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got a laptop finally yes

02 Apr 1996


15 years old  loves  kids is a aunt to 12 kids  so big family :D love soccer  dance and photography 

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babegirl asked:

13 Jan 2012

in wood shop we have exams and apparently girls cant make trucks but guys can soo not fair

the girls in my class are making girly little toys and i want to make a pick up truck so i am but the guys keep think of me as another guy not a girl i need too know how to make my self more girly and less guy specially since the dance is coming soon and i dont want to goo if im just a guy



jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 13 Jan 2012

Well you can't totally change yourself. I mean you probably wouldn't feel right as a total girly-girl. But there are things you can do that can make you more feminine even though you may still be a tomboy at heart.

One thing you can do is maybe to dress a little more feminine. Do you wear skirts much or usually hang out in jeans and shorts? Try wearing a denim skirt one day. It will give you a more feminine touch without being overly girlish. Here are two pictures that would look good on you I bet.

You can also touch up your outfit a bit with a colorful scarf in maybe pink or purple. And if you don't usually wear any makeup, try using some light touches-- a little lipstick and maybe mascara, but very light.

Lastly, try being a little less competitive with they boys. I'm not telling you to flirt or anything. But maybe knock off the idea of a pickup truck. Make something else, a little less masculine. (I can't advise you because I never took shop).

I bet you'll get to go to the dance if you just do a few things, not totally change yourself.


silence_ says:

Posted on 13 Jan 2012

I had to, ask two of my close guy friends their opinions on something like this, from what I can tell, they both came to similar beliefs.

Guy 1: i would say to the girl to take a good look at what she wants for herself and not what others want for her.
some people are perfectly happy being alone.
if she likes someone, than it should be because they like her for who she is.
now for the dance.. thats a tough one.
she only wants to go if guys wont think of her like one of the group? you cant change what people will think of you just like that
honestly theres nothing wrong with being thought of as one of the guys

Then I asked him, if he had the choice between a pretty girly girl, and a pretty tomboy, which (if he thought back to when he was in high school) would he choose, his reply:

boys at that age would probably seek approval from other males
but it's not uncommon these days..there were tomboys all over my high school
it all depends on the school itself

In the end, he came to these concluding words:
I would be left with the option to stick by my commitment to go with her or i'd think stupidly, second thought myself and come up with an excuse. its stupid the way some think that way.

To what sense does comformity make us individuals?

The second guy I talked to seemed to provide a much better solution which I agree with :
Guy 2:
There are guys, at all ages but especially younger ones, who are attracted to a girl they can identify with and talk to simply because their interests and whatnot aren't so strange to them.
If she's going to try to be more girly, whatever that means, then she should do something in addition to all the stuff she already does. She doesn't need to change anything that makes her comfortable and defines who she is. For instance, she could open up herself in conversations a bit and discuss non-tomboyish topics that I'm sure interest her...Things like that. She shouldn't focus on changing her actions but rather on broadening them to show ALL of her personality instead of just a part of it.

My input is and seems to go along with the second guy's . I would think, having the guys friends with you, means an easy foot into having one of them ask you out lol. You could , instead of showing that you're all guy, show them that you're also a girl too, by talking about more things than on the guy level (probably with one you really like) . You don't have to change the way you act or the clothes you wear to show, that you're a girl too, and you would like to go to dances and do stuff like that.

The only reason I could think a guy wouldn't ask you, is if he thought, you didn't like to do stuff like dances, and so that's why showing them that side of your personality and mind that shows that you like dances too , is probably a great way to start. You could even ask one of your close guy friends, this question and see what he thinks .

If you want to change and want to get out of being a tomboy , then do so for yourself, and not for others. Because you don't want to try to please everyone and find yourself being unhappy. Just my thoughts and the thoughts of a couple of other guys who I talk to .

Good luck


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 14 Jan 2012

Pick up trucks are sexy. Guys are deep creatures, but i think they're motivated by simple reasons. Girls, however, are a complicated tangle of emotions and brain waves. Sometimes guys find it easier to talk to a girl if they think of you as one of the 'group'. I know i was standing next to some of my guy friends. They were discussing how great this sophomore's ass was. They said, "oh, it's fine with you, right? I mean, we're just admiring. It's just Caitlin. It's all right." The thing is that guys will never really think you're another guy. You're always a girl to them. You have boobs. You're just easier to be around than some of the other girls 'cause they just don't get it sometimes.
This is my experience. I hope it helps and I hope you snag yourself one heck of a man, because you definetely deserve one, chica.
Good luck.


babegirl says:

Posted on 13 Jan 2012

thnx it really helpecd and thnx the guys since there is one close guy that i know that just got dumped so we can go as friends


babegirl says:

Posted on 13 Jan 2012

yeah i kinda started y pick up truck and well some guys think its sexy that i like to do competitions but i guess monday is a skirt day :D plus it might help i hang out with some girls more i guess take notes lol


babegirl says:

Posted on 15 Jan 2012

thnx and i kinda found one not to date or anything but im hopeing i have the nerve too ask him :D

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