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22 May 1996

  • 238 Rank

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_headfirstxfearless asked:

05 Jul 2010

I need to feel prettier...

Well it's pretty self explanatory. I never feel like I'm as pretty as all of the girls that are in my class. I mean, there's like one or 2 that I feel more pretty than but that's about it, haha(: So I'm posting some pictures with girls in my class & please be honest if you think I'm prettier than any of them, please..(: In the first picture I'm the girl furthest to the right in the blue dress. It's not letting me add more photos right now so I'll try again later., These are my 2 best friends who i feel are prettier than I am. I'm in the middleeeee., This is like the only girl I think I'm prettier than. I know, I sound mean to her but I'm being honest.




mrcare says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2010

Wtf ioashfoisdhfs you are way prettier than the rest of the girls, and it's a boy who's saying itttttt. You look pretty good. In the first picture, you're def the hottest, in the second the blonde one is really cute but looks like a 5 year old cutie pie lmaooo, and in the third one, prettiest again. I'm being totally honest; If I didn't think like this I wouldn't comment or say "eww you are awful", you know. Maybe to gain some confidence you could have a wardrobe change, some full straight bangs would look nice in you, and some make-up (: Don't go over the top, slutty look, cause you can tell you're not that type by just watching a picture! But a soft makeover would do you gooooooood.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2010

sorry girlie but i think you just have low self esteem

girls tend to be hardest on themselves

you're soooo pretty. prettier than i was at your age : P

and you look alot like your darkhaired friend in that second pic your face shapes and stuff look pretty similar you could be sisters : P


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2010

You are prettier than all of them now see what you'll do with that... : P


katiebabie says:

Posted on 06 Jul 2010

Hey:)I just looked at the pics and girl,your prettyy for real.Obviously,i know im not pretty than everyone i see or meet(definitly not Megan Fox lol) but its all in your head.Even though you pretty on the outside,its the inside that counts right?so doing little things everyday like putting on some perfume that makes you feel pretty or putting on your fav earrings.Stuff like that gives you alot more confidence and when think of yourself dont think negativee,totally ruins the mood.Point out the features in you that you love and focus on them.No one is perfect but everyone has a little something special and unique about them,that makes them overall pretty,a great personality,or just a awesome person.I bet you have all three too:)Hope i helpedd


24npc19 says:

Posted on 08 Jul 2010

You are so pretty. Be confident! I am serious. You are prettier than quite a few of those girls in your class. Trust me, the only thing that could make you prettier is to have more confidence and act like you know you're prtty; because you are! If you really want more self esteem though; try a new haircut. From the pics you posted; you could do side bangs to actual bangs. Maybe get new makeup. I know stuff like that boosted my self esteem. :)



lorii_grace says:

Posted on 09 Jul 2010

no waaay. i mean, i used to struggle with insecurity and the whole idontfeelpretty syndrome :P it got so bad that i put garbage bags over all the mirrors in the house because i couldn't take it anymore, and i wouldn't leave the house..

but the thing to do is just be thankful for the body you have. you're not obese, you're not splotchy with black and white stripes ;), you have two arms and two legs and you don't have birth defects, no facial deformities, there's lots you can be happy about. i came to terms with how i look through support of friends and learning that it's not important to focus on how you look... that's such a small part of who you are, because how you look is very unstable and it's not guaranteed nor insured, it's always changing. look at Nick Vujicic (he has no arms or legs but he has weird, deformed feet) or Katie Piper. katie was a gorgeous model, until she got tangled in with a pretty awful guy who basically hired someone to throw acid at her face.

that's ^ a collage of what she looked like before and after, and the man is the exboyfriend who was the mastermind behind it, i guess you could say... the orchestrator.

here's the story ^

but she's a much sweeter, friendlier, happier person now in a lot of ways...

i know it's great to feel pretty and it's important for girls to feel good about themselves but honestly, why do we need to be so hung up on that?? like boobs for example.. everyone loves boobs. but some professional women who are incredibly busted have them REMOVED so people will take them more seriously in the work place.

anyway.. hope that helps. just don't look in the mirror too much because that REALLY doesn't help, don't compare yourself to other people, and focus on the things you like about yourself. for example, i have freckles in random yet seemingly strategic places. i love them!!



breemoface says:

Posted on 16 Jun 2011

you are much prettier than all of them. you have no reason to be insecure. but i guess we all are


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2010

Bahahahahaha thank you. :P & it's not a boy. I wouldn't be concerned if it was because I don't really know many attractive guys lmfao. But thankssss for your opinion. (:


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2010

Thank youu. And yeah i guess I do have kind of low self esteem. It's probably because a bunch of them have had boyfriends, ect. and I haven't :/ But what you said about my friend & I is funny because some people have told us that & some people mistake us for each other, especially from the back. :P


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 06 Jul 2010

Haha, my friend says the same thing. :3 Along with "why do guys cheat on pretty girls with ugly ones" :P But thank youuuu. (:


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 06 Jul 2010

Aw thanks.(: That reeeally means a lot, especially coming from a stranger. :3

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