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02 Feb 1987

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Published on: 19 Apr 2017 by vixabs

Ashes to Diamonds - A Unique Way to Remember the Dead

There is a significant amount of dread when thinking of someone’s final arrangements. Do they get cremated, buried, interred? Do they have loftier ideals and want to be laid to rest under the waves of some far-off beach? How will they be remembered?

These questions and many more come to mind when thinking about what happens after the end has come. Now, you have a new unique way to remember the dead – turn cremation ashes into diamonds.

Cremation v. Burial

In today’s world, we are often left with one of two primary choices. Do we bury ourselves in a coffin or do have our physical selves burned into powdery ash? This decision alone can be hazardous because of our personal and religious beliefs.

Traditional burial is giving way to cremation due to sky-high cost and limited graveyard space.

The associated cost to either method is another factor to consider. It has been proven that a full body burial costs incrementally more than being cremated. There’s the plot that has to be paid for and maintained, the headstone, the coffin; not to mention all the incalculable costs visitations would incur. Besides the costs, space becomes an issue. More and more land is being developed and the available land is becoming less and less, which means space within a graveyard is very limited.

Cremation allows for multiple solutions. Since the deceased literally takes up less space, it is quite possible to purchase a tomb in a mausoleum that everyone in the family can be entombed in, or you can purchase decorative urns and take them home with the family. What is done with the ashes can result from final wishes of the deceased, or that of the family that was left behind.

How to Change a Keepsake

Family members want a way to remember their loved ones. This is why there is such an emotional tie to grandpa’s pocket watch for us. But what if you could truly make it more memorable?

Using a portion of cremation ashes you can turn them into diamonds. You or your loved one could really be turned into a diamond, and be set in jewellery that belonged to you, which is more memorable than just the item because a part of our loved us is with the item at all times.

Memorial diamonds are just that, a part of the person who departed, transformed into a gemstone that will last for the rest of eternity. Anything that goes with these diamonds has a more powerful emotional bond than an item without it.

Transforming Diamonds

The technology to make synthetic diamonds has been around since the 1950’s, but it was never able to be produced in a mass production manner. Some 60 years later our technology has improved greatly, but we are still not able to churn out synthetic diamonds like we would be able to make any other factory good. The cost and resources to do so is not quite there, yet. However, memorial diamonds can be produced quite efficiently.

An asscher cut memorial diamond ring shines bright all your ever-burning love.

The process of turning ashes into diamonds involves a lot of purifying the remains. By removing the impurities, the remains are 99.99% pure carbon. Then a high temperature and high pressure process is used over the course of several days for smaller diamonds, to several months for larger diamonds.

But these aren’t just synthetic diamonds because of the source of carbon being used. They are memorial diamonds used from the carbon in our loved one’s remains. Comparing them to the industry standard of naturally occurring diamonds or other laboratory made diamonds is rather indistinguishable. What is the key variance between the three is that most synthetic diamonds aim for what is the common form of a naturally occurring diamond: colorless.

Memorial diamonds tend to be opposite of what occurs naturally. Where it is common to find a colorless diamond yet rare to find a naturally colored diamond, memorial diamonds tend to be colored in natural shades of amber from a soft yellow to a deep orange. Memorial diamonds can undergo further treatments to add in boron or completely remove the nitrogen content to make hues of red or blue or colorless.

A Journey to a New Life

Because of the delicate nature behind memorial diamonds, it cannot simply be summed up as a process. Rather it is akin to a shorter second journey to a new life.

This journey to a new life could be documented in photographs and videos, where families can see what is going on and how things are going during this six-month voyage. This is a personal touch on the part of the company, but an invaluable thing to the family.

It can also mark a new journey for the living by giving up a portion of your ashes to be made into a cremation diamond. While giving up some hair may seem trivial to do, it is the memories that you can create after with the diamonds that matter.

A New Beginning

The end of the journey is the voyage home to our loved ones who were patiently waiting. But the end also marks a new beginning, a new journey that we can take our loved ones with us wherever we go and whatever we do is done with them.

Or, there can be more creative ways to honor and remember the dead. Memorial diamonds aren’t just for rings or pendants, but they can breathe new life into anything related to the deceased. Like grandpa’s pocket watch, families can have memorial diamonds set in something that they feel best reminds them of their loved one; such as a garden gnome in the backyard, or placed with the annoying but favorite object of the deceased.

Truly Memorable Keepsakes

The ideas for keepsakes that can use the emotional touch of a memorial diamond is limitless.

  • Starting a plaque as the family tree with a memorial diamond can start a whole new family tradition
  • Creating a scrapbook that is a part of each member of the family and photographs
  • Making a complete jewellery set from the deceased favorite items as a true form of the family jewels
  • Affixed to sentimental objects

If there is a memorable way for a family to honor and remember their fallen, a memorial diamond will only enhance it. There is comfort in seeing a memorial diamond alongside the objects that reminds us of our loved ones. Memorial diamonds bring us as close to our loved ones as physically possible, without having to wait for the day that we can truly join them.

The Ultimate Expression Of Love

Memorial diamonds are truly unique, as unique as the person they were created from. But they don’t always have to be made at the end of one’s life to be a memorial. They can be made at any point in time.

A heart shape diamond symbolizes a deep and strong love that lasts forever

With how memorial diamonds are created, there really is no time like the present to start on this voyage. Diamonds symbolize a deep and strong love that lasts forever, and are often touted as being the ultimate expression of that ideal. What truly would make that statement more personal is if that diamond was part of you that is gifted to your loved ones?

You can gift this piece of you in any form that you wish; from the raw diamond to the polished diamond in any setting. Wouldn’t that diamond wedding ring mean more to you and your spouse if it was your love in that diamond, than just your money?

A Unique Way To Remember The Dead

Memorial diamonds are diamonds made from hair or the cremated ashes and then turned into diamonds. Their carbon source is you, and loved ones will always want to have a piece of you that they can go to for comfort when dealing with their grief when you pass away.

Memorial diamonds don’t have to be at the end of one’s life. They can be made well in advance if using hair samples, and be there already made for your family members for the day that you do pass on. They need not be just a way to honor and remember the dead as people, let them be symbols of a deep and ever-burning love that you feel for your loved ones.


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