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07 Mar 1992

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ally1019 asked:

15 Apr 2013

How can I have cleear skin? get rid of my achne?

how to get rid of pimples



rinji_halfelf says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2008

I have battled with acne for a long time, and for the most part am finally over it! I'll share what I have learned.

Just keep in mid that no one's skin is alike, and that's half of your battle! let no one tell you that you can Do X and get Y. It's like telling a baker if they use this exact amount of flour, and exactly this amount of water,a dn you'll get a nice dough. The truth is, depending ont he humidiy and the dryness of the flour, you may have to adjust your ingredients to get the same outcome.

For instance, the oil in my skin makes dead skin cells stick to my face, so I MUST exfoliate more than other people. But some people can't or it will irritate or dry out their skin.

The trick is to pay attention to what your skin is telling you when you wash. If it feels tight, you're over doing it. If it's feeling greasy, something isn't cleaning, or something you're using is making it greasy. Bear in mind that you'll have to change up your regime when the seasoning change. Skin is not static, but a dynamic organ!

Don't think you will fix you acne over night. It takes bacteria 30 days to incubate in your skin. So while you're trying to clean out all the dirt in your skin, it may take up to 3 months to become fully healed. Sorry, you can clean it all out in once cleaning. It just takes some time.

For non-serious acne, likely suspects are:

Making sure you aren't touching your face to see if that helps.

Change your pillow case at LEAST weekly. You get a bunch of grimy stuff in there that gets redeposited on your face, and maybe some midnight drool too.

If you use make up, make sure you toss out anything old. Mascara usually dies after 6 months. Bacteria builds up in it. If you use foundation, make sure you are using clean hands, or a sterile foundation sponge when you apply.

Don't pick or pop your face, Picking can force the bacteria down deeper and make it resurface later. Or cause scarring.

Some tips:

If you have a really deep cyst type zit forming, don't immediately jump on some acne meds which can irritate and make your skin worse (I happen to be allergic to benzoyl peroxide, more to the story later..).

Try to ice it instead! Hold an ice pack wrapped in a dirty wash cloth and gently press it on your pimple for about 3 minutes. Repeat as necessary. It will reduce the swelling, the pain, and rob the bacteria of the heat needed to multiply. I just wish I knew about this one sooner. It's also a heck of a lot cheaper than that Zeno gadget. If after 5-6 treatment it doesn't reduce swelling, don't panic. I've had it get much better the next day.

Don't use a wash rag to dry your face. Even if it's clean, it's still full of bacteria.

We took some clean wash cloth fibers in high school and put it in some agar petri dishes to see if bacteria would multiply. And oh boy it did! Got the most types of bacteria form it too.

Let your face air dry, if you must use anything, to dry it, pat it with the clean towel (no paper, it's just as bad). No rubbing! Rubbing is the enemy!

Things to try (or not try):

Stop using makeup.

I know you'll probably want to cover it up, but think of how you'll feel when you won't have to wear as much makeup with great skin! The luminosity of clear, clean healthy skin is hard to emulate with makeup. People will wonder what you're wearing, and you can just say 'nothing' or make it your best kept secret.

Be gentle, whenever possible when you actually do touch your face. Putting excessive pressure on your skin can actually make your skin inflamed and worse.

Use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. If you choose anything medicated, try some on the inside of your wrist first. Or you might suffer an allergic reaction. Don't use plain old soap, as it has a Basic pH and can dry out skin , which is acidic in nature. Products with Salicylic Acid is generally less irritating than Benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide can actually blind you if it gets in your eyes. Very potent stuff. Avoid products with alcohol, as it can make irritated skin worse. No alcohol pads, worst invention ever!

Use a few products as possible. One product can react with another and cause undesired effects.

No matter what cleanser you use, clues that it might not be gentle enough are: If your skin is tight not long after washing or if your skin feels dry.

It could be over drying your skin and making it compensate by producing too much oil later.

Open your pores with stream from hot running water before you wash. You'll get more dirt this way when you do wash.

When you are done, splash your face with cold water to close your pores and prevent build up for getting inside.

When you wash, massage your face in gentle circular motions for at least 30 seconds. Make sure to push your skin around as little as possible.

Don't over scrub!

I know it's hard to resist, but think of your skin as a shiny metal sink. If there's hard grim caked on it, don't immediately reach for a hard abrasive, it will ruin the finish. Start slow with gentle cleaners, and take your time. You'll eventually clean it, and not sacrifice the nice polish. Getting rid of acne takes time.

You may still need little moisturizer after you cleanse.

A moisturizer shouldn't be an oil based formula. Make sure that you don't use too much or the excess will get in your pores and possible clog them up again, even if it's not an oil based moisturizer.

Moisturize when you're face is still wet. It's much more effective this way. It's seals in the moisture and you'll find you can use less. Less is more, because you'll have to scrub less later to remove any residues.

If you do end up using a scrub, be sure to use sun screen meant for the face afterward, as your skin will probably be sensitive to the sun. Sun may temporarily help acne, but then make it worse. I generally just get a moisturizer with sunscreen already in it. Less things to forget to do if you run out the door, and you'll be more likely to succeed.

That's how I beat acne anyway.

Other things you can do if this doesn't work with in 3 months:

See about it being hormonal. See your gynecologist.

See a dematologist.

When you see a dermatologist, if they just look at your skin, ask you if your face is greasy, and give you a cookie cutter regime (lets say something similar to moisturize, tone, medicate (no moisturizer)), I suggest you find a different one or get a second opinion.

That is what happened to me. They gave me Benzoyl Peroxide, but no one knew I was allergic (So I can't use Proactive). My skin was so bad already, you couldn't tell that the medication what making it worse or thwarting any good I was doing to my face. So my face never healed. The doctor simply prescribed different medications which made my face worse.

When I did switch to my dermatologists recommended cleanser, I found it was irritating to my face also. The toner I was told to user was over board on the grease fighting department. It made my face tight and dry. The doctor didn't bother to change any other part besides the medication when I told them about the new side effects I was discovering. No thought of sensitivities was given.

Today, I hope dermatology has learned more than that! You're probably in a better situation now than ever.

In a nut shell, you want to heal your face, not just solely kill the bacteria. In medicine, doctors heal the body, they don't just simply kill the bacteria. There's plenty of ways to kill bacteria, but not all of those methods are conductive to healing the patient.

I hope that helps! :))


rinji_halfelf says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2008

Not dirty wash cloth, DRY! I meant DRY! sorry...


hbanana says:

Posted on 01 Jan 1970

Try Pro-Active that is what i\'m going to be using i have acne near my forehead.:)

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