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11 Aug 1991

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bear14 asked:

10 Mar 2010

How to Drink 8-10 glasses of Water a Day

People say that you should drink this much water and i just don't know how to achieve this. I drink a glass of tea in the morning and then switch to water. Later when I get home, I have a small glass of juice and with my dinner i have a glass of milk. The most water I drink is a 20 ounce/600mL bottle. how does one increase the intake of water?



jaydde_woodrow says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

i have just found a really great way to achive this, and i can drink up to 10 cups a day now, every hour, even if im not thirsty i go and have a cup af water, i have found that i am really thirsty , but the signs are just not showing yet, so its getting me hydrated and gives me renewed energy. hope this helps

(: :thumbup:


runningwithscissors says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

Maybe you could drink a cup at breakfast with your coffee or whatever you drink. Same with lunch and dinner. You coullddd run and take water with. That way you'll be running and getting water. Maybe you could even add flavor to it somehow..? You coud always keep a bottle of water with just incase. Lol. I'm not sure I helped very much..


brittneyinwonderland says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. hang on to it as much as possible. you end up drinking it.


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

I still struggle with trying to drink that much water in a day...

Keep a water bottle with you everywhere. If you're in high school, keep on in your locker and one you carry around with you. If you're at home, place waterbottle(s) in places where you will see them. If you go to work at an office, keep a water bottle on your desk and drink whenever it comes to mind.

This is where self-motivation comes in. Why are you trying to achieve this? Make goals for yourself. I originally started out trying to drink that much water to clear up my skin, so I motivated myself by centering my mind on that goal.


manssskulll says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

This is a technique i hve JUST started trying out. Okay so first of all set your self the goal of how many you want. So if you just want to star off slow first what you need to do is get your bottle of water, fill it up to the top and then if you want to get 5 bottles down you take 5 elastic bands and put them on your bottle. Drink a full bottle when you need/want to and take off on elastic band every time you do. Etc, so basically you HAVE to get all the elastic bands off by the end of the day. It does work, cause my brother does this. But you have to keep drinking and by the way... YOU ARE GOING TO NEED TO PEE ALOT MORE THAN USUAL! my brother did for a while :P Hope it all goes well, keep motivted x


barbipixi says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

also how much is a glass suppost to be? 8oz that's like 2 in one bottle of water

also fruit helps add to this

but i hate water and i really get sick to my stomach if i drink it strait you'll never see me drink water. but i have been drinking juice more and milk with every meal

just do what you can and if you can't reach that total goal maybe it's just not for your body size


glam_mccaleb says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

I lost 14 dress sizes and have kept it off for FOUR YEARS! I hated drinking water too. It did not make me SICK, I just did not choose it.

First of all, obviously, you know the benefits of water…so I will not go into length here.

Prettier healthier hair (we all want that)

Prettier completion (we all want that)

Healthier BRAIN (we all want that)

Better VISION long term (we all want that)

Weight loss (we all want that)

Go Ahead and get some lemons and Artificial sweetener of your choice and mix it with your water. SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! START SOMEWHERE.

Get the CHRYSTAL LIGHT drink tubes….ONLY use ½ of the tube per bottle of water.

Find out if you can drink it diluted… SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Make sure it is handy! If it is not by your side, you may not go mix it up. We are all lazy and distracted with work and chores…make it HANDY for SUCCESS.

I love the RUBBER BAND trick! Visuals are very MOTIVATING!

STOP DRINKING ALL SODAS…diet or otherwise. Just Say when you are offered one… “No thanks, I don’t drink any sodas anymore. I’ll have water.”

YOU SAY THAT LONG ENOUGH, your brain will believe it!

If you are running around and busy, you might forget. I have been drinking water for 5 years now and this is the *ONLY TRICK* that works for me…in the car, at home, running around.

BUY A SMALL DIGITAL TIMER. Set it for 30 minutes. When it goes off DRINK….reset the timer for 30 mins….repeat, repeat, repeat.


glam_mccaleb says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

opps forgot! I buy packages of lemon crystals and keep them in my purse. True Lemon Great product for many things! Take a look and see.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 13 Mar 2010

Okay, I am taking this mandatory Nutrition class for school. So my professor is a Registered Dietian. She has told us that you do not need to force yourself to drink 8-10 glasses of H2O a day. This is only a ballpark measurement so people will make sure that they keep hydrated. Everyone's body will need different amounts of water. Some more, and some less. She said the best way to tell if you are drinking enough water is by the color or your urine (pee). Make sure that your pee is a light yellow. Then you will know if you are drinking enough water. And when you work out or do any outdoor activities....make sure you have your water bottle. So don't stress about the 8-10 glasses...


bear14 says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

so...what's the way to achieve this? you didn't mention how you achieve the 10 cup goal


manssskulll says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

I think she means you drink a bottle EVERY hour x


bear14 says:

Posted on 10 Mar 2010

haha i already know this...when i started drinking tea, i really had to pee it was absurd lol....i'll try the elastic band :)


bear14 says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

okay so, if i don't mind plain water, is that fine? lol...i started the rubber band trick today and i've drank at least 1200 mL so far including my tea in the morning (not counting food though...had spaghetti at lunch)

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