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22 May 1996

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_headfirstxfearless asked:

18 Sep 2009

hhow can i make myselff prettierr?

i knoow this soundss really bad but i dont think im pretty.

1) i have acne. which a HUGE put-down. so i need a good treatmentt. maybe one that doesnt need a perscription because theyre always REALLY expensive to get.

2) i dont think im skinny enough. im usually a 3 or a 5 but, i feel like i have fat still.

3) i have been told i have really pretty eyes.. but i dont know how to bring them out without wearing eye liner which were not allowed to wear in school.

pleaseee helppp=]

p.s. my picture doesnt really show my acne because it tends not to show as much in pictueress.




emilyem says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

i use proactiv and it does work. it doesnt clear like 100% of the acne (but most dont) and this worked best for me out of all the other products. i got mine in a big mall at a stand but im sure you couuld get some onnlineee. Goodluck (;


barbipixi says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

check out my blogs and my lists under 'stuff i use' to see some of my items and in the blogs i have some tips on staying healty, clearing skin, and how i do my makeup


auri says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

lol your pretty to begin with.

and for your acne try noxzema theyre amazing.

For your eyes, when your not at school put white eye liner on your waterline and maybe mascara with earthly colours.

and maybe you should change your hair style up a bit...if its usually curly, straighten it. if its straight then curl it every so often.

If you really wanna go for an all out new look then maybe cut it with chunky layers, bangs and dye it?

Good Luck Hun!



ebenezzer says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

you are pretty :) Don't ever say your not skinny enough I weigh 60 pounds and I'm constantly teased about being so tiny. They call me toothpick legs :( No matter how hard I try I never gain weight! -jocks glasses- teehee they're cute! :D I dont wear makeup so I have no advice bout that 4 the acne try clearasil.


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

Okay i have really bad acne to. what i do is use AcheFree's cleanser (forget about the toner and lotion they give you. it might help but all three combinated is to much and dries my skin out) you can find it at Kmart or walmart. and twice a week i exfoliate my skin (you buy facial scrub pads, squeeze some achefree stuff and gently rub your face in circler motions to clean of the dirt but more important clears away your dead skin and your face will be super soft after wards!. I like doing this in the shower) because if you dont exfoliate the dead skin traps oils in your pores thus causing ache. every night i clean my face with AcneFree with a baby wipe (wipes are the best when it comes to cleaning your face! remember try not to touch your face with your hands. bad for acne) and then the most important stuff in Aloe Gel!! You know the stuff you use when you get badly sun burned? anyways it clears up your skin and keeps you from getting bad painful pimples! all you do is after you've cleaned your face, you lightly cover your trouble areas light with aloe (dont rub it in or wash it off!) and then go to bed and in the morning just take a wipe and wipe it off.


mikiya04 says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

sweetie always know that you are pretty and that we all see and obsess about things that others cant or dont care about. i started using noxema bar soap, which i got from target. or you can look into the clearskin products from avon, which really cleared up my brothers acne. you must know that all products work differently on everyone.

what size are you going for? really you shouldnt look at models and think that thats normal. did you know that the average size of america is between 10 and 16? america is so obsessed with weight and size that those who dont need to worry about about weight do. your "problem," if there is one is that you arent toned. look at toning and not losing weight.

If eye shadow is allowed, look into using some cute colors to accent your outfits and use mascara if you can.


jesssssicerr says:

Posted on 21 Sep 2009

Your really pretty :) you shouldn't put your self down ! Everyone has got an insecurity about them selves and everyone feels insecure, i know i do :/ It's unlucky you have acne but the good thing is it can be treated, Heaps of products are available now that claim to get rid of acne so its not the end of the world :)

and most schools don't let you wear any eyeliner but you could try curling your eyelashes and using mascara which would really bring out your eyes! And don't worry about your weight, your fine the way you are! :)


kimz says:

Posted on 24 Sep 2009

well i think you are pretty the way you are.. people have their own beauty... but if u wanna glam up a bit here and there its alright :) just dont over do it with the make up :)


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

ive tried pro active and it didnt work. :/ thank youu thoughh =]


_headfirstxfearless says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

thankksXD im qettin a hairrcut tmrw:] &+ im qettinn sideebanqqs juss 2 switch ihht a little:]


auri says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

Sounds pretty good! it would suit you well ^_^


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