Celebrate the dawning of a new year in some of the hottest party destinations! Pop the bubbly and say cheers to these New Year's Eve hot spots and beauty guide!

New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans is an outrageous ongoing party of edgy attitude and positive energy! The Sugar Bowl teams, alumni and students are all in town for New Years Eve which means PARTY! Ring in the new year with tequila shots on Bourbon Street! When the ball drops, make sure your at Jackson Square for joyful Louisiana traditions! The 2010 Sugar Bowl is Jan. 1 (7:30 p.m.) and features the Florida Gators (and Tim Tebow's last game) against the Cincinnati Bearcats. There will be lots of cheers on Bourbon Street. Remember to check the weather and pack accordingly. *The key to avoiding a terrible night is to stay away from the rainbow colored cocktails in the French Quarter. Advice, stick to the same color drink!

Getting ready for New Orleans...

Keep in mind that New Orleans is influenced by French culture. The streets set the stage for locals who paint a picture of imagination through colorful cloth and sassy attitude. Since 2010 comes only once, have fun with bright colored eye shadows and face glitter! You can even use face paint and stencils! The night is yours in New Orleans.

-Create graphic designs with a fine paintbrush along the eye areas and around the rim of your face. Looking for a court jester look? Just paint a series of colored diamonds around the eye area. Apply paint to the top of one eye and around the bottom of the other eye to create a symmetrical look. Use MAC's highly pigmented eye shadows for vibrant color.

-Use face-painting stencils: For perfect looking shapes every time, apply paint to the inside areas of the stencil. Choose popular stencils like musical notes, stars, diamonds, crescent moons and hearts.

-Glitter dust white or gold: Apply glitter dust by lightly feathering it with a thick powder brush. Press gently. (Take a small bottle of glitter with you for touch ups) You can find multi colored glitter and small containers at your local craft store.

-Escape reality with a fun wig or long hair extensions. Apply glitter for extra flair! Go over board with a vintage feather hat or huge bow! You decide.... Whether your curling those luscious locks or using a flat iron, your best bet for great results is Hot Tools hair stylers. Try the Hot Tools Adjustable Angle Ceramic Flat Irons, Model 1172 (Buy Now- Save 26%)

-Brainstorm for ideas from face painting books: Take a look at these great books for reference; Face Painting, by Chris Chaudro, Facepainting for Fun and Profit by Suzanne Robbie Hay and Fantastic Fun Face Painting by Sherrill Leathem.

-A new fragrance will spotlight your night. New Orleans' festive beauty contrasts deeply with spicy oriental scents. Try Versace Essence Emotional by Versace Perfume for Women (Buy Now) and Pure Poison by Christian Dior Perfume for Women (Save 44%)

Las Vegas, Nevada: Nicknamed America's party, Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination! On New Year's Eve, tequila shots and hot babes blend the night as people from around the world crowd in the streets to share the celebration of a new year. Fireworks ignite the warm air on Freemont St. while Las Vegas Blv hoots and howls with joy. After the ball drops, people pour into the casinos for some good luck gambling, pubbing and clubbing! What happens in Vegas, stays in vegas! It's 2010 after all! Can't decide on Freemont St. or the Strip? Remember the strip has a dominant younger, single crowd. It's incredibly crowded in the main areas of Caesars Palace as early as 8 p.m. The fireworks run down the hotels from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere. Downtown is mostly for older couples and families. Since it's legal to drink in the streets, there are beer and liquor stores along the Strip. If your single, seek the strip. The weather should be sunny but when the sun goes down, bring a jacket. It can get pretty chilly.

Glam up for Las Vegas!

-Eyes: Use darker shades around the eyes. Blend a lighter shade towards the bottom of your eye brows. Think dramatic! Your eye lashes should be alluring. Use a dark brown/black volumizing mascara. Stay away from clumps, though.

-Lips: Depending on your skin tone, match a lipstick shade accordingly. Bright red for pale-ivory skin, medium pink for natural to tan, darker reds and natural shades for medium brown to darker skin tones. Try FusionBeauty Lip Plumper for luscious lips.

