Leather bomber jackets are utilitarian attire that has gained immense popularity over the years. Worn by a lot of people lately, this attire is worn by not just bikers and pilots anymore, but also the common man who has become increasingly fashion conscious over the years. The uniqueness and versatility of a quintessential leather bomber is unmatchable. Gone are the days when the leather jacket fashion was only synonymous with men, it has also struck a chord with contemporary women lately.

What makes a quintessential leather bomber stand out is its ruggedness and durability. It doesn’t just enhance your appearance; it also has a lot of benefits at the same time. Leather enthusiasts can truly satiate their leather craving by making the most of the innovative leather jacket creations available these days.

o There’s no dearth of variety when it comes to stylish leather jacket designs. Myriad styles and patterns are ruling the fashion roost. Women can try teaming up a stylish leather bomber jacket with a smart pair of denims or a chic looking skirt.

o Women who have a penchant for contemporary styles can always try something unconventional like a military or a sporty styled jacket. It is sure to impart a very youthful look to your persona.

o If you are the kind who’s very particular about colors, it’s not necessary to stick to a black. Leather isn’t just restricted to black anymore, it has undergone a major overhaul. Colors like ivory, red and blue will only add up to your smart appearance and help you attain a fantastically edgy look.

A stylish leather bomber jacket is must in a fashion conscious man’s wardrobe. A bomber when worn by a man makes him look supremely dashing. Every man should have this stylish strip of cloth in his wardrobe.

o Leather bombers with ribbed cuffs have struck quite a chord with the youth lately. It’s a style that is supremely contemporary and voguish.

o Also the hood pattern is an extremely voguish style. A leather jacket with a smart hood attached to it will only make you stand out from the crowd. It is a perfect wardrobe staple and can be worn whenever there’s a grand or a casual soiree with friends.

o Also features like bombers with a front zipper closure, flap pockets, epaulettes are a very cool and a casual style. You can try chic colors like dark brown or a chic camel color if you want to stray from the conventional.

The bombers available these days are a perfect fusion of traditional and modern design. The essence of a classic bomber is definitely unmatchable and it’s a style that still remains on every fashion conscious man’s wish list.