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15 May 1992

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Published on: 22 May 2017 by tansarah

What Is Nail Fungus And Hot To Cure It Permanently

Nail fungus,
also called onychomycosis,
is a common nail infection that usually begins with white or yellow spots on
the finger or toe tips. If the infection becomes severe, it often leads to
discoloration of the nail which precedes thickening and crumbling of its edges.
In most cases, the condition only affects several nails, and it is rare to find
all the infection reaching all nails. Treatment of nail fungus only becomes a
consideration when there is pain or thickening of nails. When the condition is
mild and not disturbing the infected person, it is not necessary to seek
treatment. Its treatment includes several medications as well as self-care

It is crucial
to understand some of the risk factors that one needs to aware of in a way to
avoid nail fungus. Most of them are controllable hence the need for more
caution if a person comes across such situations. One of the common issues
involves aging that comes with reduced blood flow. Also, individuals who
perspire profusely have a higher chance of getting nail fungus as well as
people who belong from families with the diseases’ history. Other situations
include wearing much-closed shoes or socks that hinder aeration, living with an
infected person, walking barefoot in damp areas as well as working in moist
environments. In this regard, if a person can avoid such conditions, it is
possible to reduce the risk of nail fungus infection.

The treatment
procedures of nail fungus vary significantly, but they depend on its severity.
One of the most recommended approaches involves the use of oral antifungal
drugs which a person takes for 6-12 weeks. In this scenario, some medications
such as terbinafine and Sporanox are known to work efficiently and help in
enhancing the growth of a new nail that is infection-free that slowly replaces
the infected one. However, one does not realize the impact of the treatment
until the new nail grows back; it can take approximately four months or longer
to do way with the infection completely.

The use of oral
antifungal drugs does not work the same universally since the success rates
tend to be lower in adults who are above 65 years. More so, the drugs work well
when combined with topical antifungal therapies. Some side effects also stem
from the routine use of oral antifungal drugs and include skin rash, and in
severe situations, liver damage can occur. In this regard, it is imperative
that as people consume these drugs, they undergo frequent blood tests to
examine how they are responding. Most importantly, one should note that people
with liver or heart problems should avoid them.

Another useful
medical intervention is the use of medicated nail polish. In most cases,
doctors recommend applying ciclopirox (Penlac) due to its high response
rate.  When using ciclopirox, one paints
the infected as well as the surrounding skin once but daily. The process then
continues for approximately a week where one should wipe the layers that pile
on using alcohol and starts the application process again. For effectiveness
and to ensure success in treatment, it is recommended to apply ciclopirox daily
up to a period of one year. However, despite many doctors approving it, the
method is tedious since it requires the daily attendance of the infected part
for a long time.

In the same
category, there is the medicated nail cream. Just like the case of the
medicated nail polish, this treatment procedure is external; the infected
person applies the cream on the affected part. As a treatment of nail fungus,
doctors usually prescribe antifungal creams where a person rubs into the nails
after soaking them. Doctors are also recommending ZetaClear an effective way of treating this disease.
Nevertheless, it is vital to note that the method is quite efficient when
people first thin their nails through filing. In such a case, it becomes
possible for the cream to penetrate the hard surface of the nail and reach the
fungus beneath it. If a person already has thin nails, the best prescription is
an over-the-counter lotion that contains urea.

Despite the
effectiveness of the treatments mentioned above, there is also a likelihood of
severe scenarios where doctors cannot recommend any. For instance, if the
infected nail is extremely painful and swollen, the best way about it is to
remove it. As such, a new nail replaces it. However, the greatest disadvantage
of this method is slowness considering that the growth of a new nail can take
to approximately a year. In other scenarios, surgery which works in unison with
ciclopirox works effectively in the treatment of the nail bed.

medication that is important to consider includes the use of laser and light-based
therapies. The good thing with these approaches is that they help the nails to
improve both in appearance and texture. In one way, some layers work well when
there is heating up of the nail consistently to discourage fungal infections.
Far from heating up, carbon dioxide laser therapy is effective where it burns
holes in the nail plate to enable the penetration of the topical antifungal
drugs to reach the infected part. The only disadvantage with the method is cost
since it is expensive. In other cases, it requires insurance coverage too.

Apart from
doctor’s prescription, there are also lifestyle and home remedies for nail
fungus. Firstly, even without a physician’s recommendation, a person can try
over-the-counter creams if he/she identifies white markings on the nail
surface. There are many ointments available, but before applying any, it is
important first to soak and dry the nails. However, if one is suffering from
athlete’s foot and gets infected with nail fungus, it is vital to treat the athlete’s
foot with medicated sprays. This precautionary activity prevents the situation
from getting worse. Most importantly, the feet should remain clean and dry

Home remedies
may also involve applying Vicks VapoRub. The product has past success in many
people with a significant number showing a lot of improvement in the signs and
symptoms. In using the method, it is recommended to apply a small amount of
Vicks VapoRub with a cotton swab. In a way to ensure success, it is important
to use it daily.

remedies including checking on the size and thickness of the nails as well as
maintaining cleanliness. If a person keeps the nails thin, it will help in
reducing pain since it minimizes the pressure on the nails. However, the most
significant benefit of keeping the nails thin is that it helps antifungal drugs
to reach the deeper layers of the nail when one applies them. Besides that, it
is important to soften the nails before trimming them, but if one is suffering
from a condition which in any way can cause reduced blood flow, it is better to
visit a healthcare provider for help.

In summation,
it is essential to note that nail fungus infections do not reach to the point
of being life-threatening or incapacitating a person. The main disadvantage
with nail fungus is pain and discomfort which deters a person from engaging in
his/her routine activities. More so, it can affect a person’s self-esteem
considering that it changes the appearance of the nail. However, there is also
an advantage since there are various methods that one can use for its
treatment. Most importantly, it is crucial to embrace the home and lifestyle
remedies to avoid the situation reaching extreme levels. Unfortunately, even if
one may undergo successful treatment, there is likelihood of the problem coming


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