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11 Aug 1991

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bear14 asked:

05 Aug 2010

contact lenses problems

okay so i just put my contacts in for the first time in a long time....the left one went in just fine...although now it feels like it's folded :s and my right one, when i put it in it stung soooo bad, i was tearing up, and i couldn't open my eyes for a while, and when i could, my eye was really red. i know that sometime the solution it's in can have a different pH level, but why would it sting in one eye and not the other? also...sometimes my sight is blurry, which is i'll just rub my eyes and it goes away. what's up with this? the folded feeling is annoying, and i've checked the contact (while it's on my eye) and there are no folds.

also, i did use visine eye drops to help the burning and redness...but i can't just drop them in; i put some on my finger and rub it in (i was tramatized of eye drops when i was younger)



katiebreann says:

Posted on 05 Aug 2010

You will adjust to them. What your describing is what my first time ever using contacts was like. But, if it persists for a long period of time you might wanna go to your eye doctor... Hope that helps. Try putting the solution on your eye, it works for me.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 06 Aug 2010

hmm, well i dont wear cntacts or glasses, but have you had your for a long time? cause if it didnt use to do that you might need new ones, but you also said you havnt wore them i a long time so it might just take some time to getting used to:)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 07 Aug 2010

well aren't you supppost to use special eyedrops that are basicly just saline when you do use them (i close my eye and put a drop in the inner corner then i blink alot till it falls in my eye)

the folding feeling tells me perhaps there was a hair or some partical on the lense when you put it in as goes for the other eye. there could have even been an edge that was a lil off on the contact its self but that's less likely.

it's best if you can take them out of the contact solution and put a drop of the saline in the lense. makesure your fingers are very clean and dry. use a rag ofcourse that won't leave any particals on your fingers.

the blurryness is sometimes just a thickness of eye liquid nothing really important you're fine


beatlesandbowie says:

Posted on 15 Aug 2010

When I first got contact lenses I got the same thing, a burning in one eye making it impossible to use. Most of the time when I put it in I would tear up and I would have trouble opening my eye, I went straight back to my optician and he replaced it straight away saying that it is possible to get a dud lense and that it's possible it had been scratched or folded at some point. So maybe try speaking to your optician? Good luck with them :)


xhoneybeex says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2010

I wear contacts and I've had this problem before. What I'd do is just throw away everything thats touched the contact in the past 2 weeks or so. Buy new solution, a new lense case, a new pair of contacts and new eyedrops. Wash your hands really well before your touching any of this to keep the surfaces clean because sometimes things on your hands can cause that burning feeling. I'd also get new Visine because if your touching the dispenser with your fingers it could have germs that cause that burning on it too. Just start all over and keep all the things that are touching your eyes extremely sanitary (this includes ALWAYS washing your hands) After you've done all of this if the problem persists see your eye doctor about it.

Also, the oil that contact lenses come in when theyre in the little package can sting on your eyes too so wash your hands really well place the brand new contact lense on your palm and rinse it really well with the contact solution (that it sits in overnight) before putting it in your eye.

Hope that helps! xoxo


xhoneybeex says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2010

Oh! I just re-read your anwer and if you haven't put them in in a long time, like over a month then its not a good idea to be wearing those contacts. Contacts should be changed every month and even if they've been sitting in fluid the whole time, they've gotten gummy and covered in bacteria which can cause infection and even ulcers on the eye! You need to change them right away and like I said before get a new lense case and solution and stuff just in case.

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