Are you really that shocked? Fashion diva Lady Gaga is rumored to release her first signature fragrance with Coty Inc. already due to arrive this Christmas 2010! The 24 year olds extraordinary marketing team is expected release exclusive TV ads and sexy fragrance campaigns featuring the pop star. According to insiders, the new scent will acquire an "unusual" aroma, but no exclusive fragrance notes have been released. Miss Gaga currently has her own fashion line called Haus of Gaga which is inspired by legendary painter and filmmaker Andy Warhol, a leader in the pop art movement of the 60's. (See Andy Warhol inspired fragrances - Bond No. 9)

The Coty fragrance line up includes such prestige celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker. <- Does this seem right? A signature fragrance so premature in GaGa's career seems a bit too much, don't you think? I mean, it took Kim Kardashian TWO YEARS to develop her recent fragrance launch. It's a careful and personalized process. Can Gaga really pull it off by this December including touring concerts, interviews, photoshoots, and a third album release during her already busy schedule? (See the Kardashian collection)

Since Lady Gaga is no stranger to the word ABSTRACT, it's difficult to imagine what she will come up with. - Bottle design, fragrance notes, outer packaging, campaign, etc.

What Do You Think Lady Gaga's New Perfume Will Smell Like?




Fruity- Floral

Woody - Musky

Fresh - Aromatic

Oriental - Spicy


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