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Yasmin Wong




13 May 1995

My name is Yasmin Wong.
I'm fourteen years old and I live in a small (very small) town in Scotland.
I have brown hair. Brown Eyes. Coffee Skin.
I'm half chinese. Half Scottish.
I like music, I play guitar and drums. And sometimes I'll mess about on the piano.
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asianinvasion asked:

20 Mar 2011

Is it possible I'm pregnant?

My periods late. About three days. Now usually I wouldn't be worried, but paranoia has got the better of me. I've not had sex, but me and my boyfriend have done "stuff" and got pretty close. Also my boobs have been really sore. Please someone tell me I'm not pregnant?



chloelouise says:

Posted on 20 Mar 2011

you cant be pregnant unless you've have had sexual inter course/ he's ejaculated inside of you.

sometimes your periods will be early/late, think about your diet, stress and exercise because these contribute to the timings of your period. As for your boobs being sore, they could just be growing or your bra isn't fitted properly.

there's only one way to find out... buy a pregnancy test!


megatron says:

Posted on 20 Mar 2011

You actually can become pregnant without having sexual intercourse. The only way, of course, is if you just so happened to get semen on your hand and touched your vagina or got the semen inside of your vagina.
And I've had sex before and whenever the time comes around for my period to start, I always get a little paranoid whenever it doesn't come right away. But then a few days later, I'm fine.
Needless to say, just don't worry. But if you start to get the feeling that you really are pregnant then buy a pregnancy test. Just don't worry, dear.


rawrygawrgrrr says:

Posted on 20 Mar 2011

if you're still having periods, then you're not pregnant. you can't and will not have periods while you're pregnant.


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

periods can delay up to a week, even for those who have the regular cycle. and with what you have described about you and bf doing "stuff", I would say it is unlikely that you got knocked up. It's not totally impossible, but I feel this is just one of those periods that come late. Give it a few more days, by then, you might wanna take a pregnancy test if nothing happens, still.


amberreed95 says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

Well i dont think ur pregnant only because uve never had "sex" before. I dont think anything else can get u pregnent without him cumming in u srry for the language


auri says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

I highly doubt you could be pregnant if you were just messing around. I mean it's a different story if you had actually been closer but I really don't think it's anything to worry about. Like people said below, periods come late...the cycles flip all around the calendar. If it doesn't come within the week, go see a doctor or simply take a test. No worries though, it happens to everyone at one point during their time of the month. Just take a breather and be happy that your monthly "gift" won't come for another week :P


krista090 says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

I can't tell you if you're pregnant or not although you have to have sex to get pregnant. Secondly sometimes periods do not come on the day for some reason such as stress. Anyways if you want to be sure you're not pregnant get a pregnancy test so you're clear.


vampgirly says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

u cant get pregnant that way. it may be stress. u didnt have sex, ur not pregnant


hiscupcake says:

Posted on 16 Sep 2011

If u have not had sex then it's impossible to be pregnant; your boobs do become sore when its time for your period. Your period may be late because of the stress your putting your body through.


renderella says:

Posted on 15 Mar 2012

Well dear I'm sure by now you have found out if you were pregnant, but while I am here I might as well answer this just in case others need to know the same thing.

Yes you could be pregnant. You said you and your boyfriend did "stuff" now if that stuff involved him ejaculated on your vagina, stomach or close to your vaginal area than yes there could be a chance. Did he rub his penis down there after he had ejaculated? Then you could be pregnant that way too if some of the semen went into your vagina.
Now if none of that happened or if you didn't put the semen up in your vagina yourself then there is no way you could be pregnant.
Since you said that you are stressed out, this could be the cause of a late cycle, also the fact that you are late could just be a change of your cycle. You menstraul cycle can change as much as it wants (which isn't fair to us), but you just have to be patient with it and go with the flow (no pun intended).
Hope things went well for you.
Be careful next time.
Remember abstinence until you're ready and able to support a child is the best and most viable option.


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

i totally agree with you. There was this one time where my period was 3 weeks late and i was beyond paranoid but then i realized that in my family, our periods have one cycle that is unusual at least so then i was really relieved. And i do def agree with everything you said


auri says:

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

Yeah, however woman can confuse regular bleeding during pregnancy with periods. I don't think it's so much that the person can even honestly know for sure unless they take a test...because while you're thinking it's just a period it could be vaginal bleeding, which occurs frequently throughout your first trimester.


rawrygawrgrrr says:

Posted on 22 Mar 2011

You can get pregnant without having sex. It's just if you get cum inside you, you can.


vampgirly says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

i dont think

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