-Foundation: Shine was so year 2000! Matte is in! Match your skin tones to a matte toned powder and liquid foundation. Cover pimples and blemishes with concealer. Use a light blush. Your look skin should look bold and flawless. Try Tarte Natural Beauty 7 Piece Natural Complexion Collection.

-Curl your locks! Use Babyliss 20 Rollers Ceramic Hair Setter, Model BABCHV21, for an incredible salon inspired finish. Perfect for travel!

-Whatever style your planning for New Year's Eve, add sparkle! If your wearing a traditional black mini, add diamonds for a red carpet look. Sassy in leather? Wear studs or silver! Vintage dresses and blouses look aspiring with gold and gems in extravagant shapes and sizes. Have fun with accessories!

-Smell like a million bucks! Try a fragrance that hypnotizes the senses with deep fruit and musk. You might like, Animale Temptation by Parlux Perfume for Women (Save 34%) or Burberry Brit Red by Burberry Special Edition; sophisticated and seductive. (Buy Now)

Miami/South Beach: Models, artists and party goers fill the bars as thousands walk the streets of Miami and South Beach Florida. College students and alumni from the Orange Bowl will be attending, which again means PARTY! With the warm beach sand between your toes, your guaranteed to pass a few wild parties chanting, "CHUG CHUG CHUG!" The prize attraction is the pier fireworks show near Ocean Ave. As the ball drops, thousands scream, "Happy New Year" and the drinking games begin! Bayfront Park has a free fireworks show over the bay with bands and entertainment opening at 7 and starting at 8pm. The Big Orange Festival drops a 35-foot orange ball orange from the adjacent The Hotel Inter-Continental at Chopin Plaza. The ball starts to rise at 6 p.m., to a laser show and fireworks. Best of all, it's all free! Tailgators from across the country are expected to attend the Orange Bowl. New Years weekend is expected to be in the 70s, likely sunny, and slight humidity. Bring your suntan lotion!

New Years Natural Beach Beauty

-Help your hair stay healthy! Kick the hot hair stylers during the day and relax on the beach with natural waves. To achieve this, make sure your hair is damp and tie it in a bun. Once dry, let hair down and run your fingers through it. Your hair should look natural and healthy. When getting ready at night, style your hair up! Use a fun bow or flower to accentuate your face. Since it's New Year's add some glitter to your strands. Don't forget to order a tropical drink for the countdown!

-Be comfortable girls! You'll be doing yourself a favor by wearing or bringing sandals. Wear lighter colors or cool vintage patterns. Stray away from bulky jewelry and heavy jackets. You want to feel as light as the warm air. A cute ruffled blouse and skinny jeans should do the trick. Carry a coin purse instead of a strap purse. All you need is your I.D!

-Your makeup should be feminine. Keep your foundation and eye shadow shades soft according to your skin tone. Use a shiny rose color gloss or lip plump for flirtatious lips. Be girly, but don't over do it. Use a silver or gold shimmer powder for a glimmer finish. For nails, use O.P.I. South Beach 2009 collection! It's only appropriate.

-Your scent should be floral. The fresh sea air swirls with elegant florals in Miami. Try these fragrances Beautiful by Estee Lauder Perfume for Women; an outgoing, sensual perfume in honor of life's great milestones. (Buy Now) Also, Alabaster by Banana Republic Perfume for Women; an intriguing fresh and sheer fragrance. Alabaster Perfume is a scent with a delicate blend of wild musk and natural florals. This fragrance is perfect for the modern women in the breeze of the wind. (Save 22%)

Other places you might consider...

-Paris, France

-Times Square, New York

-London, UK

-Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

-Honolulu, Hawaii

-Amsterdam, Netherlands

-Hollywood, California

-Rio, Brazil

-Disneyland, California

-Tokyo, Japan

-Boston, Massachusetts

-Sydney, Australia

-San Francisco, California

-Chicago, Illinois

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