Winter is at its peak of season, and with christmas hunting in at a close, its only likely to get colder and colder. And for the ladies that may call a necessary change of hairstyle. We all know how eccentric some of you ladies can get, trying to represent your "unique" and indvidualist style. Now this is something we can support in everyone, but as a word of advice, we'd like to clue you in on some major "don'ts" before you hop into your probable "dues" to keep things comfortable this christmas season.

1. The Mohawk

We're not exactly sure what to even say about this one. A cut that clearly speaks for itself, the Mohawk embodies the 80s punk rock age. If you'd rather wear boots then heels and leather then silk, this is probably the one for you, other wise avoid it at all cost. Unless of course, you pity the fool, or something.

2. Spiral Perms

Not even Kirsten Dunst could pull this one off. The spiral perm is probably the most hideous of all the perms. Not only does it make one prone to Michael Jackson like incidents, but its design is so uniform it looks like your wearing a wig the whole time, and a poorly made one at that. If you have the length though, and your just dieing to look like Ms. Frizzle, then try switching up your perm rods throughout so you get a small degree of variance in the look.

3.The Beehive

The Beehive. It's name itself gives a good enough idea of what this haircut achieves. A giant nesting ground for insects to thrive in. And thats essentially what you'll find yourself wearing if you don one of these bad boys. In the 60's and the 70's the beehive did have a marginal amount of elegance to it, as it represented a small amount of prestige which we find idolized in the royalty which was referred to during the period, but it goes without saying whatever luster there was in the beehive has all but faded away. Lets keep this one, and Amy Winehouse, in the attic.

4. Puffy Bangs

Here's another look idolized from the 80's that should've never seen the light of day. Maybe its because this style only looks good with neon colors. Or maybe its because you can get that thing caught in a head fan if your not careful. Either way, its highly reccomended you refrain from anything that makes your bangs stick out like a sore thumb, even if you simply can't get away with letting them be subtle.

5. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are for jaimacans. Embracing anothers culture is always appropriate in expressing ones tolerance. However making yourself look like a fool can be seen as ridicule and disrespect. Unless you can sing some reggae at the drop of the dime, you should respectfully decline this look at all cost.

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