This autumn 2010, Thierry Mugler honors femininity with an extraordinary limited edition fragrance called Womanity. Dedicated to kind spirituality, Womanity perfume encompasses an aromatic blend of sweet fig, caviar, and fig wood. Three elements annotate this scent's freedom; femininity, humanity and city. (See)

President of Clarins Fragrance Group Worldwide, Joel Palix, told WWD, "Mugler, buttressed by focus groups, sees the evolving quest of women as a drive to express themselves and their ideas. He created a Web site,, as a platform for dialogue. The more women connected with each other, according to Mugler's perception, the more creativity is released."

He continues,"In order to create content for the site, one idea is to provide the beginning of a story that will be finished by different women, each writing their own page. A contest will solicit ideas from women for a particular project or cause. The winner will work with Mugler in completing it."

Theirry Mugler's Womanity will arrive in a pink, Art Deco inspired 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de parfum. Aim to aesthetically please woman of all ages, the flacon was created as a refill edition for environmental reuse. A hidden message inside the outer carton explains the fragrance's origin, with minimal design on its exterior. Matching body products include fragrance 200 ml body milk, shower gel, and body cream. The Womanity collection is set to launch July 8, followed with an exclusive European launch mid July. (View more Thierry Mugler)

The complete Thierry Mugler lines includes Alien (launched 5 years ago), Innocent Illusion, Angel Precious Touch, and Angel... See the entire collection HERE!

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