Yer just an update about whats been going on.. So i quit the band i was in coz theyre all lazy .. we wrote some really good songs, but they just never wanted to practised, which kinda sucked,, but yer now im looking for a band to do vocals for, cant be bothered with bass anymore, it is to expensive haha.. i allready have a pro mic so.. eh im set lol....

Umm I had a haircut down to just about nothing, and it is allready at the same length as before 2 months on.. im pretty happy about that.. gonna grow it out for a bit then, kinda get a haircut like christopher drew ingle from nevershoutnever.. its amazing.. dunno if my hair will be abl to sit like that tho.. :s

Umm no new piercings as of yet, and no tattoos.. been heaps straped for money lately, and still have no job :(

Umm... still no girlfriend.. but there is some intrest.. so i dunno, just let things happen i guess.. i dont know...

umm im kinda tired of where i live, i want to shift out to the country area,, where its just peaceful and yeh, not so many dickheads.... once again, do not have the money to do so

Umm im kinda drinking heavilly at the moment, dont know why, nothing has really changed, and started smoking ocassionly.. its geat for stress relief... but cant afford to take it up, so trying not to get addicted...

mm yer... thats about it really... wish i had a photo to upload of my hair at the moment, coz i just straightened it, and it looks amazing :s but eh, camera is dead, and cant find the battery charger thingo.. eff..

Anyway.. take it easy..

Till next time..