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05 Jul 1990

heyy im Alexa im 15 years old and im from PA. i love photography, singing and writing songs, and baking desserts. i have sleep insomnia so i stay up very very late or just dont sleep at all, and on school nights its super fun! not. ha thankgod for coffee :]. im a sophmore in high school. i have a HUGMore saduisahduiash dsau

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alexxaa55 asked:

26 Jan 2009

confused :\

wht do guys like in a girl?

what dont u wanna say to a boy?

do guys care about weight?

do they care about what you wear?

how can u tell if a boy is a jerk or a nice guy?

how can u make a guy fall for YOU instead of the opposite?



jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 26 Jan 2009

I'm IMing my boyfriend as I'm typing this. I asked him and he said:

1. A sense of humor, good taste in music, and she has to be fun.

2. Don't stalk him. Don't act like a girlfriend in front of his friends. Don't call to ask him where he is.

3. Some guys do. Not all.

4. Depends on the guy. Usually if you wear a mini skirt and low cut shirt we have no idea what you're saying.

5. Get to know him before you date him.

6. Be nice, sweet, cute, and flirtacious. Guys are weird. We don't talk to girls unless we're interested, so think about how long it took you to notice the guy, and cut that time in half.

Hope my boyfriend helped...:">


bnbradshaw says:

Posted on 26 Jan 2009

1. Guys like confidence. They don't want you to be over-protective or whiny, they like their freedom. Always be yourself, never be something you're not.

2. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong about what you should say to a guy. If the guy likes you, then he'll hear you out on anything that you have to say.

3. Yes, most guys do care about your weight. Just like most girls care about a guy's weight/appearance. Everybody is judgmental, no matter how much they may say that they aren't. Find someone who loves you for who you are, and doesn't try to make you into something else.

4. See above answer for the answer to this question.

5. It shouldn't be rocket science to tell if a guy is a jerk or a nice guy. You can tell by their behavior and the way that they act towards others.

6. You cannot MAKE a guy fall for you. Be yourself to him, if he likes who you are, he'll respond accordingly.


lil_gem_gem says:

Posted on 26 Jan 2009

wht do guys like in a girl? all guys are different younger guys go for looks but quite a lot of guys go for personality and girls who can relate to them

what dont u wanna say to a boy? haha dont kno really my boyfriend gets loads of abuse off me i call him a tosser all the time he jus laffs

do guys care about weight? only the shallow ones and we dont need shallow guys in our lifes...right?

do they care about what you wear? not unless your going out clubbin in a lil outfit i get told no your not going out like that lot haha

how can u tell if a boy is a jerk or a nice guy? you cant alot of guys are good at puttin apperances on you jus have to wait and see i kno its a pain in ass but there no real way of tellin

how can u make a guy fall for YOU instead of the opposite? jus be yourslef if hees the rite guy for you he will be fallin at your feet play it cool dont go chasin him !



lakyn says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2009

I completely agree with bnbradshaw on this one :)

There is no certain type of girl that ALL guys are attracted to, just like there's not a certain type of guy that all girls are attracted to, so its best to just be who you are.

As far as what to say, just say what comes to you. Showing interest and asking them questions about themselves and what they like never hurts.

The simplest rule comes to mind

1. treat yourself the way you want to be treated and

2. treat others as you'd want them to treat you.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.



dare2bdifferent says:

Posted on 14 Feb 2009

honestly it depends on the dude.

but any guy u wanna date shuld have somewhat of the same interest as you, if they guy thinks you overweight which im not saying you ar- but if he thinks/says that he's not going 2b the guy for and u'd prolly loose interest quik. if i guys into u he'll like u the way u r and u dont have to have a talent to tell if a guys a jerk-off to u gurley.


krista090 says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009


1) that depends on the guy...but probably all guys like confidence and smiles

2) anything that makes you look or sound clingy

3) some of them do but not all

4) yes...even if they dont tell you guys judge you by your clothes...for example a girl wearing super-short skirts, and a bikini will probably b judged as slutty even if she isnt, and a girl who doesnt show any skin will probably b judged as having something to hide. so find a balance.

4) by observing how he acts with other people without being biased. if you have a serious crush on someone you will only see their good points so ask a close friend for help.

5) well i have recently read this in a romance novel and it worked for the heroine but im not sure about real life: 1) play a bit hard to get

2) wear nice clothes

3) be interested in his life and listen to him talk

4)| do something crazy to him

5) give him a small gift like his fave chocolates

6) i forgot the rest but probably those are enough.

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