants oral sex, i slightly freak out because i don't want to gag. and when i feel him getting ready to go...i freak out more because i just don't want to gag......should i just do forget about what happened and enjoy it like i use to? i think what happened was that when he went in my mouth, there was just a lot to swallow...i've read articles/tips and stuff on swallowing, and i've read to swallow as he's going....would that be best? idk if any of you girls do this.....and if any of you guys out there have advice, help please... i know that when a guy is about to go, it's not a good idea to stop...and i don't want to...but i don't want to gag....and i've told him about the time i gagged from swallowing (it's not like he wants me to doesn't matter to him) but because of that's affecting me big time, oh, and when i am giving him oral..i can generally tell when he's about to go so that's not a problem for me



shadyca says:

Posted on 19 Aug 2010

well, I don't do this buuut I guess you could tell him that you have some problems with swallowing and ask him if he can tell you when he's about to ejaculate (or when you feel it) so that you can take it out and continue with a handy or something.


runningwithscissors says:

Posted on 19 Aug 2010

When you feel him about to 'go' give him a hand job. He'll be able to 'go' and you don't need to swallow anything.


missymm says:

Posted on 20 Aug 2010

Why don't you just spit, instead of swallow.

or you can..

Talk it out with your boyfriend.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 20 Aug 2010

number one it's always ok to stop and you know what it's even ok to leave lol

he will not die if he get's blue balls infact he'd probly go and finish in the bathroom

two. sometime his eating more fruits and veggies can flavor it a bit so it's not so salty and can help make you not have that first reaction because there flavor isn't there to remind you

3 keep a drink on hand. lol if you want you can swallow and quickly take a drink or you can spit in the drink and just go wash it down the drain just makesure it ends up in the dirty sink not to re drink from


sweet_p_27 says:

Posted on 21 Aug 2010

Ok, I hope this helps you.

First off, you mentioned that you "kinda liked it". Well, that is important. If you are not disgusted by the act, and you shouldn't be, provided it is not being forced on you or degrading you. It is in fact something very wonderful if you understand some basic things. The reason you gagged was because you weren't prepared for him to ejaculate and, as there is a bit of force, the shock caused you to clinch and activate your gag reflex. Its the same thing when you were little and the doctor had to stick that tongue depressor down your throat for a culture, your nerves would make you gag and there was really nothing causing it. If your boyfriend and you want to continue experiencing this form of sexual pleasure, he must respect you to perhaps let you know, whether it b by vocalizing or by a hand squeeze. Now, even if he understands enough to let you know, you can keep your hand on his balls and when he is about to go, they will tighten up inside him (you can totally feel the change). Not only do most men enjoy having their balls caressed, gently squeezed, played with/whatever, but it can also be a kind of notification for you. Everyone has their own preferences and opinions so if you choose to swallow, by all means, there is nothing wrong with it. I believe it is the only appropriate and respectful thing to do, but that is only a personal pref. As for the gagging, once you realize that it is coming, do NOT stop what you are doing as it is very painful for him, but as you get used to it, continue with your motions but pull your head up slightly so only the tip is still in your mouth and grasp the rest with your hands to continue the motion while he reaches his climax. There is only a matter of 1-2 teaspoons of cum, it's not a lot. It does have a big of force when it is released. In time you can learn to be the one to control when he will release. For example, men have a spot that has nerve endings just under the balls before the rectum. If you push gently on this area with your finger while you have increased motion/rhythm/sucking/whatever, it will cause your man to climax. Takes practice but that, along with many other simple techniques, can create quite a wonderful amount of pleasure for the both of you. Build confidence, you are in control of the outcome but you both must be on the same page. If he doesn't respect it, he doesn't get it...simple!


bear14 says:

Posted on 19 Aug 2010

i just added some info based on your answer


bear14 says:

Posted on 20 Aug 2010

i have talked to him about it.....and he's told me before that he doesn't care if i spit or swallow....he wants me to do what i'm comfortable problem is that now everything i go to give him a blow job, i freak out a little....i don't want to switch from a blow job to a hand job.....but everytime he's ready to go, i'm afraid of gagging.......and sometimes i do just because of the memory i have. i want to know how to not gag from it

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