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02 Feb 1987

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Published on: 19 Apr 2017 by vixabs

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Sit up straight, don’t slouch.
Stand straight, eyes forward. Words of wisdom from our parents, and we probably
hated it to no end. But they did have some very good reasons for telling such
things. These simple words did set a foundation for what would come in our
adult lives.


As adults, we are generally
divided into two casts, those who stand all day and those that sit all day.
Both can prove to wreak havoc on our posture over time. Not to mention that
most of us disregard the medical problems we can have due to having a poor
posture. No one wants poor blood circulation, achy joints, or any pain in their
legs, back, or neck.


So, if you want to have a
better posture, have more confidence, and have the benefits of better health,
read on.

Sit Straighter

Sitting straighter is more than just using a lumbar
support pillow on your chairs
. It’s keeping your ears over your shoulder, neck straight, eyes
forward, and both legs planted firmly on the ground.


Sitting properly while
performing office tasks is essential to maintaining a healthy spine. Using
ergonomic office equipment will also encourage proper sitting. Your computer
monitor should always be pointed at eye level so that you aren’t pinching your
neck or causing it undue strain. Having your keyboard in a place where your
arms are at a 90-degree angle from the elbow will again reduce strain.
Adjusting the height of your chair becomes essential as you do want to have
both feet planted firmly on the ground with your knees bent at a 90-degree


This may, of course, require
you to adjust everything to get the proper sitting position at work. However,
you should get up once in a while, stretch and move throughout the day to keep
your blood circulating properly.

Stand Taller

Standing for a job isn’t any
easier than sitting for one. There is usually more movement involved than just
standing. A lot of physical work. Be mindful of how you do that work too, and
always practice safety techniques and never yank and grab anything!


However, the first step to
standing properly is to stop slouching. Lift your head up to lengthen your
spine. Widen your shoulders and support your body with your feet firmly on the
ground. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Show me a job where you have to stand in one
place all day and I’ll show you a lazy security guard.


Although, the benefits of
carrying your head higher and widening your shoulders comes in the way of
confidence. People will notice it more for that aspect than you trying to
correct your posture.

Change Your Sleeping Position

This isn’t rolling from your
side to your belly and then to your back. Sleeping on your side and on your
back is more preferable though. Sleeping on your belly does strain your back
with undue pressure, no matter how relaxing it may feel while you are in that


Changing your sleeping habits
doesn’t come overnight, but attempt to start out sleeping on your side and
back. Should you wake up in the middle of the night, getting back into that
position will help you to change your habit. Although, adding a mattress that
helps to support your body weight evenly can be added to the mix.


Besides, getting a good
night's sleep a wonderful benefit in itself.

Get a Better Bag

Women and their purses, men
and their briefcases or packs; no matter the sex, carrying a heavy bag just
wreaks havoc on your posture! This can lead to a lot of neck and back pain, even when you’re not wearing a bag. The
suggested corrective action would be to reduce how much you are toting and use
a double strap bag to even out the weight. However, if you can’t part with your
single strap, switching the carrying sides can help balance things out.


It is important that you don’t
overburden yourself with your packs and have the weight of the bag evenly
distributed, not only on your back and shoulders but in the pack itself.

Stop Staring at Your Phone

Finally, something that everyone is doing wrong. By constantly
looking down at our phones we are all guilty of self inflicted neck and back
pain. Shame on us! Looking down constantly at our mobile devices is like having
a 60 pound weight strapped to our neck. The simple fix is to lift the device up
to eye level in front of us.


This will take some
discipline, as putting away our phones and tablets is like cutting off an arm,
or leg. But in the end, having a better posture is the trade off. Or, you could
quit using your mobile device when you aren’t talking on it.

Get Proper Footwear

This is a tough one, as there
are so many shoes out there! The trouble is, finding and wearing the right shoes for the right job. As much as you may love those stilettos, it’s time
to change down to some comfortable flats or sneakers instead. Shoes should
support proper walking which leads to better posture and less injury.


If need be, using some orthopaedic
inserts will help reduce the pressure on the feet and knees, and relieve some
of the pressure on joints. If you take care of your feet, you will be taking
care of a lot more than just your posture.

Exercise Regularly

This really should go without
saying, but given our sedentary lifestyle, we should all go exercise more
often. Working on building muscle strength will help you support your weight
for proper alignment. For posture specific exercises, you should focus on doing
shoulder rolls, neck rolls, side bends, and squats.


Some of these exercises can
start out with just our own body weight and slowly have extra weight added in
for a little more strength training.

Improve Your Posture for Better Health

There you go, seven simple
ways that you can improve your posture. Yes, it will take some conscious effort
and time to retrain your body to sit and stand properly. The benefits of having a good posture can be measured in less back and neck pain,
more efficient muscular use, and having the appearance of more confidence.


Some changes will be harder
than others. We are creatures of habits so changing those bad habits like
sleeping on our stomachs, and exercising more won’t come easy for us. None of
these tips will have a do it once and forget it results, but will need to be
worked on.


Reversing bad posture is an
ongoing process. But think of how much better you will look and feel as you do
it. Why not start the process today?


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