Special events as a wedding and other creatives projects piled up in the schedule of the young diva. However the Katy perry Purr-fume launch promises a brand new approach to scents and the realm of fabulous aromas. Katy envisioned a unique bottle revealing her fondness for kitties. Moreover consumers will also have the chance to enjoy the pleasure of wearing a blissful fragrance that includes numerous ingredients making the perfume versatile righteously mesmerizing.

Uber-popular pop diva, Katy Perry already managed to strengthen her style puss reputation however it seems that she is eager to further fuel her fame and fortune with additional creative projects. The 'California Gurls' singer decided to team up with the admired brand Firmenach to envision a brand new scent that has all the signature marks that appeal to the versatile personality of Katy Perry. The main inspiration both behind the name as well as packaging and the campaign for the Katy Perry Purr-fume launch was her famous friend Kitty Perry as well as the kitty costume she decided to wear for the ad.

Raid the stores for this lovely perfume that would turn into a real jewelry piece of your fragrance collection. If you're a fruit and floral scent junkie you'll be thrilled to pamper your body with this magical potion. The aromas Purr contains include: green bamboo, peach nectar, apple, vanilla orchid,Bulgarian rose,white amber, freesia as well as jasmine blossom. The impressive parade of odors will pamper your olfactory sense making it a must have accessory when you wish to make an impression.

Katy also offered a brief explanation to WWD why she decided to join the infinite party of celebs to launch a unique fragrance: "There are amazing fragrances backed by other celebrities, but what I'm bringing is not like any other. It wasn't just like, 'I love gardenias.' That would have been the easy route.

I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I'd smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent. I'd never want to do anything 'just because.' "

The campaign ad was just as fabulous and intriguing as Katy dressed up in the stylish purple and pink spotted catsuit taking a signature pose that was revealing both to the inspiration of the fragrance as well as characteristic of the eager-to-shock personality of the diva. Those who take a closer look at the ad will definitely get into the groove Katy aimed to create with her new scent.

Katy also told WWD that "I have about 50 fragrances and I'm intrigued by the mystique scent has. I saw a lot of my peers getting into this world, and, as with my music, I thought I could bring my touch to the category and make it competitive,".The public is looking forward to the late November launch of Katy Perry's fabulous Purr fragrance.

Katy Perry New Perfume Purr