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Alyssa King




11 Jul 1997

Heyy babee!! iits LiSS { well my name is ALYSSA! } && im ALMOSTTT 13 years oldd! I wuv my besties Katie && Lauren && Rose to FLiPPiNG DEATH!!! ? i am on the cross country, swim, and tennis team && that is really all youu need to know!

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_lisstheshopaholic_ asked:

03 Jan 2010

no one understands me.

everyone thinks i am really really skinny on purpose. like i starve myself to be like a model-size or something. all the girls who are big roll their eyes at me like i am some loser who was insecure with her body so she starved herself. even the skinny girls call me skinny. i dont do it on purpose. i go to bed with a hurting stomach because i stuff myself everyday trying to get at least a little bit of fat on my body. i eat lots of protein and stuff like that i weigh myself every week but most of the time the number either gets lower or stays the same. whenever i tell my friends i want try to gain weight THEY roll their eyes because they are thinking HOW DO YOU NOT GAIN WEIGHT?? people stare at me and tell me i look anorexic like i NEVER looked in the mirror. guys just look right past me because i dont have any butt or any boobs. my mom wont even let me try to wear a real bra. i am forced to shop in the childrens section. people think it will hurt to call someone fat but it wont... ...matter if they call someone skinny or a stick or "bones". that is my nickname i go to school everyday and get called bones. the guy i like wont even look at me. i dont know what i do wrong in life to deserve this.



vanillabb says:

Posted on 03 Jan 2010

You just have a fast matabolism , don't worry it will catch up to you one year

just think that you can eat as much as you want and not get fat and they can't .

I'm trying to gain weight myself too , I think that once you get older you don't want to be a stick and you want some curves so I just eat a bunch of meals a day and thick shakes help out alot too . Also lots's poultry


manssskulll says:

Posted on 03 Jan 2010

Its just how your body is. If you are eating protein and not gaining then you probably have a fast metablism. If people roll their eyes just ignore them they are probably jealous that they aren't your size because they want to be. You should be happy with your body because its you! Seriously ignore them cause they don't realise our bodies are all diff. And if boys are judging you because of your size then they re NOT worth your time. You'll grow into your body and look abseloutly fine, i wouldn't eat tooo much protein and things to get a bit of fat on your body because it may catch up with you and be hard to get of, but because your body may work differently it may not so just eat a normal diet, balanced etc :)

Hope i helped, and hope it al made sense :)


ctl888 says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

The best thing is to not talk about weight in front of your friends or classmates. Don't say you are 'trying' to gain weight and you eat like crazy because they may interpret what you saying differently than what you are actually meaning. you know? So just do not say anything about trying to gain weight or anything. eventually it will stop. And if someone says, ' Oh you look so good, you are soo skinny..' then just compliment that person with something like, ' No, you look good, i wish I had your butt or boobs' ...just something so they do not think you are 'trying' to be model thin on purpose or cocky about your body size.


hopplessinlove says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

look darlin. screw them! if they're gonna be like that then they need to go jump in a hole if they don't love you for who they are they are NOT your friends. just be yourself and enjoy life! being a stick right now is a blessing and instead of gorging yourself work out! gain some muscle. you've probably just gone through a major growth spurt and thats good! just work out everyday and eat right and your body will do the rest. remember you are a beautiful daughter of God and your loved.


chr0matica says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

don't care what others think. yes, easier said that done, i know. i get called skinny all the time, but i see it as a compliment. i live in west virginia (in the Most Obese City in America, mind you) and all of my relatives need to lose at least 100 lbs. i find it great that i can eat what i want and not end up like them. but don't stuff yourself eating! eat right (you know, food groups, etc) and not too much. if you have physical pain because you eat too much, then you're just as bad as those girls that throw up their food to lose weight and change themselves based on what society thinks is "pretty". it'll be hard, but keep convincing yourself that you are one lucky s.o.b. (lol) and don't have to eat celery sticks all the time. and... i don't think that the guy that you like isn't looking at you beacuse you're too skinny. i think your self-confidence just needs to boost a litle so he'll notice you more. :)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

well lets start with your 13, you should be shopping in the children's section. but your mom should let you get a real bra. every girl needs to own a real bra by that age.

and you should love your body even if it's not your ideal most girls will tease and make fun because they're jealous. but there's nothing they can do to change how they feel but it's up to you to try and change how it effects you. i have a friend who weights NOTHING and she's taller than me. she always looked like 'bones' but no one ever teased her. and she never felt like she needed to be anything else. she didn't really date in school but now she has an awesome sweet guy who LOVES her ^_^ sometimes learning to love yourself and how to become a responsible adult need to come first so you can actually find that person that's right for your


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

well, youre 13 so no one should expect you to be one of teh big girls yet...i didnt have a period or boobs til i was seventeen, i couldnt give blood once during high school i didnt weigh enough. now, i see how it would be annoying to hear the skinny girl say "i just wanna gain weight" it sounds like youre just rubbing it in to them. but thats wrong of them to call you names or treat you differently just because youre a different size. 13 is way young to have to wear a normal bra-girl are just getting bigger faster now, but you apparently are not. dont try to force yourself to gain weight, but if you are not eating or struggling, talk to someone. you will gdet your own set of curves soon enough and you may not be voluptuous but there are guys out there who like will like your shape i promise :)


atrocityrabbit says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

I have the same problem. Some jerk called my sister anorexic, and it's really painful. I was born premature, so that may be different, anyways, back on subject. I think you should, when in a store or something try on some "woman" clothes, and talk to your mom about it. You're lucky because most of America right now, sadly, is obese, or overweight. Everyone feels bad about themselves one point or another. Best of luck to you, and happy new year. :)


shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

Some people are just born that way and others starve themselves to GET that way. Be thankful you are natrually thin. There are some smaller women's clothes that you could try or more sophisticated kid's clothes, though those are probably more expensive. I'm very short and thin and I've been called annorexic before. I think most people are jealous of your petite frame, since most of America's youth is obese. Though, as you mature, your body will get rounder and curvier and you'll gain body fat. Remember women and girls are supposed to have a higher fat precentage then men so don't stress if you suddenly start getting rounder, unless of course you are eating unhealthy and not excersising. Also, even though you are thin, you still have to eat right and excercise, maybe even more so of that of an 'average' person. Eat protein and calcium.


lily_billy says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2010

you'll grow into it hun.. trust me i was like that i was 16 and still looking like a ten year'll grow into it.. i promise =]


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2010

i had the SAME problem!!!

like till i was 10 or 11 i was only 28kg my mom was so worried but then it startet.

i gained weight.

what is a god thing peopke didnt understand me 2 they made jokes and laughed at me

but now they dont laugh hehe

just be urself and when they look at u like that look at them the same way.

or comment like whatcha looken at (some people r also jealus that u r thin and they r nt )

so just keep eating evantually the weight will come to u!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

BTW I did not gain my 'womenly' weight till out of highschool. During highschool I was 5'7" and 103lbs. Soo i understand feeling wierd and kind boney with no boobs. All my friends say I look better now, more healthy. And I am happy with my weight now. So don't worry we all look weird while growing up.


shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010

coincidence but the two capitalized words make out, 'NOTHING LOVES.'

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