The house of Chole is getting ready to present a new fragrant trio arriving February 2010 called The Chloe Eau de Fleurs Collection. This collection is intended to express a firm interpretation of Choles feminine perfume line. Encompassed are three consequential fragrances for women; Neroli, Capucine and Lavande fragrances for women.

Chloe Eau de Fleurs Neroli: A fresh composition of clear nostalgic solar notes and exotic tones. Neroli perfume includes clary sage that release an "estrogen-like action. Amber, tonka and musk act as aromatherapy for the body and mind. Perfumer Alionor Massenet created a fragrant masterpiece. Neroli is available in a 100 ml glass flacon with bright yellow color liquid. *Neroli is widely used in floral oils and also a key flavoring ingredient for some cola beverage recipes. Neroli is considered to have a soothing effect on the nervous system and traditionally used to relieve tension and anxiety.

Chloe Eau de Fleurs Capucine: Composed of the finest green base notes rarely in season, perfumer Louis Turner captured feministic nature in a 100ml olive green glass flacon. Behold beauty, reveal a goddess with Capucine perfume by Chole.

Chloe Eau de Fleurs Lavande: A dark, aphrodisiac deeply inspired by an intoxicating composition. Perfumer Domitille Bertier created this 100ml with the mystery of cosmic fruit and florals. It's elegant liquid is colored beige. A symbol of purity, grasp the beauty Lavande perfume exhibits.

Each elegant Chloe Eau de Fleurs flacon is decorated with a silver stopper. It's top cover can be lifted and separated from the base of the outer carton, leaving each flacon on a stand. They resemble the luxurious edition of Chloe Lisy from 2009. The Chloe collection arrives in soft white packages decorated with a beige logo of the brand. Eau de Fleurs is the perfect unity for a harmonic balance. The Chloe Eau de Fleurs Collection is waiting for you...

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