Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has just announced her third fragrance coming to stores this this August 2010! Capturing elegance in it's simplest form, introducing Reveal by Halle Berry perfume for women! This new woody-floral reveals a luxurious blend of exotic fruits and summer floral that entail secrets of modernity. Berry says, "I had an understanding of a direction I wanted it to go. With each one, the goal is to make them different, yet the same in that it's reflective of who I am. I wanted this one to be a little more floral, but the inspiration was still about keeping it classic and easy." She continued, “I’m a mother now [daughter Nahla is 2], and when you become a parent, you just look at the world a little bit differently." (See)

Reveal perfume begins with tantalizing top notes of red berries, peach, mimosa and honeydew melon that accentuate a heart of decadent florals of plumeria flower, iris blossom and neroli petals. Its bottom notes express an aromatic diffusion of vetiver, cashmere wood and skin musk, exploiting this lingering fragrance as captivating. Since Halle Berry is no stranger to the fragrance world, it's no wonder she can develop such a sexy fragrance aimed towards all women. Her second fragrance, Pure Orchid, was this years #1 best seller for January and February, and #3 in March. According to Women's Wear Daily, there's even talk about a fourth fragrance!

Steve Mormoris of Coty Beauty commented, "In the case of celebrity fragrances, I think they work best when they truly are a creation of the celebrity who has the intrinsic talent for creating, Halle is an actress and a very emotional person -- she loves art and beauty, and she's a great creator." Mormoris added that Berry's fragrances "resonate with the consumer much more than we thought...we are double in size what we thought [we would do with the fragrances.]"

Top: Red Berries, Peach, Mimosa, Honeydew

Middle: Plumeria Flower, Iris Blossom, Neroli Petals

Bottom: Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Skin Milk

Created by Richard Herpin of Firmenich and bottle design by Jane Tarallo, Reveal for women will be available in a 1 oz and 1.7 oz eau de parfum spray. Accompanying body products including a 6.7 body lotion and 75 ml deodorant natural spray. Reveals unique bottle shape has a glamourous yet, reserved feel; decorated and wrapped within a gold ambiance. Reveal yourself this Fall...

Halle's final comment about Reveal reflects on how motherhood has greatly influenced this fantastic fragrance: “[Motherhood] challenges me and makes me question myself and who I really am all the time. So for this [fragrance and campaign] to come along at this time in life just seemed kind of like it goes together. This is a part of expressing who I really am — for the good and the bad, it’s about being comfortable with myself as a woman, and sharing secret parts of myself.”

The complete Halle Berry fragrance collection includes Halle, Pure Orchid, and now, Reveal. (Buy now)

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