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26 Jul 1997

i live in churchill manitobe fav number is 13.i have 4 siblings 3 girls and one boy.i LOVE LOVE LOVE taylor swift,carrie underwood and the climb by miley cirus.

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15addie15 asked:

29 Oct 2009

do you think im immature

do you think im immature just because my parents wont let me get facebook and just because i dont like rock music,and just because id rather be outside exploring and talking and walking and having outside fun,instead of being inside using the computer and listening to rock music.and do you think im immature because im 12 and never had a boyfriend in my you think im immature because i homeschool and id rather homechool than public school,or because i dont stay out late xepecially on school you think im immature cause i go to bed at 9 or you think im immature because i listen to my parents and dont do what my friends ask me to do cause its friends think im you.and please,no rude comments like on yahoo just going by what my friends think.



manssskulll says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

No I dont :)

I dont htink your imature by doing any of that stuff

there are different types of people, nd you seem normal :) xxx


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

Nah you seem like a great person! Very down to earth! When ppl try to get you to do wrong and then make fun of you for not doing it, its jsut cause they know its not right and want you to do it as well to make them feel better! And just cause you have different tastes for them doesnt make you immature that just ridiculous! haha that just proves how ignorate and immature THEY are!!


skinny says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

not at all you seem like a really fun person! and btw im 15 and i dont like rockmusic or have a boyfriend, and i know that doesnt make me immature :D


jessd says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

no you seem mature to me.. i been you listen to your parents, and u know whats wrong and right. and you go to bed early.. .. not sure whats up with ur friends.. you just seem like the type of person thats friendly and like to have fun..


omfg_megan says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

not immiture you just dont fit the 'teenager stereo type' like most ppl dont listen to their parents stay out late and then get grounded so you probbly dont ever get grounded...which is good and your 'friends' shouldnt say that about u if they r rly your friends


emmaemergency says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

Nope, tbh. Most teenagers dont stay out late everynight, drink, smoke ect. Its just the stereotype that is thrust upon us. I know i cant really talk being as i drink and stay out late. But thats just me. Every body is individual and different. Enjoy being who you are (:

Em x


ctl888 says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

What you have listed has nothing to do with immaturity. Being immature is when you do not ACT your age but younger. For example, you are 12... it would be immature if you were screaming at dinner crying out for a bottle of milk instead of food. That is immature. What you listed are things you do by choice. When I was younger I was never in front of the computer. I was always out exploring the creeks and riding bikes. I enjoyed the out doors. Choosing certain music to listen too is not being immature its a preference. And listening to your parents... that is just respect. I listen to my parents...but I also explain to them if I do disagree. We do not argue. This is just plain respect... it has nothing to do with immaturity.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 30 Oct 2009

not immature, not your typical teen but not immature. you have to do what you wanna do not what you think your friends will think you want to do-thats immature. immaturity not growing up-not acting differently than typical people your age. you shuold listen to your parents, you should be outside exploring you should be taking care of yourself and being a kid as long as youre supposed to still be a kid. youre twelve! not seventeen! just bc someone is doibg older things doesnt make them mature-just like little girls in beauty pageants doesnt make them anymore mature.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 30 Oct 2009

sorry girly non of that makes you immature

immature is being a winey baby, or breaking things cause you can't have your way. or being spoiled ROTTON

those are all things to do with worryful parents who love you and being a smart healty young teen


15addie15 says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

tttttthhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkk goodness.


15addie15 says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

thank goodness.thank you


15addie15 says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

thank you.


15addie15 says:

Posted on 29 Oct 2009

well yah there probally not really my friends but their the only ones i got.

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