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05 Nov 1994


16. Bisexual. Nerd. Band geek. Anime freak.

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Published on: 24 Jun 2009 by undeadxprincess

Vampire Secrets: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

                “Willow? Is that you?” my mother called form the kitchen.

                “Yes Joanne. Tis me, the almighty Willow Laila Rayne. Coming home from a painfully dreary day. Ready to be driven mad by my insane family all this dreaded Friday afternoon.” I shouted back. My mom and dad preferred to be called by their first names but my mom hated it when I rambled on.

“Bless America, take a breath!”


“What now?”

“We live in England.”

“Don’t get smart. Now go change out of those things and look sensible.”

“These ‘things’ are black pants with red suspenders, on top of a black ‘Creature of the Night” shirt. Topped off with red converse sneakers, low top mind you. And finally, rather ‘scene’ looking hair with a black and red checkered bow clip,” I took a breath. I knew I was getting on my mom’s nerves. “The whole outfit cost about 80 American dollars on eBay.” I finished with a sigh.

“Are you finished?”


“Good. Now don’t forget to take out those things in your face.”

“Aww mom! You’re not really gunna make me take off my facials are you?” I whined.

“Yep, I am. Now go. You’ve got an hour to look semi-normal.”

“I refuse! Parlay! Make me walk the plank! I refuse!” I said storming up the stairs.

“Stop acting like your four years old while you at it!” She shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say ma.” I mumbled closing my door behind me. “Alright. You’ve got 10 minutes to shower, 30 minutes on the hair, and 20 minutes to find something that will send grandma Marie to her grave. Hit it!” I said to myself cranking my mix CD of all my favorite screamo band to its highest level. “If you think your alive then you better off dead!” I screamed along.


“Oh Joanne! You look so lovely!” Grandma Marie said wrapping her arms around Joanne.

“Oh thanks ma.” Joanne replied.

“Now where’s that handsome man of yours; Ben.”

“He’ll be here shortly. I sent him to get desert.”

“Raspberry Cheesecake?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Now where are the children?”

“Willow! Jake! Grandma’s here!” Joanne shouted.

“Coming!” Jake called back to them. I heard his feet pound past my door as he ran downstairs.

“Oh Jakey boy! Look at how grown up your getting! And my oh my look at how tall you’ve gotten!” Marie exclaimed.

“Hey Grandma.” Jake said. I was sure he was giving her a hug the way he sucked in a breath so he didn’t have to smell her over-powering perfume.

“Now where’s your sister.” She asked. All the enthusiasm she just had seemed to have disappeared.

I slowly creeped down the stairs, careful not to stop on my flowing black gown. It was my favorite dress but I knew my grandma would hate it.

“I’m here Marie.” I said once I was at the bottom of the stairs. She gasped.

“What in the he-, what on earth are you wearing?!” she exclaimed.

“The dress grandma Kayleen made for me. You remember how crafty she was.” I replied In a monotone voice.

“And what is in your face?! And that hair! Child, what is wrong with you?!”

“ They’re piercings Marie. And it’s called teasing your hair. You know like they did in the 80’s except its cuter. Don’t you like it?” I asked her trying to play all innocent even though I really was trying to piss her off.

“Absolutely not! Joanne! How could you let her wear all that crap around her eyes?!”

“Kayleen liked it. In fact she loved it. She said that it made my green eyes stand out.”

She just didn’t understand that I hated her, and I loved my grandma Kayleen. I mean she totally ruined Kayleens’ funeral. All she could talk about was herself and how she was glad the she was gone. Ever since then I put Marie down or piss her off as often as I can. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

“Kayleen this, Kayleen that! Who gives a –“

“Grandma, why don’t you come sit down in the light room. I’ll make you some tea.” Jake interrupted.

“Yes boy. Don’t forget, one sugar and a spoon of honey. Now go on.”

Marie left to the light room and my  mom followed her giving me a death glare on her way out.

“Thanks Jake.” I said once they had cleared the room.

“No problem. Hey, you do look beautiful by the way.” He blushed. He really was a sweet kid.

“Thanks Bubs.” I smiled after him. He went into the kitchen and I followed.

“Look, I know you don’t like her but don’t instigate her. You’re only going to make things worse.” He said filling the tea kettle with water.

“ I know, I just can’t help it though. She’s such a bit-“

“Honey! I’m home!” Ben yelled from the front hallway.

“We’re in the light room Ben!” Joanne called back.

“Okay! I’ll be right there.” Ben entered the kitchen and set two grocery bags on the center island. He did a double take on me.

“Wow, you look nice.” He said to me.

“Thanks.” I blushed while disposing of the bags.

“Yeah but don’t wear it too often. It shows off your curves. Maybe I should by you some turtle necks and sweat pants.” He teased.

“Dad.” I whined crossing my arms across my chest.

“Just kidding Lai,” he used my old nickname. “So is Marie in a good mood?” he asked.

“Well, she hates my dress, thinks my piercings are vile and thinks my eyes are better off removed.” I stated flatly.

“I see. Well looks like we’re in for one hell of a night.” He said.

“No kidding.” Jake added.

I knew they both had the same feeling I did. But they both stared back at me. I could feel it deep inside me, I was going to do something stupid, and they sensed it too. I just looked away.

“Let’s make the best of it.” Ben said.

Then he went and joined the ladies in the light room.

Jake gently squeezed my arm, more for comfort than anything else. I gave him a weak smile because I knew fate was set. Then  joined the rest of the family.


“Joanne, this is delicious! You’re such a wonderful cook.” Marie said taking a huge bite of risotto. Joanne just looked down at her plate.

“Uhm Marie? Joanne doesn’t cook. She burns toast. I cooked diner.” I said.

“Nonsense. You can’t even dress yourself properly, let alone cook such a wonderful meal.” She replied shoving another heaping spoonful in her mouth. Jake looked at me and shook his head. I saw Ben try to make eye contact with Joanne but she didn’t seem to get the drift and kept her eyes on her plate.

“Kayleen taught me Marie. You remember what a great cook she was. Hey, there’s an idea. Why don’t you teach me how to cook something? Oh wait that’s right, you don’t cook either, that’s were mom gets it!” I laughed obnoxiously.

Ben put his head in his hands and Jake looked down. They felt it stronger now, it was happening. Soon it would posses me and I wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Marie dropped her spoon and turned red in the face.

“Why do you insist on talking about that pathetic excuse of a grandma?!” She roared. “She’s dead! What can she do for you now?! Who paid for your laptop? I did! Who helped your family pay for this monstrous house? I did! Who pays for you to go to the best of the best schools? Who got you cable? Who got you to move here to England with the rest of your family? I did, I did, I did!”

“You may buy my family material things, but you could never love us the way Kayleen did!” I yelled back at her standing up in my seat so fast that it fell down with a loud clatter.

“She’s dead! She can’t love you anymore!” she screamed.

“Willow Laila Rayne! Sit down this instant!” Joanne yelled at me.

How nice, a family yelling session.

“Go to hell Marie!” I screamed flipping what was left of her risotto into her lap.

I ran through the hallway. I barely knew what I was doing, fate was taking me over. I grabbed my long wool button-up, and stormed the front door behind me on my way out.

“I hate you!” I screamed as I ran.

At first I was running aimlessly, just trying to get away. Now I realized where I was going and picked up my speed.

I scaled the iron gates and stopped to take a breath. I made my way past broken headstones until I found the one I was looking for.

“Hey Kayleen.” I said to a rather small looking headstone. “Sorry if you had to hear all of that. Marie’s a bitch, but you knew that. I hate her.” I stopped.

I could hear an exchanging of voices in the distance.

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