UltraFragrances.com welcomes Zadro Products!

-Sunlight 365 is a light that mimics natural sunlight. It is design specifically to produce the wavelengths of light in order to give user the appearance of artificial sun. 10,000 Lux of Light.

Light regulates our lives. We wake up with the light and go to sleep when it is dark. During winter months when there is not a lot of natural sunlight and it’s raining or snowing you might be effected by not being as active and feeling the blues. A bright Light in a sunlight frequency can help as your brain perceives it as a natural sunlight. You can travel with it too! (Buy)

-Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar - Work, stress, drinking and environmental factors deplete our oxygen and affect our health. This device helps you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Breathing 30% oxygen enriched air gives your body the clean fresh oxygen it craves. Soothing music provides the tranquility your mind needs. The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar replenishes, renews and rejuvenates you down to a cell level. Included headset delivers oxygen for easy concentrated inhalation. No replacement parts needed. (Buy)

-The large Zadro Nano UV Wand Programmable Sanitizer can be used to sanitize spaces in public areas such as hotels, restaurants, public rest rooms, doctors waiting rooms, offices, and nurseries as well as home and personal items such as mattresses, pillows, kitchen counter tops, and footwear. Child-resistant electronic button combination timer modes for safe usage.

Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, viruses, eggs of dust mites, fleas, and lice in 10 seconds. The 10-second progress bar on the handle helps you time the process. Produces multi-wavelength 185-365 nm UV light. (See more UV Sanitizers)

-Lighted Lipstick Holder is a must-have for every purse conveniently holds your favorite lipstick in an attractive case. This little purse-mate when opened illuminates to help you when applying lipstick or just making yourself beautiful. Also features a 1x mirror and when closed can be used as a handy flashlight to help you in your search. Lipstick not included. (View more)

Z' Fogless Power Zoom lighted Mirror - Magnification zooms in and out like a camera lens. Multiple magnifications allows you to customize to your eyes. Motorized mechanism adjusts in seconds with the touch of a button! (see more mirrors)

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