Get a hot bikini body with these 10 simple steps and get yourself gorgeous for the beach!

Look better by tomorrow! What a difference a day makes: get a flaunt-worthy physique with quick-fix tricks that actually work!

While beachy waves are sexy, a high ponytail makes the neck look long and thin.

With your cleavage as canvas, use shimmery bronze to create depth and shimmery silver to feign the illusion of fullness.

To tone upper arms, grab a can of soup each hand, then, with arms bent in front of you at a 90-degree angle, lowering and raising them. Do three sets of 10.

To make the waist look narrower, use a white pencil liner each side, starting below the rib cage. Fill in just this area with a self-tanner one shade darker then your natural skin and blend.

Smooth and tighten the derriere by exfoliating with a caffeine-based scrub. Wearing a skimpy bikini??
Apply self-tanner all over exposed cheeks in one shade darker than tanned legs.

Soak nails in freshly squeezed lemon juice to remove stains and leave tips clean and bright. Follow with nail oil and buff to a shine.

When legs need to be ready for their close-up, professionals call for makeup. Use a tinted moisturizer with glow effect. It not only covers scars but also makes legs look longer and calves more sculpted.


Rubbing a natural-bristle brush upward on dry skin can minimize skin dimpling, since increased circulation breaks up toxins.

Some swear it is possible to melt away up on an inch – if only temporary – with anticellulite creams. Massage cream into thighs, then wrap with Saran Wrap to seal in all-important heat. Remove after 20 minutes.

To elongate legs, fresh-tone sandals with a single strap.

Multiple straps can make legs look stumpy.