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Angela Opiniano




22 May 1995

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angie_opiniano asked:

14 Dec 2008

How can i lose 20-25 pounds?

I'm 13 years old and weigh 135 pounds.

I'm tired of ppl calling me fat and lowering my self esteem.

I want to know how i can lose at least 20 -25 pounds.

I heard that running and walking helps you lose weight but my parents don't let me out of the house without a parent or friend. -_-

I would go with my friends but i don't want to tell them that im running and walking to lose weight cause its embarrising.

So i can't get out of the house much so i want to know what i should do with my diet.

i want to lose weight during the winter break so i can start the new year fresh...

any help?



bethboo says:

Posted on 14 Dec 2008

hey i know how you feel but i want you to know nobody can lower your self esteem besides yourself. dont let negative thoughts run through your head. if you think your beautiful you are. losing weight isnt easy and but if you really want it, it is worth it. if you cant tell your friends that your wlking to lose weight because you think it will embaress you thats not right. friends shld love you no matter what and support you with whatever you do. for me i play a school sprot maybe track or volleyball would be good for you...i also watch what i eat once i see or feel ive eatten to much than i have so i stop and wait for my next meal. think postive and love yourself


bringiton87 says:

Posted on 14 Dec 2008

Hey! I know how hard it is to feel the way you do.

Have you tried the website This website has cool things like message boards to talk to people about how you're feeling, a personal homepage, healthy recipes, and exercise videos you can do in your own home. It will even make an entire fitness plan for you, allowing you to set the goals.

It really helped me see what was healthy and not trendy.

I hope you like it!


angelscrush says:

Posted on 14 Dec 2008

Eat 6 small meals a day to get your metabolism & walk everyday.. Also do some cardio once & while.. It will take time but don't give up.. it will work.


empress_nyko_dono says:

Posted on 16 Dec 2008

just remember that you can't become drastically different over a few weeks. the only thing that you can truly do is start a regimen and find friends that are supportive. I know school can be a nightmare, but that's not what matters. Even though you're not popular now, you can work on becoming that later on when you're in high school. Now is a time to where you figure out who you are and what you like/ want to do with your life.


lillia says:

Posted on 16 Dec 2008

I know how much it hurts to have people call you names and lower your self esteem, but you shouldn't try to lose wiehgt because of other people's stupidity. If you do lose weight it should be because you want to get healthy and not because of other people. And you are only 13, so that means your still growing and weight loss right now could stunt your growth


notsoperfectafterall says:

Posted on 17 Dec 2008

If i were you i would do simple exercises to start out with such as leg lifts, sit ups, push ups,bicycles, things like that. If you really want to run, jog in place. But two words of advice for running in place: go easy! I know it may seem easy at first but if you overdo it then your calves will be extremely sore so take it all easy until you know where your limit is. Also, drink lots of water, try to keep all your drinks at just that. water. Also, I'm not going to tell u to go on some diet that tells you exactly what to eat, because a lot of times we have to eat what our parents make for us. If your parents won't buy you healthy food or make you eat what they cook, then take small portions. Maybe if you have to eat their meals then buy some healthy snacks.I find that the best way for me to lose weight is to just lay off the snacks and do at least 10-15 min exercise a day, but if you want to maximize your results, excercise a little longer. Make sure you do exercise though, it will help tone your muscles and pull the extra skin in. I understand that you don't want your friends to know, but when they notice your losing weight just say you've been working out. Hey, they might even want to come with u and help u out then. Maybe you guys can go running. Or if you still don't want to run with them, ask your parents to take you to a local gym( if you have the money) or track( i have one at my high school). Also, it doesn't have to be structured exercise, as long as you're moving its ok. Hope I helped! :)


ivy14 says:

Posted on 21 Dec 2008

oh my gosh i know how you feel i'm 13 too and weigh exactly as much a you do. I've heard that eating breakfast in the morning speeds up your metabolism so you're constantly burning fat throughout the day. I tried this and lost about 3 pounds.


brutalfashion says:

Posted on 23 Dec 2008

you can't lose that much weight by january healthily.

start changing your diet,

fruit instead of a bag of chips,

smaller meal portions (eat a salad and drink a glass of water before a meal, it'll fill you faster and you'll eat less)

walk anywhere you can,

drink more water,

and eat breakfast.


brutalfashion says:

Posted on 23 Dec 2008

ALSO, i really think 13 is too young to be trying to lose that much weight. 135 sounds like a healthy weight depending on your height.


metcalfe says:

Posted on 06 Feb 2009

i know how you feel.

my mom won't let me do anything either, so i sneak around her rules, and i can't get in trouble for it.

okay, if you have ipod thing listen to it, and jog in place in your room for thirty minutes a day, and then do fifty accordion crunches. if you need to, take a ten second break and twenty five.

it's what i do, and i've lost four pounds so far.

oh, and eat breakfast, and no junkfood.

good luck.

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