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26 Jul 1997

i live in churchill manitobe fav number is 13.i have 4 siblings 3 girls and one boy.i LOVE LOVE LOVE taylor swift,carrie underwood and the climb by miley cirus.

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15addie15 asked:

16 Oct 2009

this si a question for non-believers(in God)

if non-believers are so sure that God dosnt exist then why do the spend so much time tryiing to prove it.



jessd says:

Posted on 16 Oct 2009

i think they just want to get their point across.


_morgan4 says:

Posted on 16 Oct 2009

i agree with jessd


barbipixi says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

dood most people in some way or form believe in god (maybe not all) but most

and just so you know anyone that does or doesn't believe in something has to prove or disprove anything to convince people to believe in what they believe.

like i don't believe everything that's in the bible cause i know it's true that people did take out some chapters and only put in certain ones.

i do believe we evolved from a more primitive version of us because there is proof of skeletons that are so closely related to use

but i do believe in god and a higher being that made use all and i don't believe that we are here to hurt eachother, i don't believe we are here to be evil toward eachother. i do believe we will make mistakes and it's within us to make things right and live up to being the best person we can be.

and wether or not we comeback reincarnated, dissapear into nothing, or go to heaven/hell we need to not hate or shame, we need to takecare of the things we have power over and try to make this world a better place for EVERYONE even if they don't think like we do.

god doesn't want hate. even if someone doesn't believe in him, he doesn't wish harm upon anyone


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

good question! im guessing this was a bit of a rhetorical one. im a christian so i guess i shouldnt be posting but its human nature to want to prove what you believe is true. you cant blame them for wanting to argue-they are scared of what would happen if everyone started to belive in God-there would be a lot of changes and they would be in the minority (which they actually are statistically). so they need to create doubt that there is a God otherwise only the Christians would be testifying and everyone else would believe God does and some people are very scared of that.i think they also do it because they know there is a God and they are scared to admit it and face responsibility so they act like there isnt to feel less guilt over their actions.


ahroarah says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

it's the same reason why people who believe in god want to prove that their god exists.

we are all human beings and equals, bottom line, whether we believe in a god or not.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

I believe in God but I also believe in evolution and all the sciences behind it. See, there are so many theories that people want to find proof too. There are many different cultures with various religious backgrounds. You can not just say 'non believers in God' are the ones trying so hard to prove their right... everyone from every side want to support their thoughts and beliefs.


jackiewackie says:

Posted on 18 Oct 2009

I'm a 'non-believer' and I'm not trying to prove anything. It's my choice and respect everyone's beliefs, unlike the bullying and controlling religions and their fanatics.

I don't like to discuss religion and God, it usually gets nasty and it would probably be the best if we kept our faiths and beliefs to ourselves and stop peddling it to everyone.


eliselovesninjas says:

Posted on 19 Oct 2009

alright, im also a "non- believer".

and it has nothing to do with proving anything, all my friends believe in god, but i choose not too.

im not one for being controlled under rules, ect.

i just want to live my life, i believe he existed at one point, but i do not believe he had all the power.


15addie15 says:

Posted on 16 Oct 2009

r u a non-believer?????????????


15addie15 says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

yah but we have areason to get people to believe in God,if they dont belive and get saved they will spend eternity in the lake of fire (hell)


15addie15 says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

yha i agree with u.well i guess thats why its christians dutys to tell people about the lord and the cross of calvary.and i agree about its human nature to want to convince people about what u to young for yahoo answers but im always wanting to post stuff on


15addie15 says:

Posted on 18 Oct 2009

i only have one question for you.why would you believe in evolution????????????/check out this website


ctl888 says:

Posted on 18 Oct 2009

How are fossil fuels formed....? Why would it be so precious

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